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It’s a big night. We leave for Hawaii for a family vacation in the morning. We live an hour away from the airport so we drove in to the city tonight. Our flight is at 6am (woof) and we have to be there to check in and check bags at 4:15, so the 3:30am wake up tomorrow morning is gonna be a rough one. It’s totally worth it though. I’m stoked to go to Hawaii, as I’ve never been to the big island before and am looking forward to sun on my skin for the next week. We’ve used our hotel points to book the first two nights, then we’re camping all around the island for the next four days, then using hotel points again for our final night (goodness knows we’ll all need showers by that point). All that being said, here’s what else is going on currently: [Read more…]

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My Car Needs A Name!

I love my cars. They are more to me than just transportation. Lola, Abe, Mona, and Charli were all like best buds to me. If you’ve been around here for a while, you might remember when Charli, my ’08 Mazda, bit the dust last year on our road trip from San Diego to Canada. I wasn’t ready to replace her for a new (to me) car, but I had no choice.  Although every car I’ve owned had a name within the first week, I just couldn’t think of a name right away for my new Mazda. Nine months later… she still doesn’t have a name. That changes this week. [Read more…]

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Kentucky Summer Wish List

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetI already know you want my shirt. It’s available here.

I’ve got somewhere around 6-8 weeks here in my home state of Kentucky and I’m STOKED. There are so many things that I love about being here in the summertime and even though I’m arriving more towards the end of summer, the weather will still be nice enough to play, workout, and enjoy fabulous meals outside for weeks. Here’s all I plan to do over the next several weeks…

UPDATE: The things I’ve gotten to so far have been crossed off!  [Read more…]

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Moving On… Again.


A New Plan: As Rafiki once told Simba… “It is time.”  Time for another road trip, another move, and the beginning of a new adventure. Tango and I are simultaneously happy and sad to be leaving San Diego in June. [Read more…]

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How to Rock Out Your Own Extended Road Trip: Part II {The Preparation}


After you’ve completed The Planning, your next step in rocking out your own extended road trip is the preparation. Whether your trip will be a month long, or last an entire year, you’ll need to get your ish in order.

My road trip was a little over 3 months and I quit working and moved out of my place when I left, so there was a lot I had to accomplish before I hit the road. It took me about 5 1/2 months to prepare and save money before I left. Depending on the length of your trip and your current situation, here are some things you might want to take into consideration: [Read more…]

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Video: Ami and Tango – Road trip 2015


At the start of this year, my dog Tango and I decided to move back to San Diego after spending the last 5 years at home in Louisville, KY. We also decided that we would take 3 months to road trip the western United States and Canada. We took tons of footage of our journey. Here’s what I could fit into 4 minutes and 32 seconds. ; )

Music: “Dreams” by The Cranberries

If you would like to check out the rest of our photos, you can search #AmiandTangoRoadtrip2015 on Instagram


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What’s in my bag?

There are no beauty products in my purse, other than Chapstick, so this is a different kind of “Bag” post. I’m asked frequently what I do in my own workouts and I tell people I mainly use each of the products shown here. It was imperative to make room for this bag in my car when I was packing up for my road trip!

It’s a duffle bag…


that doubles as a backpack! Wa-pow!

[Read more…]

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A month with my Man-friend!

The second half of this trip will be spent up in Canada for an entire month with my Man-friend!! He’s currently away on a work trip, but we had a week together before he left and will have another 4 weeks together when he gets back. THEN we’re going to Europe for a couple weeks. {Reality is going to be a cold, hard b**** when this is all over and I have to go back to work in July…} In the meantime, I’m going to soak it all up.


The boys are loving having Tango here. [Read more…]

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Travel: Austin, Texas



I was so excited to get sent to Austin, Texas for work back in June. I’d always wanted to go there but had never been. I had two days of play time before work, so I tried to make the best of it and see as much as I could. My college friend, Karley lives in Austin now and I got to hang with her most of the weekend. When she asked me what I wanted to do, I replied with “anything Austin.” And so she took me all over town. Here’s what we did:


Friday night: Honky-tonk 

I don’t know if this is Austin’s oldest honky-tonk, but it’s certainly the most well-known. It’s been voted “Best Honky-tonk in Texas” and “Best Dance Hall in the Country” soooo I’m thinking it’s pretty legit.  The Broken Spoke is such a cool place to be, with all its history. All kinds of country stars have played here and the owner is still there every night rockin’ it out and hanging with the music goers. We took some line dancing lessons, had dinner, drank beer, and saw an awesome live performance of Asleep at the Wheel. It’s must-see.




Saturday: Stand Up Paddleboarding at Lady Bird Lake

Previously known as Town Lake, this lake is huge and beautiful. It spans a good distance along the city so it has great views. Karley works for a place called The Expedition School and was leading a group of girls scouts on Stand Up Paddleboards Saturday morning so I tagged along. We lucked out with the weather that day. It was warm, but not insanely hot yet, and the water was the perfect temperature. After learning some of the SUP basics from Karley, we played around in the cove, paddled out onto the main stretch of the lake, then came back in to practice yoga poses (unsuccessfully) on the boards. Karley also showed up some fun games like King of the Hill, where two people get on one board, each trying to knock the other one off balance and into the water. Good times. Hit up The Expedition School if you’re in Austin and want some fun on the water! They have kayaks and canoes as well!



photo 1

photo 2

These last two photos taken by Karla Held   Thanks, Karla!

 Saturday Night: 6th Street

There are two ends of 6th Street. On the east end of it, you’ve got all the bars you could ask for. I stopped in for a drink at The Jackalope, a dive that plays lots of heavy metal. Since I was alone, and didn’t want any more conversation about Jesus with the guy next to me at the bar, I chose not to have my photo taken on the Jackalope. But if I return to Austin, it’s on.


At the west end of 6th, you’ve got lots of new restaurants and great places to sit, drink, and eat on open-air patios. We had dinner at J. Blacks and were not disappointed. The drinks were great, the food (what I like to call “Fancy Southern”) was spectacular, and we enjoyed the awesome evening air and people-watching.


Sunday: FIT Austin and Barton Springs

I had to work on Sunday but got to finally see FIT Austin. This is great small gym with tons of classes and personal training to offer. They have great space, an array of classes to choose from and showers to help get you out the door without looking a mess. I trained a bunch of newly qualified TRX instructors and  then headed out for my final night in Austin.


 Dinner at The Shady Grove

Although there are innumerable restaurants in Austin, The Shady Grove was my favorite of the weekend. The website describes it perfectly: “Nestled under the shade of the tall pecan grove, Shady Grove serves up Austin-inspired home-cooking, cocktails, sunshine, and smiles.” We ordered food and margaritas and sat outside for a couple hours. It had gotten a lot hotter, but the shade and fans made it pleasant.




Barton Springs

Y’ALL. Barton Springs was my absolute favorite thing in the city. It’s a natural underground spring with man-made walls, stairs, and a diving board surrounding it. It’s 3 acres! Even though it’s kind of freezing (avg. 68 degree water) we had to jump off the diving board a few times. I couldn’t stand to be in the water for very long, so we got out and did a walk all around the grounds. We then laid on the blanket on the grassy hills adjacent to the pool. It was the perfect way to end my time in Austin. At only $3 for entry, Barton Springs was completely packed when I’d tried to check it out on Friday afternoon. By Sunday evening though, the crowds had thinned and we were able to revel in the glory of the evening dusk. My phone had died by this point in the day, but here’s a link to Flickr album that shows the entire place. It’s amazing. Go there.



If you’re going to Texas, visit Austin. If you’re going to Austin, visit these places. ; )

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100 Happy Days: Days 8 – 14

Day 8: Free beverages in airline lounges. 

This insanely good Bloody Mary came from the United lounge in the F terminal at ORD.


Day 9: Lying in the grass. 


Day 10: Heading back to Canada to visit my man-friend and his sons.


Day 11: Not checking a bag.

Carrying-on makes everything easier.


Day 12: Camping where you don’t have cell service. 


Day 13: The Ghost Wilderness Area


Day 14: Tourists.

These guys are taking a tour of Lake Louise in a war canoe. I love that people make it a priority to visit other parts of the world. Almost every person you see at Lake Louise is from another country.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

What are you happy about today?

Keep up with my #100HappyDays on Instagram: FitwithFlash

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