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Book Buzz – The Help, Eat Pray Love

You know when you’ve become so busy, the thought of simply lying on the couch and reading for 30 minutes sounds like ECSTASY? I’m there. Here are two of my faves from the ones I’ve read so far this year. LOVED this one.

The first is The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. It’s one of the BEST books I’ve read in a while. Set in Mississippi in 1963, it shows how life was for white women and the black housemaids that waited on them hand and foot, with no respect. This book covers this life from the viewpoints of 3 different women. Two black housemaids, and one white woman who wants to help change everything. I loved this book from the first paragraph. Funny, heart-breaking, and endearing. I finished it in about 2 days. Then, I mailed my copy to my bff, and ordered copies for my mom and aunts online so that they could all read it and we could then discuss.

I know, I know. I’m sure I’m the last woman in the world to read Eat Pray Love, but I was working around to it. It’s about this woman, Liz (the author) and the fact that she’s just discovered she hates her life, doesn’t want to be in her marriage anymore, gets a divorce, but then she’s all alone and has no clue of what she wants as her world crashes down around her. She heads off, alone, to travel the world for a year and hopefully find the answers to all her life’s questions. (Seemed a bit high-maintenance for me, but I went with it anyway.) Loved it.
I’ve had a few groups of girlfriends go to see the movie since it’s been released, but I held out until I was actually able to finish the book first. There’s something about just leaving everything behind and venturing out on your own to see what you’re made of. It doesn’t always have to mean you’re going crazy and have lost control of your life but it can be an adventure. I didn’t move across the world or anything, but I moved, by myself, to San Diego… a week out of college, with all I could fit in my car and $800. I made it work. Lots of people have. I don’t regret it at all and hopefully neither does anybody else.
So find a good read this week/weekend and post up for a bit. Take a moment for yourself, even if it’s only 30 minutes. And then let me know if you’ve got any good suggestions for my next one!
Marilyn image via – the marilyn monroe collection
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Gleek – Emmy Awards

So is anybody else out there addicted to the show, Glee? I LOVE it. Maybe it’s my background as a performer (not that I ever sang….well), maybe it’s fond memories of going to a performing arts school with amazingly talented people always breaking out into random show tunes in the middle of the hallway. Either way, the show makes absolutely giddy and I can’t wait ’til it’s back on.
This was the opening number from the Emmy Awards in case you missed it like I did Sunday. Such a fun little skit with jokes from the show. Watch and enjoy (it’s ok if you wanna get up and dance, lip sync, or air guitar)!
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Headed Out…

…to Chicago! Going to teach a group of trainers ALL about the TRX this weekend. As well as meet up with a couple of my favorite fellow dancers from the high school days (and meet a mini dancer-to-be). Can’t wait!

Are you going anywhere this weekend?

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Local Love – Waterfront Wednesday

In the summer time, the last Wednesday of the month is always blocked out on my calendar for Waterfront Wednesdays. Our local radio station, 91.9 WFPK, hosts a FREE, outdoor concert series that features artists from many different genres of music. Everything from pop to blues, to americana can be heard on their radio station. On tonight’s roster?

Audra Mae (6pm) Listen here.

The Dan Mangan Band (7:30-ish) Listen here.

and These United States (9-ish) Listen here.

If you don’t have plans tonight (and if you do, cancel them – this is waaaay cooler) you should bring a camping chair, a few friends, and come down and listen to some awesome talent. Added Bonus: You usually end up bumping into somebody you know. So that’s always fun too! See you there!
And if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Louisville, (hee hee) visit iTunes and download some awesome tunes from these kids. They’re all great!
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Bootcamp. Baby.

It’s that time again! Bootcamp time! Inner Strength is starting our next 4-week round of Bootcamp next week. There are 3 camps to choose from:

Monday/Wed/Fri – 6:00am
~ All Women’s Bootcamp $150
Tuesday/Thursday – 6am
~ TRX/Kettlebell Bootcamp $120 (unless you have your own TRX, in which case it’s $100)
This one’s Co-Ed! Males welcome! Only 10 spaces though, so sign up quickly!
Tuesday/Thursday – 6pm
~ Co-Ed Evening Bootcamp! $100
Sign up quickly, classes start next week! Begin the week of August 30 and end September 24th.
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my boys…

Have you met my boys yet? I don’t think you have.
This is my amazing husband, Conrad. And our dog, Tango. Or as we usually refer to him: The Tang.

They’re so handsome and adorable I almost can’t handle it at times…

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Lulu Gift to Myself… thanks to Scripps Peeps!

So my Scripps peeps sent me away from California with a lovely gift card from a company that I have had a very close relationship with for about the last 3 years: Lululemon Athletica

Haven’t heard of lululemon? They’re amazing! They’re a fitness wear company based out of Vancouver and have the BEST clothes for active people. Doesn’t matter if you do yoga once a week, like hiking, or spend your entire day teaching fitness, they have what you need.

My friend, Krissy just did a blog post on Lulu a couple weeks ago with way more details. Check it out at Miss B and Hustle and be sure to follow her blog, it’s fabulous!

I’ll admit, it’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you are very active, their stuff is COMPLETELY worth it. Very flattering (unlike most Women’s fitness wear) and highly effective at sweat-wicking. They sport the bet fabrics for all their clothes. You should check it out. See me here and here and here.
AND they have a sale section on their website…check out the “we made too much” column on the left side of the page to score some discounts! About half of my wardrobe is now lulu as a lot of their stuff can double as regular, everyday wear.

Anywho, I hadn’t been able to use my gift card since they don’t have a store in KY yet, so I decided to hop online and shop. Soooo happy I did! My package came yesterday and I sported my new blue top today! Early birthday present to myself (real b-day is tomorrow!)…
I also got this jacket (I’m aware that it’s a million degrees outside, but come winter, these things will be virtually impossible to get your hands on… they sell fast). I have two others. This one has a breathable back, zipper pockets to hold your keys or ipod, thumb holes on the sleeves, and even an extra cuff that folds over your hands to keep them warm while you run! GENIUS!

So thank you lululemon athletica for making such wonderful clothing for me. And finally, thanks to my Scripps Peeps at Campus Point who hooked me up with an awesome going away gift! I appreciate it and miss you guys!

Top Row: Pam, Nate, Danielle, Brad, Jacqui (sp?) Katya
Bottom Row: Tabatha, Lindsay Y, Me, Kathryn
Missing: too many to name and don’t want to forget anybody (Tab) : ) haha

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Oh Happy Day! Vibram Five Fingers!

I couldn’t be more excited today… well I probably could be excited whenever, but I’m pretty pumped today. Today I got my birthday present early! (My birthday is the 17th, Tuesday)

Remember how I talked about how I love being barefoot? (I do. Go ahead, insert your Kentucky joke here) Well these shoes simulate being barefoot! They are Vibram Five Finger Shoes. They are made to move like your foot should actually move, allowing your muscles, ligaments, and joints to be stimulated and active! There’s a rubber sole that protects the bottom of your foot, AND this particular pair are made with SmartWool, so they’re less stinky! Happy Day!
Why would I want to do this? Because I am not only a trainer, but a dancer as well. And dancers have really strong feet. But once I transitioned into the fitness industry and started wearing athletic shoes all the time, I was getting a lot of pain in the joints of my feet and they were just losing strength and cramping up all the time. I was getting really agitated because my feet weren’t allowed to move so freely anymore. I felt trapped (in a glass cage of emotion!). So I just stopped wearing my shoes while I taught and worked out on my own. This didn’t go over well with a lot of my bosses and gym management, so I was forced (at some places) to put my shoes back on. Grrr.
Now, if you’ve looked at the shoes like I have, and I’ve been looking at them for about a year and a half, you would see that $75 price ticket and say, “Now why in the world do I need to pay that much money to simulate being barefoot?!” At least that’s what I said.
BUT, sadly, we don’t live in a world that allows people to walk in public barefoot all the time.
AND I’ve had my share of pain from stepping on glass, sticker leaves, small rocks, and even dog poo from running outside barefoot. I’m over that.
SO I’ve decided to give in and get them… and conveniently waited until Birthday Time rolled around so that my darling husband could buy them for me. Love you, Conrad!
So those are them up there! I’ll let you know how much I love them in the next few days. I’m wearing them tonight to my all women’s kayak trip on the Ohio River (more about that later) and tomorrow for “Ami’s Birthday Water-Park Extravaganza !!!” (cheers! cheers!)
So I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday the 13th like I am. Have a great weekend!
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Local Love – New 2 Lou

Are you New to Lou (isville)?

Being new to a city can suck. Or it can be wonderful. It’s all in how you look at things. I love moving to new cities. Getting to start over and make new friends is very exciting to me but it can take a while to make some new friends/acquaintances and to find all the cool stuff to do in a new place.

My new friends, Stacey and Amador, thought the exact same thing when they relocated to Louisville a couple years ago, so they decided to start New 2 Lou. This new social networking group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. They choose a different venue every time and invite Louisville newcomers as well as locals.

Here’s a short bit from their Facebook fan page:
“What do we do? Socialize, meet new people, ask advice for places to eat, get your hair cut, live, park, etc. Where do I get breakfast at 4 in the morning? What about my haircut? Are there any drink specials on Wednesdays? Any free local music? Heard of City Scoot? What about the PARC card?
Not New2Lou? That’s OK, you’re invited too! After all we need insider information from you!”
Conrad (the hubs) and I went last month and had a ton of fun. We met some cool people, found a great new tea cafe, Hillbilly Tea, and made some new friends we’ve hung out with a few times since. Their next social is tonight at Bodega on Market Street, downtown! I’ll head down for a bit and hope to meet some new, cool peeps!

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Get With The Movement

So the folks at Fitness Anywhere (The TRX peeps) are launching a new campaign called Get With The Movement. Check out the video below. It features the inventor of the TRX and CEO of the company, Randy Hetrick and what he wishes to achieve.

Have thoughts on what you want to achieve? Send ’em out to the universe. Then get to work. That usually helps.
Want your own TRX? Click here. Don’t know what do with it, but want to learn? Click here.
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