100 Happy Days: 1-7

I’ve been doing “Things That Are My Jam” and playing the “Glad Game” for most of my life, but I love the idea of 100 Happy Days. You have to take a photo each day of something that makes you happy. You don’t have to think about any thing or anybody else except YOU. What makes you happy may not be what makes others happy and that’s totally effing awesome.


Here are my first 7 days.

1. Floppy dog tongues and Bat Dog ears. (Churchill)


2. When family members are BEASTS together. When people effing go for it. And sweatbands…

for obvious reasons


3. Sunrises and sunsets in Kentucky… in the summer.


4. Babies post-bath. (Henry)


5. Traveling all over creation. (my trip to Austin, TX)


6. Good dinner, good drinks, and good company.


7. Far away friends. (Karley and Michael)


Life sucks sometimes, but you can’t focus on the bad stuff. Finding a reason to be happy every day can sometimes be what carries you through the rough spots. I encourage everybody to take this challenge. You don’t have to do it on social media, but write it on a sticky note at work. Keep a spreadsheet. Write in a wipe-off board at home or at school. Say it out loud! Acknowledge something you’re happy about every day, for 100 days… and hopefully long after.

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