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What’s Been Goin’ On

So things were a bit hectic last week. Here’s what’s been goin’ on:

My dad has retired, so his work threw him a little retiring party:

I walked all over creation the entire day Thursday to get everything set for Conrad’s Birthday. Flew to the store between clients, baked a cake in between clients, etc. Got C’s stuff all set up in the kitchen, left the house to teach a class and Conrad comes home to his “surprise” (literally five minutes after I left the house) to see that Tango had gotten to it first:
Whatev. Dinner at Rivue was amazing and we got some free dessert because of C’s bday. (Tiramisu is definitely more fancy than my Funfetti Cake. It was yummy, but nothing will ever be better than Funfetti cake. Just sayin’)

Then I went to New Orleans (N’awlins)…

To teach these peeps how to teach TRX classes:
Then went out to hear some good jazz at The Spotted Cat and this place across the street from it. I didn’t know what the name of it was… maybe d.b.a.? But why would you name a place d.b.a? Does business as? I don’t know, but the band was great! It felt like the New Orleans-y thing to do…

I even got home on Sunday afternoon. Enough time to go have dinner with C, get the house cleaned, and watch a movie together. Good times had by all!
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Playlist – Relax Your Ish

Not all of my playlists are meant for rockin’ it out with your TRX, dumbbells, or treadmill. Some are meant for stretching, meditating, yoga-ing, or pilates-ing… because sometimes, you just need to mellow out…

This next one is one of those. I have several, each labeled as “Relax Your Ish” 1, 2, 3, etc. on my iTunes. Here’s the latest:
Add Shoot The Moon (Norah Jones) to your list too because it’s AWESOME, beautiful, and relaxing. Grooveshark didn’t have it. Really, Grooveshark?
#4 I solo’d to in high school and Bridget reminded me of it last week.
#8 is by my friend who is AMAZING
#11 takes me back to Johnny’s room in Dirty Dancing… don’t even get me started.
This playlist is dedicated to my BFF, Amanda, who after a gillion years of school, is currently interning AND writing her dissertation. She’s brilliant and will be a Doc soon. – Just breathe, girl. And get that D knocked out so we can hang again. I miss you.
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Book Buzz – Philippa Gregory

I’ve been getting a TON of reading done on my millions of plane rides lately and I LOVE it (the reading, not the flying)! Do you ever go through periods where you’ll read everything under the sun, never leave the house without a book, and then go a month of two without reading ANYTHING? December was my month of not reading anything… I don’t even know why I was so busy… it’s not like I was Christmas shopping or anything (waited until the day before Christmas Eve to start).

Anywho… Do you know of Philppa Gregory?! If not, you should. She writes the best books. She’s had a couple small series but my favorite books of hers are her historical novels of the Tudor era. Ever see the movie “The Other Boleyn Girl”? With Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanson? That was her book. She’s written tons. From The Virgin’s Lover (the story of Queen Elizabeth and her lover/advisor Robert Dudley) to the one I just read, The Other Queen (the story of Mary Queen of Scots) Philippa Gregory just ropes you in and holds on to you until the very last page… or the last beheading, either way. Not only are they very intriguing but they’re historically (factually) correct as well. This is important for somebody who actually almost double majored in history because she was so obsessed with it. . I didn’t finish the major though because… well … it’s not like you can do a whole lot that degree other than teach history… which was not my plan. I always end up googling these people after I read the book to make sure she wasn’t just makin’ ish up. She doesn’t (except the dialogue, of course), it’s all true!

A list of some of her books (at least the ones I loved):
The Red Queen
The White Queen
The Constant Princess
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Boleyn Inheritance
The Queen’s Fool
The Virgin’s Lover
The Other Queen
The Wise Woman
The complete list can be found here at her website, arranged in order of century. My faves are the ones from the 15th-17th centuries. I wasn’t super excited about the ones from the 18th and haven’t read the ones from the 20th yet. But let me know if you have… I might give ’em a whirl.
So if you’re looking for some good reads, these should hold you over for a while.
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Travel Thoughts – SD

  • Two days wasn’t enough in LA but glad we’re headed to San Diego for a couple!
  • Really wish I hadn’t left my underwear and sandal in the rental car seat.
  • My bag fell over with a change of clothes in it, I wasn’t getting wild. Calm it down, people.
  • We scored the most PERFECT weather! 76 and Sunny.
  • Guys wanna surf? That’s OK. I’ll lay here and tan. Yesss.
  • Manhattan pizza in Encinitas, Las Olas margaritas in Cardiff. This girl’s gotta go for a run.
  • Text from the sister in law: “We found your underwear, they’re in dad’s car.” Perfect.
  • Get your heads out of the gutter. Conrad picked me up from the rental place in his dad’s car.
  • Not having a rental car here kinda sucks.
  • Yay Danielle, Brenna, Troy, Sarah, Joe afternoon!
  • Ted and Ann are the ish. I love their place in Del Mar. Love their friendship. Love Ann’s cooking.
  • My new goal in life is to have a shower with the multiple shower heads.
  • Will need to work harder to afford that water bill. 3 hour showers might not work…
  • Lunch with Julie. I miss training her three days a week : (
  • Wedding dress shopping with Sarah!!!! Brings back memories…
  • All the gang together again for Rock Bottom Brewery dinner. Miss this.
  • Ireland trip planning with Brent, Lynn, Colleen, and Andy.
  • We’re cracking up just searching for flights. The other passengers on this flight will HATE us.
  • Dingle.
  • Can’t wait til May for this trip!
  • What?! We have to go home already?! Quick run. In the sunshine and warmth.
  • Good bye, San Diego. We’ll see you in August for the wedding! Tear.
And just like that, I’m off to Newark and New York to teach a TRX course for 26 lovely trainers, assuming the snow doesn’t jack my flight plans tonight… I’ll be back on Sunday night, have a great weekend everybody! And if you’re my friend on Facebook, look for the photo album from this trip! Sorry if you’re not my facebook friend, that’s saved solely for people I’ve actually met and know.
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A playlist for your workout (or dance party) this week. If you’re just joining my blog, I’ve posted others as well. Click the playlist label at the bottom of this post to view them. I’ve got fast ones as well as mellow ones (in case you want to use this for stretching/ yoga/ meditation/ etc). This one has old/new music. I think it’s good to have both! As always, these playlists are an hour in length and include cool down/stretching music at the end. Enjoy!

1. Forget You – Cee Lo Green (I can’t stop loving this song)
2. Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) – Pitbull
3. What The Hell – Avril Lavigne (who knew she was back?)
4. Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You) – Enrique Iglesias (the other version isn’t suitable if your kids are workin’ out with you. Just a warning)
5. Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears (I will always love her. You can’t stop me.)
6. Green Light (Freemasons Remix) – Beyonce
7. More – Usher
8. Young Money – Vita Chambers
9. Shut Up and Let Me Go – The Ting Tings
10. Morning After Dark – Timbaland
11. Beggin’ – Madcon
12. Fantasy – Mariah Carey (was this anybody’s favorite song in 1994?!)
13. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich – Lady Gaga
14. If I Can’t Have You – Kelly Clarkson
15. Make You Feel My Love – Adele
If you don’t have any of these, head on over to iTunes and get happy.
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Travel Thoughts – L.A.

  • Is it me or does anybody else instantly feel fancy and imporant when they’re in big cities?
  • I feel like this when I’m in NYC too.
  • Oh hay-ell yeah it’s 76 degrees out! Suck it, Louisville weather.
  • Subcompact car rental – $40. Not bad.
  • Getting the huge, free upgrade because of lack of subcompacts! SCORE.
  • Hello lots of buttons!
  • I kind of wish it were cold for a few minutes so I could enjoy the heated seats. Dang.
  • Holy cow, I’m going the speed limit! Yay for everybody moving!
  • I can’t believe I just went 5 miles on the 405 with no traffic! Woo hoo!
  • Jesus H. Christ, I hate traffic in this damn city.
  • Having family that lives 2 blocks from the Pacific kicks ASS.
  • Very lucky I have cool in-laws.
  • Yay beach time. I’m also a slightly darker shade of Ivory.
  • Yay for new Lulu pants and top!
  • Holy shit, I just got from Redondo Beach to West Hollywood in 35 minutes.
  • I must be lucky.
  • I heart Barry’s Bootcamp. You should go. My photo is up on the wall still!
  • Not my first hike in LA, but my first hike to the Hollywood sign!
  • Yay for meeting other bloggers! I love Tash from The Chirpy Bird. Follow her, she’s Fantastic!
  • She says “fanTAStic” a lot in her cute little Australian accent.
  • Holy shit, I just went from Hollywood to Redondo Beach in 40 minutes. At 2pm.
  • That’s not luck, that’s MAD driving skill.
  • Car rental back 2 minutes late. No charge for a second day. Whew.
  • Oh Hey, Lance Bass.
  • Jimmy Fallon is following me on Twitter! Holy Crap!
  • I’m pretty sure all of this means I’m a celebrity now.
  • 2 and a half days is not long enough. Missing 3 very important people! Next time though.
  • Onto San Diego!
image via my iPhone : )
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You know when you see somebody out that you know, but you don’t know where you know them from? Happens to me all the time. I’ll see people from my 6am bootcamp (where they’re half awake and sweaty and in workout clothes), then I’ll see them at a restaurant, clean and dressed nicely. It always take a second to figure out who they are and where I know them from. Anywho…

I went to Barry’s Bootcamp , in West Hollywood, yesterday to say hey to my friend who was teaching and some other peeps I knew who were taking class. This guy steps out of the room for a sec to throw something away and I KNEW I knew him. I was about to say, “hey!” but I realized I couldn’t remember where I knew him from so I just didn’t say anything and went back to talking to my friend… Sooooo glad I kept my mouth shut.
It was Lance Bass of N’SYNC.
That could have been awkward…
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Going Coastal

Guess who’s headed over to the left coast for a little fun in the sun? That’s right. This girl and that guy. Can’t wait to actually need my sunglasses on again. I’m pretty pumped for the 50 degree temperature increase as well. We’ll see you tonight, LA. We’ll see you on Sunday, San Diego. Back in the ‘ville next Tuesday. Holla!

photo by Shelby from 927 and Joielala
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Fitness Class Etiquette

Inspired by my sometimes rather unfortunate experiences over the past decade as a Professional Fitness Instructor, I’ve compiled my list of top 10 Fitness Class Etiquette rules for participants, so you don’t wind up ruining the class experience for the other participants… and also so your instructor doesn’t despise you.


1. Don’t come in more than 5 mintues late.
  • It’s rude and it’s distracting (for the instructor and the participants) to watch you stumble around the room and get your equipment while everybody else is working out.
  • It’s unsafe. We’re not just being mean or intolerant. You can pull/strain muscles, and could possibly pass out if you jump into a workout without properly warming up. If you’re already warm and can get the instructor’s attention, ask if it’s ok to jump in if you’re late! We’ll likely be ok with it if you respect the rules and are warm first!
2. Silence the cell phones and NEVER answer it during class! Especially during quiet classes like Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation. (This goes for answering emails too!)
  • Again, it’s rude and there’s nothing worse than being in the zone and having it interrupted by an obnoxious ringtone.
  • If you are on call for work or waiting for an important call, put your phone on vibrate, keep it close, and let your instructor know before class gets underway. If class has already begun, wave them down and let them know!
  • If you HAVE to take a phone call during class, just leave the room before you start talking.
3. Don’t come to a high intensity class on an empty stomach.
  • We really don’t want to have to revive you if you pass out. We will, but we don’t want to.
4. Don’t come to a high intensity class after you’re JUST eaten a big meal/drank a huge cappucino.
  • Please eat at least an hour before these types of classes to give your body time to digest the food. Your blood needs to be going to your muscles during your workout, not your digestive organs. Puking in class is gross and also counterproductive to your own workout. Plus, you’ll be “that guy/girl” from now on…
5. If you’re injured, let the instructor know! We will give you other options.
  • We can’t read minds. Come tell us about your injury or condition before class starts. You can also flag us down toward the beginning of class if we’ve already started.
  • We can and will give you alternative options. Certain exercises are contraindicated for certain joint issues: i.e. jumping lunges are BAD for people with knee issues. We can give you something completely different so you’re not risking further injury or just standing around.
6. Don’t complain that class is too easy until you’ve taken the harder options.
  • If I give the class a harder option and nobody takes it, I’m going to make the assumption that you’re not ready for a harder level. I had a girl come to me and say my class was too easy once. She was in her mid 20s and really fit. She was also using 3 lb weights and ignoring all the advanced options I was giving. I gave her the benefit of the doubt (maybe she had a lot on her mind that day), but I was still annoyed.
  • Pay attention: Good instructors always give easier and harder options for exercises. You might have just been in the zone and missed the cue to add a jump, or switch weights to create more of a challenge.
  • If you don’t know how to make things harder, or you missed that cue, please ASK for more. Instructors want you to be challenged, but you have to communicate.
  • That being said, the same goes for a class that’s too hard. Pick lighter weights or a more beginner level class that’s more suited to your needs until you’ve gotten to a higher level.
7. Group class is not the coffee shop, save the conversation for after.
  • Most instructors don’t mind a little chatter, BUT the class doesn’t want to hear your hour-long discussion with your BFF. And some of you are incapable of whispering…
  • If you’re gonna chat a little, stay in the back, keep it down, and at least pay attention and keep up with the class. I’ll call you out if we’ve moved on and you’re still on the previous exercise…
8. Don’t crowd in!
  • Did you see my post yesterday? If a class is already packed, go hop on the treadmill and wait for the next one. EVERYBODY hates it when people (especially late ones) try to squeeze in. You leave no room for others to workout or yourself. Come earlier to get a spot next time.
  • Hit up the gym floor staff for a couple of exercise ideas if you need help. Chances are, if they aren’t with a client, they’re bored anyway, and every trainer loves to give out challenges.
9. If there’s a sub teacher, don’t leave immediately. Give them a chance, you may love them!
  • You may love your regular instructor, but you’re not being loyal by refusing to take anybody else’s class, you’re being a punk; somebody who is afraid of change and can’t be bothered by another instructor. Try something new, and you never know… you may end up finding some new, fun exercises, or another great instructor!
10. If you really don’t like the class, don’t come.
  • I had a guy come to my class for two YEARS and he complained about something almost every time he came in – the music, the exercises, the time of day, etc.
  • Nobody is forcing you to come to my class. My ego isn’t so big that I’ll be in tears if I don’t see you again. Not everybody loves me (most people do, but not everybody) so quit complaining and go do something else!
Having said all these things, please don’t think instructors hate you. We don’t. We LOVE that people want to come take our class instead of working out alone. We love all the regulars that keep coming back each week and offer so much fun and energy. We live for our participants and you make our jobs completely worthwhile! Most people rarely do the things above but there’s always somebody…
Any questions? Ask away!
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Yoga FAIL.

I have tons of stories as a fitness instructor. Most are funny and involve gross ladies who don’t shave their pits, hearing somebody fart during ab work, or seeing fellas’ junk when their shorts are just atad too short. This week’s story, however, came from my participation in a fitness class, not from a teacher’s point of view, and not super amusing.

So I’m taking hot yoga the other day… I’m actually in the process of taking class because it has ALREADY STARTED. A few minutes go by and in walks this lady who I’ll refer to as Rudezilla. Rudy takes a look around the very crowded room to find a space for herself. Instead of taking the only OPEN space in the front of the classroom, right next to the door, she proceeds to walk all around the room looking for a space. A space big enough for her mat. A space that, when you come into hot yoga late, does not exist. Then she comes back over to where she walked in and starts eyeing the space between me and the wall. The three foot space where she’s imagining prying herself into so that she doesn’t have to be in the front row. I immediately cut off her train of thought and point to the HUGE open space in the front row. After she makes the ‘I don’t wanna go there‘ face, she gives in and heads up there. However, she stops short and unfolds her mat. Six INCHES caddy corner, away from mine (do you say caddy-corner or kitty corner?)!!! So not really between me and the side wall, but not in the front row either. She’s practically beside/in front of me. I stared, dumbfounded, for a moment, trying to figure out if she was serious and maybe playing a funny yoga joke on me (yoga people can be funny, right?). Maybe she’s unfolded her mat but hasn’t quite decided on where she wants it to go just yet? Either way, she did nothing else but lay down her 3 towels (3 towels?!), prop her water next to her, and hop into her sun salutations. Are you kidding me?! But I was there to mellow out, so I did my best to ignore her… except for when she almost kicked me during her 3 Legged Down Dog… twice. Whatev.

Note to everybody: don’t crowd in class, especially one where you’re gross, sweaty, and have to do a lot of moving around. It’ll piss people off…

And if you’re friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you would know that I wanted to punch her in her face. I didn’t though, because that wouldn’t have been very zen of me. I’m over it now but thought I’d write about in case you’ve been that person. I’ll also be writing a gym/studio class etiquette post…
Hope you guys are having a spacious and lovely day. Enjoy the snow if you’re getting it like we are!
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