amiMy nickname from college is Flashdance. I’m a dancer, rock climber, outdoor enthusiast, road-tripper, & fitness pro.  Laughing makes me happy, as do board games. I prefer being barefoot, unless I’ve got a pair of great heels.

I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky, spend quite a bit of time in San Diego, California and am currently in the process of getting a visa to live in Canada. I travel the world as a fitness presenter and general wanderer. I love camping with my dog, Tango and being outside as much as possible.


The things you’ll hear about the most around here?


{1} My work in the fitness industry.


{2} My job as a TRX Master Instructor and International Fitness Presenter


{3} Inspirational and personal posts about my own life and obstacles.


{4} Travel in general. Because I do a lot of it.

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{5} The love of my life, my dog Tango.


{6} My Canadian man-friend (now husband) and 2 bonus sons.


{7} And my Guest Teaching and time in San Diego.

If you want to know if my fitness info and background is legit, here’s my Fitness Cred:

{B.S. Exercise and Sport Science 2006}

{Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2006}

{Certified Personal Trainer since 2007}

{TRX Master Instructor since 2008} : STC, GTC, FTC, GRTC, RTC, TEAM, AGTC

I’ve presented at the following conferences:

  • IDEA World (Los Angeles)
  • Empower! Fusion (Chicago),
  • ECA (New York City),
  • FitPro (London),
  • Asia Fitness Conference (Bangkok, Thailand),
  • Can Fit Pro (Toronto, Canada), and the
  • Telluride WOW Festival

To train with me, join my 4 week online Flash Fit Clubs.

Or email me at fitwithflash@gmail.com for Online Personal Training.