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Hey Ya!

So here are 4 grown men, one of them, my hubs, playing Wii’s Just Dance 2. Their song of choice: Hey Ya, by Outkast. I took 3 separate videos of this to keep it short, but the last section was the best.

For your viewing pleasure:
Happy Sunday. Hope everybody’s enjoying their last bits of weekend!
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Post Bronchitis…

After spending the last 4 weeks with Bronchitis and feeling like crap, I FINALLY feel like I’ve got some energy! Yesssss. So I went for a little run today and did some TRXing to get back in the game.

Look at my new shoes: (A Christmas gift from the hubs)
And look who approves:
These are the new Saucony Kinvara shoes. A minimalist shoe with just a slight difference in the toe height vs. heel height (4mm to be exact). I’m hoping I’ll like these a little more than I liked my Nike Free shoes. Since I can’t run on the treadmill/pavement in my Vibrams, I wanted to try these guys out. I’ll let you know how I like them! Also, I’m going out on a limb with this pink color. I wouldn’t call myself a ‘pink shoe’ kind of person, but hey, it’s a new year right? I can be a little crazy…
Hope you guys are feeling good today and doing something active! Happy Weekend!
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Coffee Shop Photo Shoot

Got to hang out with my good friend, Ben yesterday. We went to the same performing arts high school and now he’s living and working up a storm in NYC. (Look for him in commercials and on Broadway ’cause the boy tears it up!) So while we were catching up at the local coffee shop and former high school hangout (for old time’s sake) we had a mini photo shoot trying to figure out this beast of a camera…

We did our best “look away while wearing our sunglasses indoors” looks for you guys… just to make it legit. : )
And special thanks to Lisi over at The Beauty File for my awesome Marc Jacobs glasses that I won in her Shopbop giveaway (and happy bday)! They make me look extra cool when doing indoor photo shoots and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them!
OK peeps, why are these photos kinda blurry and what do I do to fix that? Thanks.
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How to…

It’s hard to take a photo of a camera. So I took one with my iPhone…
I’ll be learning to shoot on this guy this week. I’m trying to decide which camera to buy and one my friends/clients is letting me borrow hers (Thanks, Missy!) to help figure it out. This thing might be a little too much camera for me and my “skills”. We’ll see how it goes…

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Coast to Coast… to Coast

So here’s my January:
13th-15th: Los Angeles, CA – For the In-Laws and the L.A. friends.

16th-18th: San Diego, CA – For the Friends and the SUN. Image via

21st-23rd: Newark, NJ – For the NYC friends, the Shore, and the TRX Trainers. Image via
28th-30th: New Orleans, LA – For the TRX Trainers and my own exploration… Image via

Am I near you? Wanna work out?
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Giveaway Winner!

Woo Hoo! Congrats, A-Town!

The winner of this month’s Giveaway of 2 Personal Training sessions is Alicia S! I call her A-Town, hence the crazy logo up there. I thought it was funny. She probably will too. Everybody will probably think it’s weird. Oh well… : )

Congrats Alicia!
Everybody else, don’t worry. There will be another one in a month! So keep checking back! Happy New Year!
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