Growing up by 30… or at least acting like it…


I turn 30 years old this Sunday! I’m really excited to reach this milestone. A year ago, I did this blog post, “29 lessons learned in my 29 years.” It was a great post, but at the same time, parts of my life still felt like I needed to learn more lessons. I wasn’t quite where I’d imagined I’d be by 29 years old. So I made some plans and vowed to get myself a little farther down the line to feel a little more grown up by the time I hit 30.

1. Get outta debt.


I didn’t have anything crazy like $50k in credit card debt or anything, but with my car payment, dental/health bills, credit cards, and student loans, I had more debt than I wanted or needed. It didn’t seem like a lot of bills, but when I sat down last year and added everything up, it totaled about $12,000. I hated having to spend money each month paying on things, so I set to work on getting rid of all of it. (More on this in tomorrow’s post.) I am happy to say that I made my last payment on my last bill two days ago. I am officially out of debt! Now I can start working on “building my wealth.” #shitgrownupssay

2. Investing in my future.


That sounds in credibly grown up, doesn’t it? Investing. What a ridiculous undertaking. Yes, I have a savings account, but there are SO many other ways to invest money, most of which I’m completely lost on. I made one of my new year’s resolutions to open an IRA this year and when I went to the bank on January 2nd to do it, the banker asked why I wanted to open an IRA. My response? “Because you’re supposed to.” Then when he started asking me whether I wanted stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, I just sort of blinked at him. Slow your roll, buddy! One thing at a time! Just put this money in that account and leave it alone. I gotta get rid of my debt real quick and then we talk about bonds and shit.

3. Working a little bit more.


Being self-employed is really cool on some levels; you get to pick when you work, you can take off as many days a year as you’d like, you really like your boss, etc. But it also has its downfalls. Not working as much means not making money as much. BOO. So to meet my financial goals this year, I reeled it in on the fun spending and cranked it out on the work front. The more work I did, the more opportunities popped up. My business blossomed and I got all my debt paid off. Boom.


4. Floss Regularly


I mean, flossing takes less than a minute and it’s really not that big of a deal, but it feels like such a pain in the ass every night. I just want to go to bed! But every time I go to the dentist and they ask me if I’ve been flossing, I want to feel good knowing I can say yes… and also so I don’t have to spit out a pint of blood when they do it for me. I’ll allow myself two skip nights per week; usually Sunday nights when I’m arriving back in town from a work trip, and Friday nights because reasons… Ever since I had to have a root canal and crown last year (with no dental insurance, it cost me $1500) I realized it can be quite beneficial, physically and financially, to floss my freaking gums every night. And get dental insurance. And who knows when I might need to strangle my enemies? ; )


What grown-up things have you caught yourself doing lately?

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Workout Playlist! August (2)


Here’s what I’m workin’ out to this week. Have fun and get after it! #BeABeast

*One of the songs is about Ninja Turtles… you’re welcome.

*I added an extra song at the beginning for prep time. ; )

*This one is on hour and 7 minutes, so a little longer than usual.
I’m off to Anaheim, CA for the IDEA World Conference! Can’t wait to see all my fitness peeps and celebrate my 30th birthday with my man-friend. Have a great weekend, guys!
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You’re free, Genie.


I feel like I’ve lost a close friend. I know I’ve never met Robin Williams, but his body of work has had a profound influence on me throughout my entire life. It’s crazy to think how many movies he did, for children and adults alike. From the craziness of Aladdin’s Genie, to the seriousness of his roles in movies like Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, he was my all-time favorite actor.

His movies seemed to parallel my life for a while there… In the mid 90s, when my parents split, Mrs. Doubtfire had come out and made me feel everything. It was a heart wrenching movie at times, but he made the best out of it all and I think that had a profound impact on me and how I carried myself through that same situation. This ending scene resonated with me and it’s the first time I believe a movie ever hit me. I’ll always remember this scene, as I’m sure any other 90s kid with divorced parents does.

Later on he played “Jack” a story of a boy who had a disease that made him age prematurely. I used to babysit a little boy named Clinton, who had Progeria, a form of similar disease. You don’t actually grow tall and look like an adult, like the movie, but your body ages far faster than any normal person’s. Most children with progeria only live to be around 8 or so. My friend, Clinton died at 6 years old in 1999 and this movie I watched a million times to help me cope. Nobody played “kid” better than Robin Williams. He never lost his sense of joy and abandon, which is what made him perfect for movies like Jack, Hook, Jumanji, etc. It’s what reminds me to remember to play.
As somebody who doesn’t like to talk about things that are bothering me (which I’m aware of and working on), it helps just to feel sometimes.  His movies made everybody feel. There’s no way you could watch Robin Williams and not laugh, cry, or just feel his sincerity of every single role he played. One of the coolest things he did was tour for the USO. He did shows for our troops for nearly 15 years. I’ve always compared Robin Williams to Bob Hope, another of my favorite actors/comedians who also made frequent USO tours to lift the spirits of the troops and just love seeing photos and videos from his stops. Here’s one of his most famous:
The way Robin Williams’ put expression into his characters gave us all the ability to relate to him. It didn’t matter if he was dancing around the house while vacuuming, or playing somebody as serious as a doctor, therapist,  or teacher, it felt like we were watching somebody we really knew.
I don’t know of another movie that talks about love as well as in What Dreams May Come. This movie can be a hard one to watch, but the way it expresses love in one the most enduring ways I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never seen it, please do.
“Is that a kind of occupational hazard of soul mates? One’s not one without the other?”
“It’s not about understanding. It’s about NOT giving up.”
So thank you, Robin for your kindness, your amazing ability to tell a story, your sincerity in your work, and for making us feel it all. I’m sorry you had to go through what hell you did. I hope you are now finally at peace.
Robin McLaurin Williams
1951 – 2014
If you or someone you know is going through depression or having thoughts of suicide, please call 1.800.273.8255.
Or message me. I’ll chat too. : )
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5 Things That Are Not My Jam Right Now

I’ll just go ahead and tell you that all these derive from me getting sick this week.

1. Not being in control of my body. 


Usually my body and I are in sync. I’ve said on multiple occasions that I am a brick wall. I get sick once a year, sometimes twice. I don’t have allergies. I’ve never had an ear infection. I don’t know what a nose bleed feels like. I just don’t get sick that much. I like to think it’s because of my Jedi-like mind/body strength, but I know it’s just because I get lucky. So when I do get sick, I feel like my Jedi mind powers are lacking. I’m not in control of my body. I can’t tell it to heal itself faster. I’ve just got to give in, stay in bed, and wait that shit out. Whatever.

2. Not having a voice to teach with. 


I’ve had crazy drainage all night long each night this week but last night was the worst and I hardly slept at all. I woke up at 3:30am and just started the day with a shower, breakfast and some work before my Bootcamp class. It was the class of the camp so I couldn’t cancel it, but I had very little left in the tank vocally. I kept having to turn the music nearly all the way off  to speak or have my bootcampers yell things out for me. —-> Workout Buzzkill.

3. Having to cancel all my clients. 


It’s funny… When my alarm goes off at 5am most days, I sometimes wish I could cancel everything and lay in bed. But when I have to cancel something, then I’m bummed. I guess that goes back to the whole not being in control thing. I hate having to cancel clients. It happens every now and then if a flight is delayed, but hardly ever does it happen because my body decides to stop being a brick wall for a hot second. But I know that in order to continue being a brick wall, I’ve got to chill the eff out and rest, so my immune system can do its thang. So that’s what I’m doing. Damnit.

4. Only being able to breathe out of of one nostril. 


You know when you’re congested and only one nostril is working and the other one is completely useless? Then the one that’s working is on overload and it’s getting too much air and so it gets cold and irritated? I got that going on. Game Plan: I try to rollover on my side (the side with the working nostril) so that the stuffed up side has gravity pulling that ish out of there. I like to think that works. Then when I can feel it starting to shift, when the good nostril is starting to get stuffed up and the bad one starts to chill out, I blow my nose like a son a b*tch. That’s my congested sinus strategy… Do you have one?

5. Not knowing how to properly “hock a loogie.” 


You know in Titanic when Jack is trying to teach Rose how to do it?! My older brother tried in vain to teach me how to hock a loogie when I was younger (along with burping on cue, using my underarms to make fart sounds, etc) but I never quite got it. I’ve pretty much had to wait for the ish to be in my throat, then try to cough it up, which always kinda hurts my throat (shocking). I’ve always wanted to know how to do it though. I mean, yeah, it’s gross as shit when people do it, but when I’ve got all this in my sinuses, I DON’T CARE. I want it out. Before it goes down my throat. I tried last night and sorta did it! It was a moment of desperation, but because I was almost doing it right, I grossed myself out, gagged and nearly threw up. Sigh… I should call my brother today and see if we can start these lessons back up.

*Yes, I know I’m usually all “Glad Game” and whatnot, but occasionally I get pissy too. It’s my blog and I’ll complain on it if I want to. ; )

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I keep thinking today is Wednesday.

And other goings on…

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Wrong Day: I hate being wrong on my days. It sucks because I feel like a nut job all day, and getting ready for appointments and classes that aren’t happening or are happening but at different times. It also sucks thinking you’re one day closer to the weekend when you’re not. Today is almost over though. No big deal. I would really like the weekend to get here though…

Weekend: This past weekend I taught the last couple TRX courses for the month. I’ve taught 7 courses in 6 cities in the last 4 weekends so I’m ready for a weekend at home. I don’t have any more courses until September and the last two weekends of the month will be spent totally lounging, I hope.  This weekend I head up to Toronto for a fitness conference, where my man-friend will also be!!  My man-friend is originally from Ontario so I’ll also be meeting his best friend and immediate family for the first time. I’m excited to see him (it’s been nearly a month since our last trip) and really excited to meet the people who, other than his sons, mean the most to him.

Lady Parts: Also ready for this week to be over because apparently with these new cysts that are hanging out on my ovaries these days, some weeks are just shitty. Nausea, headaches, and crazy cramps get in the way of my day to day schedule. That, accompanied with what seems like the symptoms of a light, summer cold, this week is just feeling awesome. #psych. I’m hoping that these symptoms are just some allergies and that they’ll be gone in the next couple days when the weather changes. Fingers crossed! These are those times when having an active job isn’t so much the bomb.

Something in the water: I read 3 pregnancy announcements IN A ROW on my Facebook feed yesterday morning. To go along with the 80,000 real life friends and probably 10,000 blog friends that are preggo already. It’s THIS AGE: Late 20s, early 30s. It seems like nearly every female friend I have is either pregnant, has just been pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant. There are all kinds of emotions I experience around these announcements: Being super happy for my buds. Getting really pumped to be able to buy sweet, tiny baby things for upcoming showers. Being a little bummed that things will change, and the friendships that I have will as well… (because I’m not a mom and most conversations will be better had with other moms who KNOW what life is like with children). And being a little bit jealous. I’m not ready for one of my own, but I guess it’s just feelings of getting left behind in the life cycle. I know I can’t complain because I’m only 29, have plenty of time, and am getting to do more because I’m not a mom, but the feelings are still there, swirling around. Happiness, wistfulness, melancholy.

Things That Are My Jam: Since this post is all “Negative Nancy” so far, let’s look at the positive. The following things are my jam: The pumpkin ginger candle I got at the drug store. I know it’s not fall yet, but that ish was $3 at the store, so home it came. Half my flight to Bali is booked for this fall. YEAH. Getting to work out with my friend, Kara this morning and pledging to have a standing Tuesday morning workout date with her from now on.  Figuring out how to work the DVR and record the Modern Family series, along with So You Think You Can Dance. We’ve just gotten AT&T internet and so it comes with U-verse basic cable (which means like 10 channels) but also includes DVR, which means I can record things I’ll get to watch (when I’m home in two weeks)! The James Taylor and Civil Wars Pandora stations. And my super cute dog, Tango, snuggling up beside me.

All that… and my 30th birthday is next week. Countdown has begun.

Happy almost-Wednesday!

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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see that this theme is well in line with #100HappyDays. So apologies if you’re seeing some of these things twice. It’s all good stuff, though! : )

From my trip to Chicago last weekend:

1) A glass of wine and some really great blueberries after teaching all day.

photo 2

2) Hanging with my friend, Kelli and watching the first 4 episodes of Dawson’s Creek, because the whole series is now available on Netflix. We would have watched the whole thing if I hadn’t had to teach Education Courses all weekend. And it was just as glorious and cheesy as we remembered. But with some plot lines that we’d forgotten! i.e. Pacey’s affair with his teacher!


3) My awesome fitness buddy Aleah being in Chicago the SAME weekend as me!


From other events, traveling and home:

4) This awesome article about being honest when talking to your kids about their bodies and sex.

5) Having a great friend that lives on the same street. Monday night turned into an impromptu dinner/wine catch up night!


6) This is that friend, Cesar. He has the most amazing grilled corn on the cob recipe.

photo 4

7) Getting to wear my client, Mary’s work jacket while I was training her the other night.

Backstory: I had worked out and rushed to shower right before our session so I was burning up when I left my house. That gym is FREEZING if you’re not working out. About 5 minutes into our session I was c-c-cold! Thanks, Mary for letting me borrow your jacket! : )

photo 1

8) Discovering the bag of Trader Joe’s PB Pretzels lying next to the bag of baking chocolate chips in the cabinet… #holymatchmadeinheavenbatman #limitonehandful

photo 6

9) Getting to be with Tango while he made his modeling debut: lululemon Louisville Showroom’s “Dog Days of Summer” product notification. Forgive my pose. I know it’s not actually downward facing dog. When shooting with an animal, you gotta get into position and be ready when they are. He was ready all the sudden, then I wasn’t. Oh well. He still looks amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.09.13 PM

What’s your jam right now?!

Happy Friday, blog buds!

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DIY Newbie…


So my BFFs and I have been doing “craft night” for a couple months. The first two nights, we made nothing, just ate dinner, drank wine, and talked for hours. The last one we did, Amanda and Bonna (her real name is Briana) made cute things for our friends with babies, and I finished work I had to do on my laptop… but I passed the scissors, and held fabric occasionally, so that counted. Tonight is our next craft night and they’ve got big projects on the agenda. I could actually participate, but I really don’t have a crafty bone in my body.

The lack of creativity is an issue as well. I don’t look at a sack of burlap and think, “Oh the possibilities for wreaths!” I don’t own a hot glue gun. I don’t have a “craft” room or even a craft drawer in my house. I wish I were more crafty, because I see the crazy cool stuff all over Pinterest (when I’m on it) and I love the things my friends create, but I’m just not drawn to do it myself. If I’ve got free time, DIY things aren’t really my top priority. If I see something super cute that I like, I buy it on Etsy. I see at more as “supporting small businesses.” And we should stick to what we’re good at, right? Because I’d rather not end up with something like this:


These things look awesome, but they either require a bunch of  time or items I don’t have (for tonight). Maybe for future craft nights?

Where did I put that electric drill?


I mean… I guess I could go hunt down some sticks from the yard?


 Maybe this? 


So… I need a project. Who’s got one that’s easy, quick, and that I could do in one night?

I’ll take any links you got!

My “DIY Projects I’ll Probably Never Do” board here.

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Travel: Kalymnos, Greece

A little travel flashback today…


My man-friend and I traveled to the Greek island of Kalymnos in the fall of 2012. As far as travel to Greece goes: Athens is where you go for the history, Santorini is the tourist island, Kalymnos is the party island, (we started there) but Kalymnos is the adventure/climbing island! This island is a climbing mecca! The island itself is small, but with TONS of climbing areas. I hear you can go scuba diving and participate in other fun activities, but we were there just for the climbing. We stayed at a small hotel  for 5 days (our total bill was 145 euros!) and rented a scooter to get around on (for 50 euros total). There were hotels closer to the crags, but they were the normal hotel prices. Ours was about a 15 minute scooter ride away, which was cheaper and more exciting to commute to each day!

Thank goodness everybody rides scooters there and goes about 20 mph… because people were either not wearing helmets or wearing their climbing helmets, like us.


As far as the climbing goes, there’s no shortage of routes for every ability level. Every route is well marked, on the rock, with the name of the climb and rating. It’s painted right on the rock, but you can’t see it unless you’re looking for it, so it doesn’t seem too harsh. Since the climbing scene there has just recently exploded (in the last decade) all the routes are very well bolted, so huge run outs anywhere. The week we were here, North Face was having its annual climbing competition so it was awesome to see so many people around having an amazing time.

Note the goat…




We took the scooter for a ride around the entire island (which took about an hour) and found this little inlet. There was a lone church on the hill and this boat, but nobody else around.


So we did a little making out… naturally.


And spent the rest of the time climbing all over the place and eating the most delicious, fresh food you can imagine.

Very fresh.









We went to the a few different places for lunch during the week, but we went to the same restaurant nearly every night. It was this little place a few minutes down the road from our hotel. We could walk there and the owner was the nicest man in the world. We had a blast each night… Including when this happened. Definitely the most “Greek” thing we did:

If you’re looking for an adventure trip I recommend this island for sure!

If you’re not a climber, Kalymnos also works out as just an amazing trip for you and your babe, or the whole family! You’ve got water all around, amazing people and food, and an energy that can’t be beat.

Other posts about the TRX Summit and the rest of that trip here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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Workout Playlist!


I worked out to this playlist on Thursday afternoon.

Then I danced (while getting ready to go out w/ Aleah in Chicago) to this playlist on Saturday night.


It’s a dual purpose playlist really…  #win

What are you working out to this week?

Get after it. Be a BEAST!

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Workout Blate: Babbling Brookelyn is in the ‘ville!

Blate = Blogger Date

securedownload 2

I love meeting other bloggers in person. It’s so fun to become friends with somebody, have so much in common with them, and then finally seal your friendship with a real encounter. You kind of get nervous, like you’re going on a blind date, but it’s awesome when you meet up and chat like you’ve been friends for years. I’ve met Ashley, Ashley C, Chelsea, Ahnika (who no longer blogs but totally should), and another Ashley and it’s always been fun.

When Brooke emailed me saying she was going to be in Louisville for a week, I was PUMPED. I’ve been reading her blog for about a year I guess and she’s hilarious. Her man-friend is from a town about 30 minutes from here so they’re in town visiting his family. She told me they wanted to come take my 6am TRX Bootcamp class. I was really excited, but also prepared myself for them not to actually show up. So many people say they’re going to take class while on vacation and rarely does it happen. I mean… I don’t wake up at 5am to go workout on vacay… But I showed up at 5:45am this morning and they beat me to the studio! Both her and her man-friend were there and ready to go.

Let me just tell you that they WORKED it this morning! Brad comes from a soccer background and Brooke played every sport under the sun. She also has just launched a career in fitness so we had lots to talk about there. I wished I’d grabbed a couple photos during class, but I was busy teaching and they were busy being beasts… so I didn’t. After class though we headed to Heine Brother’s (a Louisville coffee chain) to grab some joe and actually chat. We had an awesome morning and I can’t wait to get to do the same thing out in Portland where they live.

If you don’t follow Brooke already, you should. Her blog is my jam and so is she. And now that we’ve met in person, we’re Facebook friends too… which means we’re legit friends now. Blates are awesome.


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