Life Currently… Coming Up For Air

Spring is coming!

Holy cow it’s been an eventful couple of months around here. I had to road trip to San Diego to move my things out of storage and up to Canada finally, I had a bunch of work and have been back and forth to the States a few times, and my husband had to have open heart surgery to remove an aneurysm from his aorta. Woof. The good news: I’m no longer paying for a storage unit, all my things are in one place, I have work, and my husband is alive. Glad game to the max. Here’s what else is going on:

Making: Lists. Who doesn’t love crossing s*** off after you’ve completed a task?

Wanting: My car’s issues to be covered by my warranty. I just dropped it off at the dealership to get serviced. Hopefully they figure out what’s leaking and why. Finger’s crossed.

Moving: I’m working on two new online workouts/programs so am currently testing those bitches out so I can get them filmed as soon as the snow is gone outside!

Reading: Just finished The Perfect Nanny and am need of discussing it with somebody asap! Has anybody out there read this?! How did you feel about the ending?

Writing: On this blog for the first time in over a month. I’ve got 3 posts that have been sitting here waiting to be finished…

Watching: We’ve got ONE more episode left of Ozark. Loving that right now. I’m like 8 episodes behind on Grey’s and have pretty much the entire 2nd season of This Is Us to get back to. I’m in no hurry. I haven’t had any room for medical drama in my life lately, but now that things have cooled down, I’m able to get back at it. Trying not to hear any spoilers about any of them…

Listening To: Podcasts, duh. My latest favorite is Slow Burn – an 8 episode deep dive into the Watergate investigation. So relevant right now and incredibly interesting! Plus, episodes are around 20 -30 minutes. Perfect for dog walks or commutes to work.

Drinking: I tried making my own Moscow Mules the other night. They turned out gross. I blame it on the ginger beer I bought. There was only one kind available and it turns out that kind sucks.

Eating: Only the good stuff. The TRX Summit is a little over a week away. Gotta stay ready.

Enjoying: This warmer weather! For the love of all that is holy – winter may finally be over. It was over 60 degrees yesterday and I was hot sitting outside at a cafe working. Let’s keep this up, Canada.

Hoping: That there’s no more snow. I don’t think I could take any more accumulation.

Needing: Lotion. I’ve never before needed to moisturize – I blame the wet, hot, humid climate I grew up in in Kentucky. Mountain air is different though. The dryness is great for my complexion and hair, but heinous on my hands. I’m now that girl that has to have lotion in her purse.

Feeling: So much more relaxed now that I’m not worried about Fraser’s aorta exploding at any moment. The surgery day was incredibly stressful and I’ve never been more scared in my life, but I’m so glad it was successful and we can both stop worrying. It’s a long 12 weeks back to recovery for him, but he’ll be back to normal in no time once his sternum heals.


Noticing: These long ass days. The North makes up for the brutal winters by giving you 18 – 20 hours of daylight in the summertime. It’s light until past 9pm right now and I’m here for it.

Smelling: This lemon sage ish that’s on my hands right now. It was the only lotion in my bag (that came from the last hotel I stayed in).

Pinning: Things to do in Austin, Texas. I’ll be there for a week next week (I’m teaching the TRX AGTC Certification and then working the TRX Summit). I’ve only been once, but I loved the city. I’m excited that it’ll be hot too. I know about Barton Springs and Lady Bird Lake, but will take any other suggestions for fun stuff to do outside. I’m also planning on going to a honky tonk to dance. ; )

Wishing: That my immigration application is closer to being accepted. I completed my physical this past week (good to go with no tuberculosis, HIV, or syphillis, so… woot) and am just waiting to hear which hoop I’ve got to jump through next.

Loving: SPRING! Get outta here, snow!

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My Top Travel Essentials

Top Travel Essentials

Whether you travel regularly for work or sporadically for pleasure, I believe in being as comfortable and efficient as possible while on the road or in the air. While I don’t think it’s necessary to go out and purchase all these things at once, accumulating them over the years has definitely made traveling easier and more enjoyable. Here are my faves that come with me on every trip I take: [Read more…]

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Our Annual Couple’s March Madness Bracket Bet

The March Madness bet that we do as a couple every year!

So my man-friend (now husband) and I have had a March Madness bracket bet going on for the past 6 years. I first wrote about it here years ago, but if you’re new here, the stakes are good. Here’s how it goes down every March: Brackets have to be in before the first games (duh) and we share them on a Google Sheet that we can both check daily to see where we stand in points. As soon as one person receives the obvious win, they can start collecting on their prizes and have until the following year’s tournament to collect!


Winner receives the following:  [Read more…]

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Workout Playlist: Power Ladies!

image of Natasha Hastings via

In honor of Women’s History Month, I made this workout playlist complete with cool-down and stretch music at the end. It was impossible to cap this at the one hour mark – there are soooo many good ones to choose from! Pay attention to a couple of the ones with the “explicit” warning in case you’re listening to this with sensitive ears around. ; ) Enjoy!

Which songs are on your power lady playlist?!

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Fit Getaway 2019: Tulum, Mexico!

Because taking a few days by yourself or with your best buds can be rejuvenating AF.


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Get Fit at Home or On The Road: New Clubs Starting March 4th!


Flash Fit Clubs:
Get 8 – 16 TRX Workouts you can do at home, in the park while the kids play, or in your office or hotel room. You can do these on your own or, if you want group accountability, we’ll be starting together on March 4th.

Learn more here.

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The BEST Surprise from my Husband & Best Friend

So back in September of last year an event popped up on the calendar I share with Fraser. It read “Special Event. Do not book. THIS MEANS YOU.” It was from a Friday to Monday in October and he wouldn’t tell me anything about it. [Read more…]

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Fit Getaway Recap (& Info for Next Year!)

We had the best weekend in Santa Barbara! We went through quite a few bottles of Prosecco, danced our asses off to Beyoncé, got several TRX workouts in, had lots of good, deep conversation, and enjoyed as much sunshine as we could. At the end of the weekend, I wrote a check to the Santa Barbara Support Network to donate some our proceeds to help after the wildfires and mudslides.

Here are some photos from the weekend and at the bottom of the page, you can sign up to be notified on the next event’s details!  [Read more…]

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Fitness & Finances: Part 2

Fitness & finances are a lot alike. You have to pay attention to both. You have to work at both. And while you may have inherited great wealth or health from your parents, you still have to put effort in each to maintain good standing. Here’s part 2 of my Fitness & Finances post:  [Read more…]

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It’s the last day of January and so far this year has been about hitting the ground running. After a year of not being able to work in Canada, I’ve got my work permit finally in place and I’m able to launch a few classes and start training clients. This feels amazing. Along with having a couple TRX courses on the calendar, my Fit Getaway retreat is happening in a little over a week down in Santa Barbara and I’m so excited about some sunshine, wine, and workouts with the awesome ladies that have signed up for it. If anybody wants to jump in and join us, please do! The weather forecast is looking fantastic so far. Here’s what else is happening:

Making: Progress on my productivity thanks to a few tools that I use and am sticking to. (I’ll be sharing these with everybody at the retreat next week.)

Wanting: To cut down on single use items in my house to cut down on waste, but it’s hard! I’m trying to be aware of everything that just gets used once and then thrown away. It’s a lot. I’ve stopped using paper towels since you can’t recycle those and am instead using dishtowels and baking soda mixtures to clean things. I also need to find a make-up remover liquid so I can cut out the wipes I use. Anybody have anything they use? There ain’t shit I can do about Q-Tips though, guys.

Moving: [Read more…]

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