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It’s a big night. We leave for Hawaii for a family vacation in the morning. We live an hour away from the airport so we drove in to the city tonight. Our flight is at 6am (woof) and we have to be there to check in and check bags at 4:15, so the 3:30am wake up tomorrow morning is gonna be a rough one. It’s totally worth it though. I’m stoked to go to Hawaii, as I’ve never been to the big island before and am looking forward to sun on my skin for the next week. We’ve used our hotel points to book the first two nights, then we’re camping all around the island for the next four days, then using hotel points again for our final night (goodness knows we’ll all need showers by that point). All that being said, here’s what else is going on currently:

Making: Last minute checks through the luggage to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. But really, I’ve got swim suits, flip flops and sunscreen… so I’m good.

Wanting: To be able to take Tango with me on all trips. I hate leaving him behind. I mean… look at that face up there! He was ignoring me and tucking himself into a ball when we left the house tonight. Daggers straight through the heart, man.

Reading: Just finished The Underground Railroad. Still working on iLearning (work books take longer)

Watching: The Final Four games! Gonzaga’s win just now declares me the victor of both my bracket challenges: the one with Fraser (the most important, because of The Bet) and my San Diego bracket for dollars!

Listening: To the S-Town podcast! YOU GUYS. Are you listening? I’m on Chapter 4 of 7. Hoping to be finished in the next couple days. Can’t wait to discuss fully. I keep having to scroll past all threads on Facebook to avoid spoilers.

Drinking: Nothing fancy now, but I’m planning on some Mai Tai’s in about 24 hours. *Heart eye emoji*

Eating: We ordered pizza because we’re in the airport hotel tonight.

Enjoying: Less and less snow by the day. Spring’s on its way up north! (I feel like this is a permanent answer for this spot for the next several months)

Hoping: For safe, smooth travels this week. Keep the fingers crossed we don’t need our first aid kit…

Needing: To get to sleep. 3:30am is going to come quickly.

Feeling: Like Moana tonight. We played the soundtrack on the way to the hotel!

Wearing: Pajamas now, but a swim suit, shorts, and tank every day this week.

Noticing: This Oregon team’s tenacity. They’ve had a great tournament. I was secretly rooting for them tonight. Sorry UNC buds.

Pinning: This article my BFF sent me from the Guardian: Protest & Persist.

Wishing: We could have the rest of our families with us on this trip!

Loving: That this will be our vacation with me as a part of the family. #allthefeels

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I was in Southern California for the past week for work and had a few days in between projects to see some friends. I stayed with my good friends Ted and Ann and although I was hoping to spend copious amounts of time outside in the warm weather  it was cold and rainy most of the week. I’ll let it slide since California desperately needs some precipitation, but I will say it was nice going on a run yesterday morning in a tank top! It’s back to Canada tonight and I’m SO excited to get to my boys. Here’s what else is going on currently: [Read more…]

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Tango and I have just about 10 more days in Kentucky before we head out. We’re soaking up all the wide open spaces and time with my friends and family while we can. While I’m always bummed to be leaving my people, I’m also excited for an extended trip to Canada to spend a couple months with my man-friend and the boys. Since I haven’t been writing a ton here lately, here’s what’s been going on…

Making: Sweet Tea… pretty much every day. I’m going to enjoy it for my last week here in KY and then I’ll have to put the kibosh on all that sugar.

Wanting: To blog more. I’m working on 5 posts at once and can’t get any of them out. Hopefully that’ll change in the coming weeks. I miss this outlet.

Reading: I’m slowly making my way through Kathryn Hepburn’s autobiography, “Stories of My Life.”  [Read more…]

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Because sometimes you need a little series template to get you back in the groove of blogging…

Making: My bracket for March Madness. The bet is on again this year and I’m not planning on losing. Again.

Wanting: [Read more…]

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Making: This butternut squash chowder. It’s perfect for this weather.

Wanting: for my body to be back on Eastern Standard Time. Sleep has not been a regular part of my schedule lately and I’m riding the struggle bus from 11am to 7pm most days… I’m averaging about 4 hours of sleep per night. About 6 less than my body tends to require. It’s super fun.

Watching: Scary movies in prep for Halloween. Saw Annabelle a couple weeks ago. Saw Ouija last night. #sleepingwiththelightson

[Read more…]

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