10 Years with Tango!

In 2009, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I’d been looking for a dog when one showed up behind the front desk at Barry’s Bootcamp – a studio I taught bootcamp classes at in San Diego. Over the months prior several dogs had been rescued from a kill shelter in L.A. by my boss, Joey Gonzalez, and placed at the desk waiting for somebody to get done with their workouts, fall in love with them, and adopt them. Several dogs had come and gone, all ridiculously cute. Tango was the one I fell in love with immediately.

We had a connection that I couldn’t explain and I just knew he was my dog.

Over the past 10 years, he has been my one constant. He’s moved with me over 10 times, traveled with me through most of the U.S. and western Canada, and brought me more joy than I new was possible from a pet. I love his greetings when I come through the front door and even when I’ve just come in from another room in the house. I love that he accompanies me on workouts, road trips, or errands – it doesn’t matter how exciting the outing is… EVERY time we go somewhere he’s pumped. That kind of excitement is infectious.

His fur has infiltrated every aspect of my house and studio, but I’m really not bothered by it. I couldn’t ask for a better snuggler or running partner. And he still has so much of his youthful energy and agility that most people think he’s a puppy when they meet him.

They are usually astonished to find out that he’s probably around 11 years old.

You guys with pets get it. There’s just nothing that can make you happier some days than hanging out with your best bud.

Whether it’s a cross-country road trip…

or just a walk in the woods…

They just make life better.

Happy Birthday, Tango! I hope you know I much I love you.
(And that I wish you could read this)

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