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Travel Thoughts NYC/Stamford CT

warning: this is a long one.

  • “let’s hear it for Neeeew Yooooooooooork. concrete jungle where dreams are maaaaade of, there’s nothin you caaaaan’t do”
  • I always get songs stuck in my head when I travel.
  • I love that my friend, Annie lives 1.2 miles away from LGA. I can drive and NOT get stuck in traffic.
  • Annie is the ish. Dance stories from college days in Pittsburgh never get old. Ever.
  • try on costumes for your next performance? oh yes. photos to come…
  • yay for Irish pubs. The bartender just hooked me up with a hand-drawn map of places to go/not to go in Ireland for our trip next month. Sah-weet.
  • iTrans NYC app is THE best for getting around in NYC. I don’t have to stand there looking like a tourist when I’m getting around this city.
  • how many times have I been to NY? a million.
  • how many times have I seen the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Bldg? 0.
  • I gotta get my tourist on one of these days…
  • 10 pm is way too late for me to head out to a party. But this is NY so I’m rallying. And I haven’t seen my friend Travis for 2 years.
  • how in the hell do people sleep on subways and still manage to wake up when their stop is up?!
  • so sleepy. keep eyes open. good thing my stop is the last one on the line.
  • Hey there 6am. Stamford, CT here I come.
  • Forgot wallet! F@#%!!!!!! Turn around, fly back inside. grab wallet. run back out.
  • can’t they just put up a sign that says how many tollbooths are coming up and how much they each are? helps me prep.
  • TRX course went well. New instructors are now certified. Booyah.
  • my buddy Ben just happens to be in Stamford with his Mom! 1 mile away from this gym!
  • small world. 2 minute hello then back to NY.
  • I forget that my rental cars never have tinted windows, like my car.
  • DON’T pick your nose. people will see you.
  • let’s rally to go out tonight! or let’s watch War of the Worlds and Cash Cab all piled up on the couch. better.
  • dancer friends are awesome. they’re just different. it’s like an entirely different species of people. this makes me want to move to NY to dance with them.
  • almost.
  • another late night. another early morning. 7am flights on Sunday suck.
  • short lines at LaGuardia security do not suck. maybe I’ll keep having early flights…
  • so long, NY.
  • being home at 11am on Sunday in order to enjoy the day, hike with Tango, Sarah, and Dasher rules.
  • 3 hour nap later…
  • sunburn. color. ready for the week ahead.
  • deep breath.
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If you’re new to my blog, this is Tango. The best dog in the entire world. Of course. We went to the park yesterday and I always take him over to the baseball field so he can run around unleashed for a while. While I was sitting in the sun, he ran over to me and sat down so I snapped a photo with my phone. Right before, I looked at him to try to line it up (which didn’t work out so well) and he looked at me and put his nose on mine and just stayed there. We had a moment. : )

I love him so much and can’t imagine a better dog. He gets me.
I’m off to NYC today! I’ll be teaching a TRX Certification in Connecticut tomorrow and then it’s back on Sunday morning. Have a great weekend everybody! Espesh to all my girlfriends who’ll be celebrating Mariah’s B Party! SO bummed I won’t be there : ( Have a good one and maybe we’ll do hungover brunch on Sunday when I get back!
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Book Buzz: I Love You, Ronnie

So we all know how great of a romance Ronald and Nancy Reagan had. It spanned decades! And throughout their entire relationship he wrote her letters. This book was written by Nancy and includes a lot of the many letters/cards/drawings he wrote for her. From the time they first started dating, all the way up until he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He would write to her from movie sets, send telegrams (telegrams!) from train stations, even write notes from across the same room. It’s completely and utterly adorable.

I’d heard about this book when it came out a few years back but never remembered to buy it. Then a couple weeks ago, I saw it on the coffee table at my client’s house and immediately grabbed it. “Can I borrow this?!” We’re book buddies, so it wasn’t as creepy and weird as it may sound. I read half of it on the plane to LA that weekend and the other half this week. SOOO good.

In other book news: many Borders stores are closing (sad) and there’s one near my house that’s displaying all their “Store Closing: Sale” banners (not sad). It’s sooo hard not to drive over and buy 30 books right now! But I’m trying to have some control. Because I’ve started all of these, pictured below, and have yet to finish any. So not like me. I’m a “I started it, I have to finish before I start another one” kind of reader. It’s that sense of completion thing, I imagine.
When I do finish all these above, what should I look for when I go on my store-closing-shopping-spree? Any suggestions? I hear Water for Elephants and The Hunger Games are both good but I’m wanting to borrow those instead of buy them. It’s times like these I kinda wish I had a Kindle… I don’t really want to lug all these to NYC this weekend but I don’t know which one I want to take!
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bottom image via me.
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Playlist! Dance Party

Most of my playlists are not only for working out, but they also double as sah-weet Dance Party soundtracks. In the mood for an impromptu Dance Party at work? At home? In the car (my fave)? Well, here ya go. You’re welcome.

Me and my dance partner (and one of my greatest life-long friends), Emily at Amanda’s reception a couple years ago. Just let loose. Good times.


iPod image via

As always, playlists are an hour in length and include cool down/stretch music at the end. LOVE the last song on this one. Happy Workout/Dance Party!

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Tutorial: Side Lunge with Oblique Bend

In response to the few of you who voted in my Watchu Want post I’ve decided my next exercise tutorial will be a combined lower body/ core exercise. What’s the #1 Excuse people have for not working out? Not enough time. So since lower body and core exercies were tied in votes (last time I checked) and it’s good for your body to do multiple movement exercises, I present you with: The Side Lunge with Oblique bend. We’re multi-tasking, people. It’s a good thing. Trust.

Step #1. Step out to the right side, bending the right leg, but keeping the stationary (left) leg still and straight. Shift your hips back like you would for a basic squat. Keep your chest up. Smirky face optional.
Step #2. Step back up so that the feet are together and your arms press the dumbbell overhead.
Step #3. Shift your hips to the left and take your arms over to the right. This fires the obliques on the left side.
Repeat for about 1 minute and then switch to the other side. When your left leg is leading, the weight (or just your arms) will go to the left.
Tips to Remember:
*Keep the stationary leg still and the knee straight.
*Sit back in your hips so that your bending knee doesn’t shoot too far forward (past your toe)
*Keep your back flat so you don’t look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like that, it’s just not physically your best bet, and won’t do you any favors.
In the photo, I’m using an 8lb. dumbbell. This is optional. If you have lower back issues, start without a weight, or a low weight. If you’re super strong, you can up it however you feel necessary. Do a couple sets on each side and see you feel the next day to calculate if you need more or less weight.
So you remember all that, let me know what you think, and then I’ll remember not to take photos of myself after working out. Can you say “sweaty mess?” Geez. Holla!
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Climb On! Red River Gorge

I got to go rock climbing with good friends this weekend! FINALLY! It’s been over a year and half since I’ve been climbing outdoors and was sooo glad to have a work-free weekend, and friends with open schedules. It’s been years since we got to climb together. Me, Jason, Andrea, and Adam set out to the Red River Gorge on Saturday. Since I was a hot mess (from not being in good climbing shape), we started with a couple easier warm ups and then went on to ish I couldn’t do. It’s good to get bitch-slapped humbled by rocks every now and then…
Getting set up…

Sorry, but there’s not a great way to get climbing action photos unless you’re taking them from above. So for your viewing pleasure… Jason’s Ass

Adam’s Ass

My ass.

Booyah. I think I was falling…
Adam: “You got me?” JB: “Yeah dude.”

JB getting lifted up and flung into a tree when Adam took a fall. Sweet.

Andrea: Official Cheerleader, Tango-Sitter, and Photographer of the day…

Tango: confused, but intent.

Me and the crack. The crack that took a huge chunk out of my finger. Thanks.
Miguel’s grub and Ale 8s afterward. Good climbing. Good friends. Great Saturday. I hope everybody has a kick ass week ahead!

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Steppin’ Out…

First, how do you like my hew header? Thanks to Bridget for hookin’ me up!

Second, guess who has tickets to see Tony Bennett tonight?! If you said anybody other than me… that’s just weird. : ) His voice is awesome, his career has spanned decades, this guy is a legend. And all of my friends that are making fun of me for skipping a party tonight to go see him can suck it. The man is 81 years old! Still performing! I’m not missing it.

In other news, I’m going climbing tomorrow, weather permitting. We’ve been foiled by Ma Nature once already… hopefully we’ll be good to go tomorrow. Happy Weekend everybody!
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