Recipe: Sweet Potato Fries. And a meal for your week!

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Any time I cook, I try to be efficient AF. If we’re baking something in the oven, we’re also going to bake a side dish… because that’s less work. Since sweet potatoes were on sale for $.79 (holla!) at the grocery this week, I decided to try Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Sweet Potato Fries. I’ve never tried to make them before but it was crazy easy. You slice ’em, season ’em, and pop those bitches in the oven for a total of 3 whole minutes of preparation.

> > Shoutout to Sandy Webster for the Spanish Style Smoked Paprika (she sent us a bunch of Penzey’s spices as a wedding gift)!

Since our salmon (we use this recipe) needed to be baked at 375 degrees (fahrenheit) for 35-45 minutes and the potatoes needed to baked at 400 degrees for 35 minutes, I’d planned on having to leave the potatoes in for 10 extra minutes to soften up, but they were good to go at the 35 minute mark too. Double score! We cut up an avocado to round it out and BAM: Dinner.

The salmon cost me $18 (depending on where you live, this might be cheaper for you), the potato was $.79, and avocado was $2. So the hubs and I ate dinner for just over $10 per person (This is in Canadian currency, which would equal under $16 for U.S.). And since it made enough food for 4 people, we could have fed the kids on this too.

Real food (and easy cooking) for the win!

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Want to Feel/Look Better? Eat Like A Grown Up.


My past nutrition advice: Eat real food. Drink water more than you drink other things.

My new advice: Eat like a fucking grown up.

I’m tired of getting asked nutrition questions that are really just people wishing I would tell them it’s ok to eat crap. Stop. That’s like asking a rich person for financial advice and hoping they tell you buy shit all the time and don’t save or invest in anything. We all know better. We know deep down that at some point… we need to get our shit together. I also know that once we get into certain habits, we don’t always remember some of the basics. So, unless you’re really broke, are in college, or are 12 yeras old and in charge of buying your meals, here’s a quick reminder of how to eat like an adult: [Read more…]

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My Favorite Fitness Apps


There are a million apps out there… and tons of fitness-related ones. Some are more aimed at fitness consumers and general population, some more towards fitness professionals. I’ve downloaded a bunch over the years, but have found that I only really use a selected few. These are those: [Read more…]

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