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Detox/Cleanses are not the ish.

Alot of things are the ish. My new boots and furniture, music that makes you dance, cures for diseases, etc. Some things are not the ish. Detoxes and Cleanses are not the ish.

So you’ve heard of those cleanses, right? “Don’t eat anything for a week, just drink lemon juice and pepper. It cleanses your liver. ”

Well I’ve always thought these were dumb and ridiculous and what’s even more dumb and ridiculous is that people actually do it. And then they come to the gym and work out to make it work faster. And what happens when you work out with no fuel in your body? You pass out. You fall off the back of the treadmill. You faint in my class. It’s actually happened a few times. It annoys me. Not because I have to deal with a person fainting in my class (that still sucks) but because people are so desperate to get the next quick fix for their bodies that they risk their health.
My friend and colleague, Jonathon Ross, is a TRX Master Trainer, and IDEA’s 2010 Personal Trainer of the year. He writes a blog for Discovery Health and he wrote this article a few months back on He hits the nail on the head! You must read. It’s not long. Go ahead, I’ll wait….
What did you think?
Main points:
  • Your liver does fine detoxing on its own.
  • Drinking massive amounts of liquid won’t help clear out water soluble toxins, because they’re not stored in a water, they’re mostly stored in fat.
  • Depriving your body is stupid.
  • Doing any kind of program that you can’t sustain forever is not smart because as soon as you stop it, you’ll be right back where you started.
So if you’re trying to cleanse your body of the bad stuff, STOP PUTTING BAD STUFF IN IT. Done. Case closed.
Exercise regularly (MOVE!) and eat meals with a variety of foods. REAL FOODS. The kind that go bad in a few days if you don’t eat it. If it lasts for a long time, don’t put it in your mouth if you’re trying to be healthier.
Sorry if that was a little harsh. These things are just horrible on your body and I’m tired of hearing people discussing/practicing them. Have a healthy and happy day!
And many thanks to the amazing and award-winning Jonathon Ross for supporting my views on this. Check out his website. Aion Fitness here. He’s the ish. ; )
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Body Power

So I saw this video on Facebook about two minutes ago, shared by my friends and TRX colleagues, Fraser Quelch and Hayley Hollander. It’s INSANE to know what your body has the power to do. Watch and enjoy. And remember to pick up your jaw when you’re done. Thanks.

When you’re working out, think about the MOVEMENT you want to do, not the muscle group you want to target. Multi-planar movement is what your body does. Train it every way possible.
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Although I will miss the cup holders in our camping chairs that doubled as couches, I won’t miss the back pain you got after sitting in them for five minutes.

Finally, after 6 weeks in our new rental, we have living room furniture. We are well on our way to a real living room here, folks.
We SCORED the Sylvia couch from Macy’s last week. And when I say SCORED I mean we got it on sale. And then got %20 off the sale price. And then skipped out on shipping because we got the floor model and could just pick it up. So we decided to get the matching chair as well. That’s what I mean by SCORE.
That kind of happened the last time we bought a couch. I have good furniture juju. Just sayin’

And if you think the coffee table and end tables are sweet and you want your own… TOO BAD! ‘Cause my hubs made ’em himself! Suckas! Sorry. Now I’ve got hold of myself. But isn’t he awesome and talented?! If you want one of your own, he will make it for you! He makes custom furniture as a side hobby. Several of our friends now have ‘Conrad’ pieces in their homes! In the words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.” And that’s the last time I will EVER repeat words by Paris Hilton. Have a good day everybody.
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Mellow (not really) weekend.

So I have trouble doing nothing. I love to lay around, don’t get me wrong, but when I don’t have plans, I tend to get plans very quickly.

For example, the hubs was out of town this weekend. I think to myself, “Yes! I’ve got ALL weekend to lay around and do NOTHING!”
So Friday, after work, I have lunch with my mom and take the Tang over to play with Dasher.
Saturday I take a trip down to my Dad’s farm with a couple of friends. Then drive to Lexington to see girlfriends from college and their babies.
Sunday I clean the entire house, pick up my new couch and chair (photos to come, eek!), rearrange my living room, make a pie, and cook dinner.
There went my nice, relaxing weekend of nothing. Oh well. I got cute photos out of it. Thanks, again, to Mr. Delatorre!
Me and Tango on the creek at my dad’s farm.
Amador and Stacey – not paying attention.
The Tang loves his car rides…
Photos to come of my new living room. Finally. Hope you had a great weekend!
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Workout Playlist!

So I’ve been slacking on posting my workout/group class/dancefest playlists… Sorry. Here’s my latest I’ve been teaching with:

1. Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
2. Waka Waka – Shakira
3. 2010 – Jay Sean
4. Only Girl – Rhianna
5. You Look Better When I’m Drunk (ha!) – The White Tie Affair
6. Rabiosa – Shakira feat. Pitbull
7. Hot Tottie – Usher feat. Jay – Z (Dedicated to Hot Todd-y from Barry’s Bootcamp San Diego!)
8. Raise Your Glass – Pink
9. Angel – Akon
10. If We Ever Meet Again – Timbaland and Katy Perry
11. More – Usher
12. Alright – Pitbull feat. Machel Montano
12. Somebody to Love – Leighton Meester
13. In For The Kill – La Roux
14. Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
15. Little Did I Know – Over the Rhine
As always, my playlist includes fun warm-up music, good tunes for pushing through the hard part of your workout, and then mellow cool-down/stretching music at the end. 1 hour. Hope it motivates you to get moving today!
So go visit iTunes and rock it out while you work it out. hehe.
*Image via Fanpop.
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So I mentioned my BFF, Amanda came into town last weekend. We grew up together and have lived apart forever! When I moved to San Diego, she moved to Bloomington. Four years later, I came back home and she moved to Virginia Beach. I love her, but I miss her. It’s so fun every time we’re home at the same time. Feels like old times. Miss you, BFF. Can’t wait to see you again!

Photo taken on my wedding day. I needed a tan. I know.
Thanks, Shelby for this wonderful memory of me and Amanda!
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TRX Meetup Workout!

Here are photos from the Meetup I did on Sunday! I teamed up with Stacey and Amador from New 2 Lou to give some local peeps a go on the TRX. Here’s what ensued:

Me explaining how it goes and cracking cheesy jokes along the way…
“This is the TRX Chest Press.”
“OK.” (I love Stacey’s face here!)
Go Shannon! Go Aaron! Go Vanessa!
Adam found these glasses. And showed off these guns. (See?! The TRX gives you guns.)
TRX Single Leg Squat!
TRX Suspended Crunch! (In motion)
TRX Bicep Curl!
TRX Pike!
Stacey rockin’ the Oblique Crunch
“You’ll feel it HERE.”
Fist bumps rule. And they’re manly. And they’re more sanitary then high fives, apparently.
Katie in the middle of her cardio round (split jumps with “mario brothers arms”) She’s pumped
You keep it up. I’ll just watch. And hang out.
Partner Stretching! Guys always feel awkward.
I never feel awkward.
Working out with your spouse is fun! Shannon and Michael killed it!
My sister-in-law came to my class! On her vacation. After a Girl’s Night Out. She RULES.
High Fives and More Sanitary Fist Bumps all around! Nice job everybody!
Special thanks to Amador Delatorre for the awesome photos!
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Girl’s Day

I’ve been M.I.A. these past few days because my BFF, Amanda came into town this weekend. This gave us the excuse needed for a game night Friday and Girl’s Day Saturday! We went shopping at the Arts/Crafts festival, Glendale Days, where I scored an awesome new trunk for the house ($15!). Then we went to the outlet store for some shopping where I scored these completely amazing Born boots (you’re jealous, aren’t you?). We then hit the streets of St. Matthews for some martinis and dancing. Great day! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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Book Buzz – The Secret Life of Bees

I’m so behind the times here! I know I’d heard of this book from a couple different girlfriends, but there’s also an entire movie I knew NOTHING about! Where have I been? Putting it on my Netflix queue today.

I read this book this past week and absolutely loved it. It was almost as good as The Help, if not as good. If you’ve got girlfriends, a fantastic group of mothers/aunts, this book will nurture and warm you… and maybe make you shed a tear or two. And if you’re without a mother (like the main character) and wish to have a great group of girlfriends, you really NEED to read this.
It’s set in South Carolina in 1964, and centers around a young girl, Lily, and her quest to find out who her mother was and discover her own place in the world. I don’t want to give anything away about this book so just read it if you haven’t. (I found it on Amazon for $3!) And then let your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, your aunt, your cousin borrow it. Then discuss.
Let me know if you have any suggestions for me! I’ve got a couple more to get through, but am always on the lookout for the next few good ones!
Happy Wednesday guys, we’re almost done with this week!
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Confession #1: I love sweets. Blame it on the Southern/Midwest upbringing. Family cooked desserts are the best and I know a TON of great recipes, none of which are even REMOTELY healthy. Dang.

Confession #2: I love to bake around the holidays. It usually doesn’t start ’til around Thanksgiving time but I’m on a kick a little earlier this year. Maybe because I’m back in my home town and surrounded by family so I’m feelin’ a little nostalgic. Or maybe I’m just hungry…

Predicament #1: Being in the fitness industry and blogging about health isn’t exactly conducive with baking and eating a bunch of crap. Practice what you preach, right?
Solution #1: So while looking for healthy Banana Muffin recipes online and elsewhere, I found this lovely little blog, Half Baked. And in it, a lovely, HEALTHY Oatmeal Banana Muffin recipe. It’s low-fat, gluten-free, and looks extremely yummy. I’ll let you know how they turn out. First time’s always a hot mess, so maybe I’ll show you a photo from the 2nd batch…
Have a lovely Tuesday!

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