Let’s Discuss: The Crown, Seasons 1 & 2


Spoiler alerts here, so don’t even think about reading this post unless you’ve either seen the entire series, or you already know everything there is to know about the royal family’s history…

If you’re like me and have been binge watching the new season of The Crown (and hitting pause a couple times every episode to Google as much info as you can to corroborate), you’re SO ready to discuss. Here are my thoughts on the series so far:

Season 1

  • It would really suck to have you father die AND inherit the crown all at the same time. The life of sovereigns, man… brutal.
  • The opening music gets me every time. Love it. Good ol’ Hans Zimmer never disappoints.
  • How do you get to be the prince of Greece AND Denmark?
  • Liz, you’re the QUEEN. Can’t you change some of these rules?! Martin was way cooler than Tommy.
  • Margaret got the shaft. No crown, no freedom, and not being able to marry the man she loved. I get why she’s the wild one.
  • But can we talk about her wardrobe?! She kills a sleeveless outfit every time.
  • I love that they had a home video camera. (I just watched a BBC special from her 90th birthday where they showed a bunch of their old videos. It’s also on Netflix in case you want to forfeit more of your life to the couch.)
  • SO MANY CIGARETTES. It’s a wonder anybody made it past 40.
  • Of all the Winston Churchills I’ve ever seen I think John Lithgow’s was pretty great.
  • Besides Elizabeth, what did these people do every day? I read Phillip was on something like 800 committees, but still. I thought I lost my shit after not working for a year. I can’t imagine 7 decades…I’ll have to do some more searching.
  • I wonder what the real people whose lives are being portrayed here think about this whole series. I would be pissed. People think they know who you are, but very few people really know who you are.

Season 2

  • I love how much everybody loves tea. That’s one of my favorite things while traveling in Europe and Asia.
  • I hate how everybody’s pissed at Elizabeth for being lenient with Edward, but they never thought to tell her what he did until way later.
  • I was totally on Edward & Wallis’s side this whole time until I found out they were Nazi supporters hangin’ with Hitler. Damn you both! I’m glad you were exiled.
  • Elizabeth is such a badass.
  • I can’t believe those dudes had a duel.
  • Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Balmoral Castle… So many residences it’s hard to keep them all straight.
  • Where are their children?!
  • That episode about Charles & his school… whew. Mean dads are the worst.
  • When she called the Prime Minister weak! HA!
  • Where I have been in regards to their other two kids? I thought it was just Charles and Anne. Shows how much I know. Sorry, Andrew & Edward!
  • Did some more google-ing and saw Andrew was the one married to Fergie. Now I remember!
  • This whole thing finally gets me interested in William & Harry.
  • I’m so glad I’m not famous/royalty. Aside from the money, it would really suck to have everybody scrutinizing you every day of your life.
  • It’s a good thing these Netflix series are only 8 – 10 episodes. This shit gets outta control real quick.
  • OK, I’m ready for Season 3. Right now.


What else?!

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Life Currently… December 2017

After being in Asia for two weeks, home for a week, and then in Kentucky for a week, it’s nice to be back home to stay for a bit. It was an awesome time in Kentucky meeting my newest nephew, Nathan Scott, and my pretty-much-niece, Rose Caroline (photos on Instagram). New baby smell is my favorite! It was great to see a bunch of friends and family, as always.

Fraser is in San Fran this week at TRX headquarters and the boys are with their mom until Friday so it’s just me and Tango. We’re using this time to catch up on lots of Netflix, podcasts, and outside time, while also trying to get some Christmas shopping and wrapping done before everybody is back this weekend.

Making: Promotional fliers and photos for my new classes around town that I’m launching in January!

Wanting: Snow! With this run of warm weather, all the snow that was here is now gone. While I’m enjoying driving on clear roads, I’m still hoping for some snow soon so we can have a white Christmas and get back to skiing!

Writing: Articles for fitness publications and my next newsletter that will be out by the end of the week. If you’re not currently on my newsletter email list, you can sign up in the right column!

Reading: L’dOL all the way through Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl,” am in the middle of Smarter, Faster, Better productivity book, & Truly, Madly, Guilty  just popped onto my Kindle from the library. [Read more…]

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Book Giveaway! The Empowered Mama by Lisa Druxman

I’m SO excited for my friend and colleague Lisa Druxman! The founder of Fit4Mom and creator of Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, and BodyBack programs has a new book out and it’s all about keeping your sense of self while raising a family. As someone who spent the last 20 years working on building a company that would allow her to work and be there for her family, while helping other moms to the same, Lisa is a professional I’ve looked up to for years. I’m proud to call her my friend.

Although I’m not technically a full-time mom, I will be one day I think it’s ridiculously smart to listen to those who’ve come before you. Listening to and reading about the struggles moms face every day is hard. It often leaves me wondering if I’ve got what takes to do the job.

I was originally planning to give away my copy of this book after I finished reading it, but once I dove in, I realized I didn’t want to give it up. There are so many useful pages to fill out and reflect on that I feel like I will NEED this book in my life down the road, perhaps to come back to time and again.  So I’ll be buying another copy and shipping it out to one of you!

To enter, leave your email address in the giveaway widget below.

For extra entries, complete the tasks in the widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends at midnight December 7th!

If you want your own copy now, order it here & check out her podcast Motivating Mom

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Flash Fit Clubs Holiday Weekend Sale

The codes for each rate expire at 11:59pm EST each day. Note the differences above.

Coupon code HOLIDAYS can be used at checkout for the following products:

  • Flash Fit Clubs 1, 2, and the 8 Week Transformation
  • Fit Body: Core & Fit Body: Run
  • 2018 Fit Getaway in Santa Barbara (full weekend only)
  • Personal Training Packages for Canmore & Banff, Alberta

*To purchase any of these for a gift, please enter the recipient’s email address so the content goes to them, not you. You’ll need to create a password (which you can withhold until the date) to give them access.

Happy Holidays!

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Things That Are My Jam – Thanksgiving Edition

We are back from Asia. We’re home and I’m jetlagged AF. At 1:30am I’m waxing poetic (in my head in bed) about Thanksgiving this year. [Read more…]

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Greetings From Vietnam!

We had a TRX Summit in Hong Kong last weekend and decided to tack on a honeymoon trip (since we got married 10 months ago) [Read more…]

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Hosting Holiday Dinner? These Recipes Are My Go-To!

image via

One of the most stressful holiday events can be the job of hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Having to take on cooking a huge meal, timing it all correctly, and having it actually turn out… well… the opposite of Griswold Family Turkey from Christmas Vacation is a lot. Cooking a turkey? Actually stuffing the stuffing? Yikes.

Two years ago, my man-friend and I decided to take the leap and cook our own Christmas dinner. We weren’t hosting a huge get-together thankfully – it was just us and the kids. We decided if anything went badly, we’d have steak and pumpkin pie for dinner. Turns out, from the turkey to the dressing to the gravy, everything was fantastic.

Here are the recipes we used that even we could handle. [Read more…]

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The Advantages of Running on a Treadmill

Sure, we’d all love to be running effortlessly on a beach, a scenic mountain path, or through a quaint, quiet neighborhood, but sometimes all we have is the treadmill at the gym. Running indoors isn’t usually our first choice, but if it’s all you’ve got, take comfort in some of these advantages:  [Read more…]

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Life Currently…

Work, travel, and the holidays. I’m pumped, y’all. I’m so excited to have received my work permit for Canada. I’ve been busy making appointments, scheduling future classes, and creating personal training marketing materials and I’m pumped about it. Although most of my work won’t be able to start until the new year because of Asia travel and heading home to Kentucky for my new nephew’s birth between the holidays, I’m excited that at least it’s allowed to start.

Speaking of travel, Fraser and I leave tomorrow for Hong Kong for the TRX Trainer Summit there. We’ll be there through the weekend and I’m pumped to get my tourist on. I’ve never been to HK and I’ve been scouring the web for places to go. If you’ve been, please give me your recommendations!

From there, we are heading to central Vietnam to finally take our honeymoon. We have a week stay in a small eco resort right on the water and we couldn’t be more pumped about not having anywhere to be.

Making: This butternut squash soup, unsuccessfully. There’s about 4 times too much cream cheese in the recipe…

Wanting: Lawmakers that actually respond to a public health crisis of having to be prepared to be shot at anywhere you go in the U.S. Solutions would be great any day now. If you’re in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, or Washington, you’d better be voting today! [Read more…]

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Three Ways to Fit Your Workouts In

The number one excuse people give for not working out is not having enough time. Fitting in your workouts can be hard, but know that you can bend some of the traditional rules of fitness in order to get your workouts in throughout the week. Here are a few things to try:

[Read more…]

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