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In the past year since I wrote “Podcasts That Are My Jam Right Now” I’ve searched out and listened to dozens of podcasts. While there have been numerous ones that passed the time, only certain ones are good enough to reach the coveted “Subscribe” status on my device. While Tango and I are in the car for hours on our summer road trip, we’ve been circulating through several of my newfound faves. Many of these are perfect for binging on for hours on end (If you’ve ever driven across the state of Texas, you know that’s one long ass day). In no particular order, here are the ones I’ve been loving lately:

Business Podcasts:

Open for Business


You guys: this might be my new favorite business podcast. This is a brand new series tackling a separate business-owner issue each week. It’s done by EBay and Gimlet Creative and I’ve found the first six episodes to be interesting, but also really helpful. Going over things like the entrepreneurial mindset, how to hire, how to set prices, etc, they break down each episode into 5 easy-to-consume steps. It is something almost everybody should listen to, regardless if you run your own business or not. I think we all could benefit from listening to pointers in this area. Episodes so far are under 30 minutes, so even if you’re not road tripping,  they make a great, short listen for your commute to work. And could also benefit your next business endeavor…

Favorite Episode: Ep. 03  “Price is Right?”


Start Up – Season 3


I loved the first two seasons of Start Up when I first heard about it last fall and was pumped to listen to this season’s stories following pivotal moments in the start up world; whether to press on or fold when it’s evident your company is losing ground. It’s really interesting and I love that they’re covering more than one business this season.

Favorite Episode: Season 3, Ep. 7  “Happy Ending” (A former drug ring leader turned fitness studio owner)




Outdoor Podcasts:

The Enormocast


This climbing podcast has been going for over 4 years, but I just discovered it via an Outside Magazine article on outdoor podcasts. Host Chris Kolous interviews different climbers in each episode and they tackle current events in the climbing world, backstories from different climbers’ triumphs and failures, and mostly make you feel like you can enjoy climbing even if you’re not actually doing any at the moment. It helps keeps the climbing stoke alive! I’ve been listening from the beginning and am currently on episode 75 of 104.

Favorite Episodes: Ep. 51 & 52  Lynn Hill’s Interview, and Ep. 11 on Craig Demartino’s 100 foot fall and leg amputation.

The Outside Podcast


Outside Magazine has started their own podcast about outdoor adventures and the Science of Survival. It’s really cool/morbid to hear real-life stories being dissected into scientific stages. What is acutally happening in your body when you expereince hypothermia after getting lost in the woods? What about when you get struck by lightening while climbing? How does your body respond to 120 degree temperatures in the middle of the desert? Find out.

Favorite Episode: Ep. 3 “The Devil’s Highway”

They’ve also recently added an interview spinoff! The episode below, about the real life version of the “most interesting man in the world” was fascinating…

Favorite Interview: Ep.01 “Robert Young Pelton”

The Sharp End


This podcast covers accidents in North American Mountaineering. Some people lived, some died, but in these episodes they break down exactly what happened (and what didn’t) that resulted in an accident and talk about what could have been done to prevent it. Eighty percent of climbing accidents reported happen to experienced climbers. Listening to some of these short episodes might help prevent future accidents…

Favorite Episode: Ep. 1 – “View From A Crevasse”.


Dear Sugar


Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, and Steve Almond host this advice rearing radio show where they take anonymous writers’ questions on real life problems. People write in about their relationships, their addictions, jobs, their ups and downs.  A lot of these letters can be really messy, but I’ve never listened to an episode that I didn’t get something out of for myself.

Favorite Episode: This Ep.  “Friends W/ Benefits, Foursomes, and other Messy Relationships”



This podcast was one of the ones being produced by Gimlet Media, subject of the very first season of Start Up. Host Brittany Luse shares snippets of all the podcasts SHE loves, in turn, helping me to find wonderful new podcasts to listen to that I might not have otherwise known about. She’s hilarious, her guests are super fun, and you never know what you’re gonna get each time you hit play.

Favorite Episode: Ep. 14 “All The Ways to Say Lemonade.”

The Book Builders: On Books & Authors


In a nutshell, host Ryan Halvorson is a writer who interviews other writers. He sits down with book and publication authors to discuss their careers, their books, and more. This podcast is new, but what I’ve loved about each episode is that the authors invited to the show have all come from various industries, so it’s been interesting to learn about their own hardships and successes

Favorite Episode: Ep. 2  “Amanda Vogel,  Fitness Writer”

Another Round


I originally heard from Buzzfeed’s Heben and Tracy when my other favorite ladies podcast “Call Your Girlfriend” teamed up with them a couple months ago. I thought they were hilarious then, downloaded an episode and have since subscribed. These ladies take on all sorts of topics, the most important being that of black women in this country. I think everybody could gain a little perspective from hearing from these two. One of my favorite things: Tracy is from Louisville also, and she’s occasionally throwing out locations or phrases that are so very local. When she starts a story with “see what had happened was” or describes an amount as “a shit ton” of something, it take me right back home… and I love it.

They interviewed Hillary Clinton back in 2015 and their questions/her answers made me love them even more than I already do. LISTEN TO IT.

Favorite Episode: Ep. 28 “Madame Secretary, What’s Good?”

Undisclosed  – Season 2


If you were obsessed with the Serial podcast, you need to continue the case by listening to the first season of Undisclosed. It picks up the case where Sarah Koenig left off. This new season is about an all new case: The State vs. Joey Watkins – A similar story of a murder trial where someone was convicted under an enormous amount of questionable “evidence” and has resulted  in the convicted being in jail for the better part of the last two decades. If you’re up for some murder mystery/wrongly convicted/public justice action, this new season’s case is right up your alley.

Favorite Episode: Ep. 1  “The Panama City Incident”

Science VS. 


This podcast literally just launched in the U.S. (it was previously produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company) last week and after listening to the first two episodes, I can already tell I’m going to be obsessed (figuratively, not literally). You know it’s a big deal when I can listen to just one episode and already commit to sliding over that “Subscribe” icon in the settings. Host Wendy Zuckerman takes hot topics, usually controversial ones, and puts them to the test (literally) to see if there’s any scientific evidence to back them up. Topics like the benefits of attachment parenting and the real dangers of fracking are first ones to be scrutinized under the microscope. The ones coming up this season:  Is there really such a thing as the G-spot? Is organic food really better for us? I’m excited to hear what the scientific studies have really found…

Favorite Episode: Ep. 02  “Attachment Parenting”

Whew! Ok. There are 11 to get you going.

Whether you’re commuting to work, going for a run (playlist, what?),

walking your dog, or just sitting and staring off into space…

Here’s some awesome stuff to listen to. Enjoy!

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