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Look What I just Got…

Does anybody have one of these? I’ve been wanting a good camera for a while now and have been researching them for months trying to figure out which one would suit me best. While my original plan was to go with the Canon Rebel XS, or the Nikon D 3000, I decided to go with this Canon S95 instead… Why? Because my friend, Missy let me borrow her Nikon D70 for a few weeks months and I’ve found that I actually NEVER want to use it because it’s so big and bulky. I’m always scared to bring it with me to work or out and about because I might break it or somebody might spill something on it, etc. Soooo I thought I might get something with a lot of power, but not a lot of bulk. And this is what I came up with:

It has a lot of features (you know, the ones I have no idea how to use) but can fit in my pocket/purse/bag and I’m sure to take it with me and actually use it for your viewing pleasure.
In other news, I didn’t buy a memory card because I kept the one from my last camera (the one that broke, causing me to look for a new one). I’ve seen this memory card probably half a dozen times in this house. The day I buy a new camera… it’s nowhere to be found. Appropriate.
When I breakdown and buy a new one find it, I’ll start taking some rad photos/videos of new exercises for upcoming challenges. : ) Happy Tuesday, peeps!
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So I had a little fun putting my outfit together. I found some great, black feather earrings and this black dress at Forever 21 about 5 hours before the concert so I nixed the gold top I had and went with this instead. Then a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for extras and I ended up with the black feathers to go around the back and some whispy thingys I had no idea what to use for so I wrapped them around my low bun. I then googled black and gold makeup to get ideas and found this crazy eye shadow photo so I tried it out. Good times. I got lots of compliments and some people even asked to take their photo with me. Guess who’s a complete rockstar now?

My cousin, Malissa, who took the first and third photos, even got into the dress up spirit and channeled Mother Monster from the Telephone video. She got the Diet Coke cans and even remembered the fun mole under her right eye. : )
I can’t even being to tell you how awesome this concert was. Just walking into the arena was a blast because EVERYBODY was dressed up, playing a part. I ran into a bunch of friends from town and even some from out of town (college buds). Gaga and her dancers had SO much energy and we were inspired to dance and jump our asses off for two and half hours! Like I wouldn’t have been dancing anyway… I would seriously consider paying $200 for tickets next time she comes close to Louisville. Gaga even went out after the show to a local gay club, Connections and dropped in on a Drag Show. You can imagine how insane that must have been. Only wish I’d had the energy. I got to bed around 12:30am only to wake up 3.5 hours later (damn time change) to drive to Cincinnati and teach an 8 hour TRX course the next morning. Let me tell how you how much fun that was… but I’m a professional so I didn’t let it affect me.
Such a great weekend. I heart Lady Gaga… and I want to audition to be a dancer in her show.
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Personal Training Giveaway!

The winner of this Giveaway will receive 2 FREE, one hour Personal Training Sessions with yours truly! Here are the only 2 rules required to enter. You have to live in the Louisville area (or be willing to drive/fly to Louisville, since this is where I am) and you have to be able to complete both session within one month of winning (by April 17). Easy to win? Yes. Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment below.
Yes, that’s all you have to do… What? You want to increase your chances of winning this AMAZING, ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME (not really, I do these every 2 months…) OPPORTUNITY? We-hell, here’s what you can do to earn extra entries:
* Become a follower of this blog
*Post this link on your Facebook page then add another comment to tell me.
*Retweet it on Twitter.
*Write me an email telling me why you’d like to win. You don’t have to write a book, just a couple sentences.
The winner will be drawn a week from today: St. Patty’s Day! Woohoo! There will be cause for all kinds of celebrating that day! Remember: you can enter for somebody else too! Good luck!
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Plankety Planks

How do you know if you’ve got good core strength? If you can hold a plank for more than a minute. Hate planks? If you do, it’s probably because you suck at them, or they hurt your back. I know I’ve hated lots of things, but once I got better at them, I LOVED them. You should learn to love your planks, they’re good for you! Start holding a plank for 30 seconds and see how it feels.

“But I do 1,000 crunches every day.”
Yeah weeeeeeeell if you can do 1,000 crunches but can’t hold a plank for 45 seconds, chances are, you’re doing your crunches wrong because they aren’t helping your actual abdominal strength. Don’t feel bad, most people do crunches wrong. Don’t sweat it. Plank it. These can be done on your hands or your elbows (I do mine on my elbows since I have a wrist issue).

“But planks hurt my back.”
Again, if you’re in pain (especially in the lower back) you’re most likely a) doing them incorrectly or b) not strong enough for a full plank yet. Do a plank in front of a mirror and don’t let your lower back dip down below your hips!

“Well if I’m not strong enough how the HECK do I get started?!”
You start with a modified plank, with your knees on the ground. When those get easy, you move up to a regular plank.
If 30 seconds seemed like an eternity or you were shakin’ like a polaroid picture, stick with that time length. If 30 seconds was a piece of cake, bump your next one up to 45 seconds, 60 seconds, etc. Once this time starts to feel easy, you’re ready to bump up your time another 15 seconds. Do these once or twice a day. You’ll get better at them quickly!
* Keep your elbows under your shoulders.
*Keep your abs tight, so your back doesn’t dip down.
*Don’t stop breathing. Holding your breath doesn’t help.
* Do these once or twice a day. You’ll get better at them quickly!
*Added Bonus: Isometric exercises (ones in which your muscle is contracting but not shortening or lengthening) help to sculpt muscle. So get going with your planks before swimsuit season hits!
Plank Challenge: 2 minute plank. Get after it!
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Rolling In The Deep, Bitches.

Do you not LOVE Adele?! I can’t get enough of this song. I’ve literally played in my classes and with clients for the last month or so (however long it’s been out).
I especially love the dancer in this video. This is what this song makes me want to do.
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The 3 Musketeers

Me, Amanda (the red-head), and Bonna (whose actual name is Briana, but I changed it years ago). My BFFs from way back… Without these two girls, I have no idea where I would be. I miss them both terribly and need a girls’ weekend. Soon.

Charlie’s Angels – Halloween 2005 (told you I was blonde)

Kentucky Derby Party – 2006

Another KY Derby party – 2007

When they came to visit me in San Diego – 2009

Amanda’s wedding – 2009
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Book Buzz – The IMPACT Plan

If you’re ever in need of motivation, inspiration, or a swift kick in the tail to get you going, this is the book for you.

My friend and colleague (he’s on a WAY higher level than me, but he’s still technically my colleague), Todd Durkin has written this book and for once, while reading a fitness/life book, I agree with EVERYTHING in it. There’s not a page in this book that I find hokey, misleading, or untrue. Even if you’re not trying to get in shape, or think you know all there is to know, you’ll gain something from reading this book.

Todd Durkin is one of the best presenters/trainers in the world. Despite his numerous awards under his belt, his allure comes from his personality and aura. He’s trained the last two Super Bowl MVPs, many other pro athletes, every day Joes, soccer moms, the elderly, the young… you name it, he’s trained them. Whenever he speaks at a conference or trade show, I make a bee-line for the room. His presence, his enthusiasm, his work ethic, his success is enough to make you want to be a better person/professional within ten minutes of taking his class/session.
In this quick read, Todd discusses the methods of getting your body in it’s peak physical condition, as well as your mind. I already know how to do this, but just reading this book makes me want to jump up and better myself. It’s weird, but even his writing gets me amped. If you’re trying to make a change in your life, for the better, this book will help you get there. He’s all about “Getting Your Mind Right” and can help you with several different steps that will lead you to a happier, more fulfilled, more successful way of living. This book, complete with a 10 week program, is full of physical exercises, mind exercises, nutrition info, recipes, etc. It’s COMPLETELY worth every penny. Add it to your library, baby! Buy it here.
Me and Todd at the TRX Instructors’ Summit in San Francisco a couple weeks ago:

iPhones in dark restaurants don’t make for the best photos… but whatev. TD is amazing.
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Don’t Be a Drag, Just Be a Queen

“I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way.”

So my cousin, Malissa and I are headed to the Lady Gaga concert in just 12 days! I’m dying over here. Can’t wait. I’m trying to get my costume ideas going so I can put something really fun together.
*I’m thinking sequins, I’m thinking golds, maybe purples, maybe silvers… I don’t know.
*Big hair? Oh yes.
*It would be really awesome to go in some metallic, geometrically inspired pair of hotpants and fishnets, buuuuut that might get a bit chilly. We’ve got to be practical, right?
Although… I’m sure I’m going to be a dancing, sweaty mess by the time we exit stage left anway, so I might be ok afterall…

This may be the best concert I’ve ever been to and I’m not even there yet. What was your most favorite/memorable concert?
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