Convos With Kiddos: Post-Wedding Edition


So things have been a bit busy lately…

For those of you that aren’t connected on social media, I’ll catch you up:

First, on Christmas morning my man-friend and I went on a morning cross-country ski out to the beautiful meadow pictured above, to catch the sunrise. Then he proposed. And I said yes.


This brings me to Convo # 1

The scene: Christmas night, when putting the boys to bed.

Fraser: “Hey Guys, something really special happened this morning. I asked Ami to marry me. And do you know what she said?”

Them: “Yes?”

Fraser: “Yes! We’re gonna get married.”

Tristen: “Ooooh then you can have another baby! We don’t have a sister yet! She can have a baby girl!”

Robin: “I would be really nice to a little sister!”

Fraser: “Well, hold on now. We’re not having a baby any time soon. But maybe we will in a year or two.”

Tristen: “We can’t wait for our new baby sister!”


Then, on Wednesday of last week we decided to hold the wedding that Saturday… Because the sooner the better. We were then both asked several times if I was knocked up. The answer is no.  We just can’t get my immigration paperwork going until we have our marriage certificate. And after 4.5 years of dating, we don’t really feel like waiting any longer to be legally allowed to stay together in the same place forever. So we threw together a wedding in 72 hours and it was perfect!



*We didn’t have enough time to book a photographer, so you get iPhone selfies in low light.

So now we are married! I got to officially take on two Bonus Sons, and apparently, now that Fraser and I are married, the boys are under the impression that “the baby” will be here any day now… or so they think. It’s been 4 days since the wedding.


Convo #2

The scene: Talking with their mom this morning during school drop-offs. >> She relayed this to us afterward.

Robin: “I wonder whether Ami will have had the baby already? You know, now that they’re married and everything.”

Tristen: “I hope it’s a girl.”

  • Apparently Robin is under the impression that Mommies lay eggs and they hatch a few days later. Conversation ensued about how things are little more complicated.
  • They also are worried about how long immigration will take… and are thinking I might have to go back to the U.S. and not be let in Canada anymore.
  • Tristen: “I don’t see why King Trump should care if Ami moves here anyway.”
  • A brief discussion about foreign powers then ensued.


Convo # 3 

The scene: Tonight, right after dinner. I was cleaning up and Robin was finishing his meal.

Robin: “I think I can see the baby in your tummy right now. It’s looks bigger than the other day. “

Me: expressionless-face

Me: “There’s not a baby in my belly, buddy. I’m not pregnant. But even if I got pregnant today, my belly wouldn’t getting bigger for a few months.”

Robin: “Ok. Whenever you feel a baby inside you, just tell Daddy.”

Me: “Will do.”

Tristen: “You should have the baby in September on my birthday!”

Fraser: “Ok guys, there is no ‘The Baby.’ You can say a baby for one in the future.”

Fraser and I then launch into a discussion on how babies grow in the womb… which lead to the length of the gestation cycle and the size of a woman’s belly, (shoutout Google Images), which lead to the discussion on how eggs are there in the first place.

Convo #4

The scene: Approximately 4 minutes after the last conversation. They’re still thinking things over…

Tristen: “So wait… you said girls lay eggs every month?!”

Me: “We don’t LAY eggs like chickens.”

Fraser: “How about story time and snacks?”

Boys: “Yeah!”

Me and Fraser together: Mental high five.

Although we’ve promised them that we’d tell them once I became pregnant, they’re still referring to “the baby.” Can’t wait to hear what they’ve been telling their teachers and friends at school… Crazy kiddos.


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Last Minute Gift Ideas That Aren’t “Things”


We’ve got too much “stuff” and I’ll bet most of us don’t have our holiday shopping done yet. So… in the spirit of minimalism, efficiency, and in an effort to save us all from clutter and trash (while still supporting the economy), here’s my list of gift ideas that don’t involve shipping, wrapping, or waste of any kind!

$10 – $30 Price Range


Online Subscriptions

Online magazine subscriptions, online newspapers, and online memberships are great options. Whether it’s The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, or the Economist, this gift gets people information, supports the economy, and it doesn’t create any waste! PLUS, online subscriptions are often those types of things that people want for themselves, but don’t think about purchasing. A year of my local newspaper and favorite magazine online are both just $10!


Punch Cards to Fitness / Activity Facilities

I know most people think that gift cards are impersonal, but two of my favorite past gifts were punch cards to the places I wanted to go the most when I couldn’t afford/justify the expense. My dad got me a 10 class punch card to the Louisville Ballet school a couple years ago and I LOVED it. I took class once a week for a few months. My man-friend also bought me a 10 visit card to a local climbing gym as a gift when I first moved to San Diego and didn’t have a job. I was on a tight budget and wouldn’t spend money on things like that, but I was so happy when I received it (and much better than flowers)! I got to climb, I met new people in the city, and I didn’t worry about the cost. Do you know somebody that’s wanting to get in better shape? EVERY fitness studio, yoga studio, and online workout program offers punch cards or gift cards so take advantage!

$30 – $100 Price Range


Lessons of Any Kind

I always wanted to learn gymnastics and I just recently found a local place that holds adult classes. It’s $20 per class so even a gift of one class would be greatly appreciated. Cooking classes and piano lessons are also high on my list. Getting somebody a single lesson or group of lessons is a great way to tap into something they’ve always wanted to do, but either never got around to or didn’t have the money for. Woodworking workshops, flying lessons, baking classes, bicycle maintenance classes, rock climbing, knitting, guitar, painting! The list goes on and on…

$50 – $150 Price Range


Tickets to Events or Performances

I love tickets to Broadway performances. And when big dance companies come through town, I always want to attend. You can get tickets for all kinds of events for somebody on your list. It can be an upcoming sporting event, a concert, public event, movie that somebody wants to see, etc.

ANY Price Range

growing tree / Love nature


I can give you about 15 organizations off the top of my head that I would love to donate to on a monthly basis but cannot afford to at the moment. Having somebody give a donation in my name to a cause I’m really passionate about would mean the world to me. Other options include going shopping with a friend and both of you buying items that are needed for a local charity group. My cousin and I went shopping together for the Salvation Army Angel Tree to buy presents and much needed winter clothing for locals kids in need and we had a blast doing that. I know families that don’t buy presents for each other anymore but go grocery shopping together every year specifically for the food pantry in their area.

What other ideas are there for gifts that aren’t “things?”

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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Book Buzz: Books That Were My Jam in 2016


There’s the NPR list of the best books of 2016.

There’s the one from the New York Times. There’s also the Goodreads list.

And then there’s MINE. Of all the books I’ve finished this year, here are my top 6:


“The One That EVERYBODY Read So You Have To Too”  [Read more…]

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Identify Your Barriers: Consistent Workouts



Even though I’m a fitness professional, I sometimes have a hard time getting motivated to do my own workouts regularly. The older I get though, the more I realize how important it is that I stay on it… Because if I could keep my 25 year old body without much work, I wouldn’t be worried at all. ; ) [Read more…]

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Things & Links That Are My Jam Right Now

{Things That Are My Jam}


{Future Snow} [Read more…]

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Dumb Things I’ve Done (as an American) in Canada


I accidentally gave a $4 tip on a $6 beer.

I should have known better, as I’ve also made a similar mistake in Europe in the past. [Read more…]

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Self Care for Post-Election Stress


So yesterday I had to call on all-stop for myself. I woke up still in shock. I had a monster headache from the 2 margaritas I decided to drink after the 3 glasses of wine I’d consumed while the votes were coming in. My eyes were puffy from crying at the end of the night,  in the morning, and as I was reading stories of awful racial, religious, and homophobic attacks around the country. In case you’re reeling from the election too and looking for ways to take care of yourself, here’s what I did while processing everything: [Read more…]

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I Confess: Canadian Edition


Although I’ve been to Canada several times over the past few years that my man-friend and I have been together, this trip is by far the longest. I’ll be here for a few months and, because of that, there are certain things I’ve just gotta get used to this time around… Here’s my current Canada-inspired confessional:

I confess that I’m getting better at the whole metric system… [Read more…]

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On Living A Brave Life: I’m scared too. I go anyway…


I get messages from people from time to time asking me for my advice on how they can be fearless, like me. I tend to respond outlining a full list of my fears…

The truth is, I’m ridiculously scared that I won’t have enough time on this earth to experience everything I dream of and really live. I lost friends in elementary school. All my grandparents passed by the time I was 18. I’ve been to more funerals because of cancer and accidents and heart attacks than I care to remember. I’ve had a recurring dream since I was a kid that I would die in an accident (plane crashes, car crashes, etc). Now, I have no idea how long I will live, but I’m damn sure not wasting the time I have being scared of something that may or may not happen. That doesn’t mean I’m never afraid… it just means I’ve learned to act in spite of my fear.

I was really scared of moving to San Diego with no job and an unpaid internship at 21 years old. I was terrified after my divorce at age 27. I was scared starting my own business and moving states again. But if I let my fear take over, I’d be far more scared of living a life of regret.

The point is: I have fears just like everybody else out there. Like many, I’ve learned to work through them. Here are 3 ways of dealing with fear that have helped me:  [Read more…]

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A Chill Playlist: For Yoga, Stretching, Cooking, Bubble Bath-ing, etc…



I put a lot of workout playlists on this blog with fast beats and make-ya-wanna-dance tunes, but I have only put up a couple of chill playlists, so I figured it was time for one of those. I made this playlist last week, with some suggestions from my friend Jenn for a little yoga/mobility mix. I’ve found myself listening to it a lot since then; while cooking dinner, while working by the fireplace, while stretching in the floor. If you’re in need of some chill tunes while you cozy into the fall season, here are some of my latest (and oldest) faves. And it’s over 90 minutes long…

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