Workout Playlist!



I dare you to workout to this playlist and not break out dancing… betcha can’t.

Missy, Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet, Mya, Monica, Eve, Ciara… Gang’s all here! And none of them need a last name. It’d be nice to make it to that level one day, huh? Anyway, let me just preface this by saying Formation will definitely be a part of this playlist, duh. However, since it’s not available on Spotify, it’s not on here.

On another note, I loved Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and her new video. This post is also my jam.
Happy Tuesday, y’all!
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New Monthly(ish) Newsletter!


I have a new newsletter that I’ve just launched! I used to do a weekly newsletter for just my bootcampers and personal training clients, but after I sold my business and left Louisville, I stopped writing them. I kind of missed writing it so I launched a new one this weekend that’s meant for everybody. It’s short and sweet, loaded with just a handful of things I think will be your jam. It’ll have fun links, some fitness/health info, and things I’m currently reading/listening to. Putting a newsletter out weekly used to be part of my business, but since this is more of a fun endeavor, it’ll go out once every 4 – 6 weeks.

Here’s the link to the first issue.

Here’s the link to subscribe to future issues.

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A List of Things I Can Control… So I Don’t Lose My Sh**.

Everybody copes with stress differently. My MO is to focus on the things I can control, to get my mind off the things I can’t. [Read more...]

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How to Rock Out Your Own Extended Road Trip: Part I {The Planning}


In 2015 I stopped working, put my ish in storage, and wandered around the U.S. and Canada for 3 months with my dog, Tango. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. You can do it too. Here’s the first in a 5 part series on how to rock out your own extended road trip! If you start planning now, you could be ready to go in just a couple months… [Read more...]

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Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset


Making: This one-skillet sweet potato burrito bowl monstrosity for dinner tonight.

Wanting: [Read more...]

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8 Alternative Ways to be Social (Instead of Going Out for Dinner/Drinks)


I think a majority of the New Year’s Resolutions and overall year-long goals tend to revolve around wanting better health and finances. Two of the biggest ways to sabotage progress on both of these goals: Meeting friends for drinks and socializing with restaurant dinners… on a weekly basis. [Read more...]

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My Big Fat Canadian Holiday {2.0}


This past Christmas was our third holiday spent in Canada w/ my man-friend and his boys. This time, Tango got to join us and we once again had a very Canadian holiday…  [Read more...]

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Book Buzz: Notorious RBG – The Life & Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg


image via the Notorious RBG Tumblr page

I love reading the life stories of amazing women and this one may have just sauntered it’s way to the top of my faves list.  [Read more...]

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2016 Game Plan: Putting It On Paper. Together.


I love making New Year’s Resos. I don’t feel like I have to overhaul my life or anything, I just like finding little things that I can implement immediately and often that will help me move the progress needle a little further. If I can go to bed each night and ask myself what I did to get a little better this year, I want to be able to answer with something.

My man-friend and I decided to do our 2016 goals together on New Year’s Day morning and so we sat on the couch for a couple hours to knock them out. [Read more...]

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January Fit Club Winners! And new session info…

Fit Club Logo (1)


The winners of the “Fit Club for 2″ giveaway have been chosen!

This cute couple got married 3 years ago, now have a 13 month old, & are ready to get back to some activity. With winter here & cabin fever setting in, they’re even more inclined to get moving. They will be sweating it up together on January 4th:


Congrats to Adam and Andrea M!

Big thanks to all those that entered! I’m sorry I couldn’t give away more spots, but I appreciate your entries and shares! If you’re interested in joining us for the January sesh, you can still sign up here.  The 4 week online TRX session runs from January 4th to January 30th.

New Fit Club Options: 

Bundle: Individual 4 week Fit Club sessions are $49 each, but now you can commit to the first 3 sessions all at once to save money. The Fit Club Bundle allows you to purchase Fit Clubs 1, 2, and 3 for $119, saving you some money!

Gift Cards: If you’d like to purchase a session for a friend (or hint to somebody that you’d like them to purchase it for you) there are now gift cards available! 

Buddies Contest! 

There will be a special contest going on for all the pairs that completing the January club together, with prizes at stake! I know there are a few competitive peeps out there willing to take on Adam and Andrea… So grab a buddy, a spouse, or a coworker and get registered! You’ll both get fitter AND you’ll win things. Double whammy! ; )

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