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Life Currently…

So currently… well, a lot has been happening. It’s a complicated process this immigration application. We’ve sent it to our lawyer to submit almost two months ago, he sent it back noting a bunch of things we missed or needed to clarify. We sent it back in and are now waiting for the green light to be able to submit it. I can’t work in Canada until I get a temporary work permit (which usually takes about 3-4 months after you submit your application to get accepted) so I came back to Kentucky for a month to get some work in and make some money.

Fraser was already gone for a couple weeks when I left Canada and I’ll teach my last TRX course here on the 28th. It’s been well over a month since I’ve seen my husband and the boys in person and still have 2 weeks to go. I miss them terribly. I’m trying to have a good time while I’m in my hometown though. I’m working a little, spending time with friends and family, and soaking up the heat and sun.

So that’s what’s been goin’ on. Here’s what else:

Making: Plans with everybody! Trying to see as many people as I can while I’m home. I can’t fit everybody in, but I’m giving it my best shot.

Wanting: Fraser and the boys to be here with me. Fraser comes every Thanksgiving for the family visit, but it’s always cold and dreary… it’s way more fun in the summer. The boys have never been here before, so I’m dying to take them to the lake.

Reading: Sheryl Sandberg’s “Option B.” Although I’m moving at a snail’s pace. I’ve been getting home late every night and only reading a couple pages before I go to sleep! It’s really good though.

Watching: Not much of anything. Not a ton of time for tv/movies. I’m saving all my episodes for when I get back to Canada.

Listening: To the Hamilton Soundtrack on repeat. I’ve probably listened to it 6 times though since I bought it a week ago. I’m obsessed. Can’t wait to see the show, but I know it’ll be a while so I just couldn’t wait any longer. Buy it, guys!

Drinking: Lots of bourbon. It’s just what you do when you’re in Kentucky. Most restaurants have specialty cocktails and a lot of places are jumping on the slushie bandwagon, which I’m not upset about at all. Feast’s Bourbon and Ale 8 Slushie is my absolute jam.

Eating: Lots of home-cooked meals.

Enjoying: Kentucky in the summer, but not full-on summer. It’s hot, but it’s not in the 90s or 100s just yet. I’ll be leaving on Memorial Day,  juuuust before the real heat shows up.

Hoping: To convince more peeps to visit us in Canada.

Needing: To get back into a routine. I’ve been running around so much during the week, I’m not getting much done.

Feeling: Grateful to be having a fun visit home, but missing Fraser and the boys something fierce!

Wearing: Shorts and tank tops. Every day.

Not Wearing: Shoes… #kentucky

Noticing: Lightning bugs! Just saw the first one last night.

Pinning: A few refreshing-looking mocktail recipes for summer drinks. With all my Kentucky socializing including drinking, I could cut back a little…

Wishing: I already got my wish: A girl’s night staycation here in town this weekend with my two best friends at a hotel downtown. Can’t wait.

Loving: My brother’s announcement of his family’s new arrival this November! My sister-in-law Amanda is doing really well and my nephew Jaxson is stoked! I’m so excited for them.

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My Favorite Business/Entrepreneur Podcasts

image via

If you’re running a business, or thinking of starting one, you’re likely constantly looking for guidance. Whether it’s advice on how to get started or proven ways to enhance performance, there are loads of “business gurus” offering their help. Podcasts have become my favorite resource lately because many experts have started their own shows. Also, they’re efficient AF. I can listen on my run, while walking my dog, on my commute, or while I’m making breakfast in the morning. Here are the ones I’ve found most helpful and to-the-point lately: [Read more…]

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A Birthday Camp Out in The Gorge!

My friend Abby wanted to celebrate her birthday by playing outside all day and sleeping under the stars. This is why we’re friends…

Four of the Sipinski family members decided to go somewhere at the last minute (which is how we usually roll). We decided on the Red River Gorge, which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Louisville. If you’re a climber, this place is a MECCA. If you’re not a climber, it’s still pretty awesome. Tons of hiking trails, a lake to play in, new zip lines, high ropes courses, and a sky lift that takes you up to see the amazing views of the Gorge from above. [Read more…]

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Happy Birthday, Fraser!

To the one I love the most. To the one who’s the BEST dad to his kids. To the one who’s always up for adventure. To the one who works harder than anybody I know. To the one who has to master everything he does… and does. To the one I can trust with anything. To the one who’s admired and respected by so many in our industry, and rightfully so. To the one I miss almost immediately when we’re apart. To the one I’m so excited and lucky to get to spend my life with:

Happy Birthday, Fraser! I love you! [Read more…]

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Giveaway: “I Am A Kentuckian” T-Shirt

I LOVE this new shirt from the creators of the “Kentucky Kicks Ass” campaign, Kentucky for Kentucky. [Read more…]

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