Next Getaway Weekend:

February 2-4 in California!

Need an excuse to hang out in sunny Santa Barbara for the weekend? Join me for a fun fitness getaway. Spend a few hours with me each day for workouts and workshops, then have the rest of the day to play at the beach or enjoy wine tastings in the nearby vineyards. I have space for 15 people. This weekend is for anybody that wants to focus on themselves for a few days!

Location: Core Fitness Training – 4430 Hollister Ave. Santa Barbara, CA93110


< < <     F R I D A Y     > > >

Day 1: February 2 – Evening Workouts

TRX/Barre Fusion: 6:30 – 7:45pm

Love TRX? Love Barre? Sweet. Ami’s taken her years of classical ballet training and paired it with her favorite workout tool to create a class based on full-body balance and control. You’ll use the TRX as an unstable barre to challenge your core in ways you might not have before.

Beyoncé Dance Party: 8:00 – 9:30pm

Ready to dance? Us too. Come ready to sweat and smile while you learn some easy-t0-follow moves for a fun twist on a cardio class.

< < <     S A T U R D A Y     > > >

Day 2: February 3 – Daytime Workshops

TRX Suspension Training for the Outdoor Enthusiast: 9:00 – 10:15am

When you’re active in the outdoors you have two main goals: (1) get outside often and (2) don’t get hurt. In this session, you’ll go through a workout programmed to increase your performance, and learn how to keep yourself durable through the various seasons. Whether you’re hitting the road, the trails, or the slopes, you’ll take away some great new training tips.

Knowing When to Stop & Re-Group – Hitting the Reset Button on Life: 10:30- 11:45am

We’ve all experienced burnout or dissatisfaction with our lives or careers at some point, but when do you know that it’s actually time to STOP what you’re doing? Taking a break can actually be the best thing for your productivity. I’ll tell you how quitting work helped me get further in my career. And how you can too…

Productivity Hacks for Life & Business: 12:00 – 1:15pm

“Not enough time” is the excuse we have for almost everything these days. From getting our workouts in to picking up that 2nd language to taking that trip we’ve always dreamed of, we’re putting far too many things on the back-burners in lieu of more and more things that keep us busy, but aren’t fulfilling. Learn some simple practices to put into play in your life today to make you more productive in the ways you want to be.

< < <     S U N D A Y     > > >

Day 3: Sunday, February 4 – Morning-ish Workouts

Flash Fit – TRX Metabolic Blast: 10:30 – 11:30am

Wanna burn some calories? Take part in this signature workout from Ami’s Flash Fit Clubs TRX program. A mixture of strength and cardio moves, this workout will get your blood pumping and leave you feeling sweaty and strong.

Sunday Stretch – Mobility & Flexibility: 11:45am – 12:45 pm

Better flexibility doesn’t produce a great 6 pack, but it’s still of utmost importance in your routine. In this class we’ll end the weekend with some chill mobility work and stretching so you can move more freely and reduce your risk of injury in the future.



Santa Barbara Workshop Registration:

*If you’re coming from out of town & need accommodations, here are camping, AirB&B, motel, & hotel options.