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Flash Fit Clubs are TRX-based online fitness programs, created by TRX Master Instructor and international fitness presenter Ami McMullen. These 4 week programs, consisting of 3 full-body workouts per week, are programmed to be as effective and efficient as possible, and to be done at your convenience. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, define your muscles, or just get some new TRX workout ideas, these programs will take you to the next level! Join now.

To participate, you MUST have access to a TRX Suspension Trainer, or own your own.  Purchase your own here or select the Bundle + TRX Package that includes one.


*Not available in Canada yet. See bottom of FAQ section.

To learn more and sign up click here.

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The Fit Body Series

The Flash Fit Clubs Fit Body Series consists of stand-alone workouts that focus on one area of the body. The first released is the Core workout! It’s 15 minutes per set to fit into even the busiest schedules and can be repeated to maximize results! This workout is $9.99. Get it here.

< < <     AMI’S FITNESS CRED     > > >

B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science 2006

Certified Group Fitness Instructor since 2006
Certified Personal Trainer since 2007

TRX Master Instructor since 2008: STC, GTC, FTC, GRTC, RTC, TEAM, AGTC

Ami’s presented at the following fitness conferences around the world:

  • IDEA World (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Empower! Fusion (Chicago, IL)
  • ECA (New York City, NY)
  • Telluride WOW Festival (Telluride, CO)
  • FitPro (London, England)
  • Asia Fitness Conference (Bangkok, Thailand)
  • Can Fit Pro (Toronto, Canada)

< < <     FAQs     > > >

Why an online program? 
There isn’t always time to get to the gym and back, so busting out a quick workout wherever we are helps us stay consistent with our training. We all have obstacles that we face in trying to keep up with a fitness program so this is an attempt to make location, time, and convenience non-issues.

How does an online fitness program work? 
You sign up and access the programs on the website. You’ll also receive weekly emails containing that week’s workouts and suggested schedule. Follow along with the PDFs, videos or the timer app to complete your workouts. The goal is to keep a consistent routine. Club 1 covers weeks 1 – 4. Club 2 picks up from there with weeks 5 – 8.

There are tons of fitness programs. What’s different about this one?
First, you’re using the TRX Suspension Trainer, which makes your whole body (including your core) work to stabilize yourself for every exercise, making every workout as efficient as possible. Second, the variety of exercises, pace and short duration of the workouts makes them more enjoyable. The less you dread them, the more you do them. The goal of this program is to simply get you moving more often during your week. The more you do, the stronger you get, and the better you look and feel.

What if I don’t stick to the schedule?
The schedule provided each week is a suggested schedule. You have the ultimate freedom in choosing how much you do on which days work for you. Life happens, adapt as needed.

Can I join at any time?
You bet. You can pick when you start. You keep the workouts too, so don’t feel rushed to complete them in exactly 4 weeks.

Do I have to go in order or can I jump straight to Club 2?
This is a progressive program, so clubs are meant to be completed in order, but if you’re really familiar with TRX exercises and different level options, you can start wherever you want. Just keep in mind if you jump ahead to Club 2, you will miss the base info that we cover in the first 4 weeks.

What if I’m not right next to my computer?
Workouts and videos can also be viewed from smart phones and tablets. You can print out the workouts if you want to be device-free. Additionally you’ll get links to a timer app.

Can the timer be adjusted?
Yes! A tutorial is included in your Intro Packet when you sign up.

Why do I need to ALSO purchase a TRX Suspension Trainer?
If your gym already has one, you don’t have to! Or you can purchase the Bundle + TRX Package that includes one in it. It’s the most effective/efficient piece of fitness equipment Ami’s ever used. It’s a better use of money than that treadmill in your basement that mainly dries your laundry. You can use it for hundreds of exercises. It brings back Ami’s six-pack the fastest. It weighs only a couple pounds so it’s easily portable. You will have ONE piece of light-weight equipment that can be used in your home, at the gym, on business trips, on vacation, in parks, at sports practices, for years.

* If you want to buy your straps on your own, make sure you purchase your straps directly from the TRX Training company website or at Dick’s Sporting Goods. They’re cheaper on EBay or Craigslist because they’re likely counterfeit or knockoff straps that will break and could injure you. Your straps from TRX Training come warrantied.

What if I don’t know any of the TRX Exercises?
We’ve got your back! There are videos included that explain the moves, show you how they’re done, AND offer you various level options to make sure you’re not bored… or dying.

What if I’m out of shape?
Everybody has to start somewhere! Everything we’ll do is scalable: you receive 3 level options for each exercise, so you can pick the level and pace that challenges you the best. From the couch potato to the competitive athlete, there’s something for every body in this program.

Are you going to make me throw up? 
I certainly hope not. Listen to your body and choose a level option that challenges you, but doesn’t kill you. The beauty of this program is you’re always in charge of the pace. Use that pause button if need be.

What if I’m injured or pregnant? 
As long as you’ve been cleared to move by your doctor or physical therapist  you should be ok. The object of this program is get you moving BETTER, not worse! But like any partnership, communication is key to ensuring a safe and effective workout! If you’re worried, email Ami and she’ll hook you up with some modifications or a different exercise entirely.

What if I’ve got issues?
We’ve ALL got issues: emotional, physical, mental, etc. If you have any issue you are battling or are sensitive to, feel free to email. We can chat to discuss solutions for anything that may be standing in your way of success.

Am I going to lose 10 pounds in the first week?! 
Not unless we cut off a limb. Sorry! But weight can be lost, inches can disappear, cholesterol numbers, resting heart rates, and race times can go down, and strength and mood can improve! Keep in mind that this program offers flexibility for busy schedules but the participants that see the most results are the ones that keep the consistency.

What’s with the slower strength workouts? I want to burn calories!
Chill, Bill! Every successful athlete knows there are different skills you have to work on different days. This program is made up of a combination of strength workouts, endurance workouts, and metabolic workouts on purpose.  Each workout’s goal is different to give your body the maximum benefits. Some days are for slower moves with more resistance. Other days are for faster moves with less resistance. You’ll burn calories every workout, I promise.

Why isn’t there music in the videos?
This has a multi-part answer: 1) Because everybody has different taste in music. 2) Because when Ami watches a workout video multiple times, she hates listening to the same music so she ends up muting it and playing her own. 3) Because if it were up to Ami, she’d have used nothing but Beyonce songs and then she’d get sued… and maybe disappear… So, push play on the video and put on whatever music you like to move to!

I’m in Canada. Why can’t I purchase the program?
Because Ami (an American) married a guy named Fraser (a Canadian) in January of 2017 and is currently in the application process for a visa to be able to live in the country. She has not been granted a work permit from the Canadian government so isn’t legally allowed to sell to Canadians just yet. Be on the lookout for it in the future though, once all the paperwork has been approved! She’ll announce it, don’t worry!

How do I get started?
Check it out here. And use code FIRST50 at checkout for 15% off. (Good for the first 50 peeps that purchase… hence the name.)