TRX Suspension Trainer Giveaway!

I’ve got two great things to offer today! The first and most exciting (and honestly the reason you clicked on this post in the first place) is to give somebody a free TRX Suspension Trainer! Woot! Enter below by hooking me up with your email address so I can contact you if you win. There are multiple ways of gaining more entries so read carefully!

The second, is to announce my new project, the TRX Fit Club.


TRX Fit Club is a 4 week online training program I’ve been working on! Whether you’re just getting started with your fitness journey, an experienced and active athlete, or a trainer wanting some new ideas, this program allows anybody to train with me, from anywhere at any time, and only costs $49. You have to have access to a Suspension Trainer to participate so that you can get the most results in the least amount of time. (I don’t bother with weights or other equipment because you just end up buying SO MUCH stuff and then it’s everywhere in your house. I use the TRX solely because of its portability, versatility, and because it’s so effective, it gives me my abs faster than any other workout I’ve ever done. Plain and simple.) The first 4 week session will begin September 14th and go until October 8th.

If you’d like more info about my TRX Fit Club, please click here. The details, rates and FAQs are already there!

If you have additional questions on how to join, please comment here or email me at

Giveaway ends September 4th at midnight.

(That means Thursday night/Friday morning, don’t get confused)

Winner will be announced on Friday, September 4 at noon, PST. Good luck!

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Things (and Links) That Are My Jam Right Now

The following things and links are currently my jam:

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[Read more...]

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What I’m learning… while learning a second language.


I’ve been wanting to learn a second language for years. Every time I travel internationally I feel like a complete idiot when residents of so many other countries I’ve visited switch to my language to communicate. In 2012 I wrote out my 10 year goals for a Lululemon Ambassador project and “Learning a Second Language” was right at the top. I realized about a month ago that I’d taken a grand total of zero steps towards that goal and was going to have to get a move on if I wanted to reach it in the next 7 years. For anybody else that’s interested in doing the same, I’m one month into it and here’s what I’ve learned so far: [Read more...]

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11 Tips for New College Freshman!

largeimage via

About to head off for college? Sweet! College is great. You get to be your own boss, there are thousands of new friends and experiences to make, you can eat cupcakes for breakfast if you want, the possibilities are endless! I made a few mistakes here and there but generally had a successful experience. Looking back, there’s advice I received from college grads that I’m really glad I had before I started. There were also a couple things I learned the hard way. Anyway, here are some of my tips to pass along to incoming freshman. They’ll help you have a great 4 years (and hopefully keep you from paying for some college mistakes for years to come). [Read more...]

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How I ended up at the Police Station at 2am on my FIRST weekend in College

Scan 2015-8-13 15.03.45 (1)Left to Right: Georgia from Nevada, Marissa, Annie, Me

Let this story be useful as a “What not to do” your first weekend away at college. Especially if your school is in a bigger city than the one you grew up in…

On one hand, it’s great that smart phones and Facebook didn’t exist back in 2002. On the other hand, they would have been seriously useful. It’s great that there’s not photographic proof* of the happenings of this night, but in all honesty, it would have added greatly to this blog fodder. I can paint the picture for you though! I’ll actually be painting the picture for a lot of people, as I’ve never even told my parents this story. It’s now safe to tell it, 13  years later and 2000+ miles away. ; ) Here’s the story of how I ended up at the McKeesport Police Station at 2am my first weekend in college. [Read more...]

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Book Buzz: What to Read When You Feel “Stuck.”

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I’ve done a lot that I’m proud of since graduating college. I’ve traveled to 10 countries. I’ve run my own business. I’ve always been self-employed. I have money in savings and no debt. I have great relationships with friends, family, and my man-friend. I have a fantastic dog that just gets me. Despite all this though, the past year or so, I’ve just felt “stuck.” I felt I wasn’t going anywhere (figuratively, professionally) and was lacking any and all motivation to get started on something new. To grow. [Read more...]

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Home is wherever I’m with you…

It’s hard being torn between 3 different places. I love Kentucky, Canada, and California so much and I wish all three places were closer together. All my favorite people are so scattered about… Thank goodness for Tango. We make a good team and I’m glad we’ve got this place to call home for now.

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Things & Links That Are My Jam Right Now



This consistent San Diego weather: 75-78 degrees {You hate me, I know. It’s hot as balls everywhere else. Just come visit and that’ll take care of that. Moving on…}. [Read more...]

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San Diego: Settling In…


Moving week is here and I’m living amongst all my things in my own apartment. Shout out to all my buds that have helped me this week! It’s all very exciting and also very exhausting, but I’m loving it. After moving everything into the place, and doing the obligatory Target/Ikea/Home Depot run for all the things you need, I’m finding there’s still shit I need. It really sucks to spend $400 on ish and you get home to unpack the all-exciting light bulbs, toilet paper, and pepper. Moving states is exciting, but the realities of it can be annoying. Can somebody please tell me why apartments don’t have overhead lighting in all the rooms? I swear if I have to buy one more lamp in my lifetime… I hate buying lamps. None of them are fabulous, except for the ones that cost way more money than you want to spend on a lamp. All I have left {that I know of} to purchase is a mattress and a desk. These two items could not fit into my moving box that I shipped from Kentucky to California so they have to be re-purchased. #Movingbuzzkill.

Anyway, Tango and I are loving living close to the beach again, it’s awesome seeing all my old buds, the weather is wonderful, I have a tan, the park is close by, and I’m getting lots of fitness and dance classes in (check Instagram for footage), so my body is happy. Photos of the new place to come, as I get rid of boxes and find places for everything. The good news is now I’m ready for visitors! Anybody want to come see me in San Diego? I’ll probably be living pretty frugally now that I’m back to paying SoCal rental prices, but the beach is always free. ; )

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Squeezing in as many tourist-y things in London as we could in one day…


I’ve flown through London’s Heathrow airport several times but had never actually been out into the city… which is what compelled me to accompany my man-friend on his work trip to London in the first place. We had one day to play tourists in the city and I think we managed to rock it out successfully.  [Read more...]

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