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Wedding Weekend!

Today I’m headed up to Harbor Springs, MI with a bunch of friends to see my buds, Mariah and Eric get hitched! Going out of town… for fun. I remember this. Can’t wait for the reception… breakin’ it down on the dance floor is the best part of weddings. Watch out.

Congrats to Mariah and Eric!
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Happy Birthday, Blog!! 1 Year Old!

Guess who forgot it was her blog’s birthday… five days ago. Sorry, blog! To make it up to you, I’ll eat some fancy dessert tonight. Happy 1 year birthday, blog. You’re the bomb.

And thanks to all of you, dear blog friends, that read, follow, and comment. We heart you. Fo sho!

This past year has been cah-razy. Lots of changes. This blog started as something small and silly, and well… it still is. I’m glad I have the memories of the past year documented. I’m glad I have so many new friends throughout the world. I’m glad that I started this blog…

Cake photo via
Girl photo via
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TRX Crew!

TRX Course Instructor Training: San Fran
When we get together for these training weekends, we do a lot of working out. It’s a 3 day event and each morning starts with a workout. This is me and Hayley doing some kick-ass low rows. Putting your legs up makes it harder. We are bad-asses. It’s true. P.S. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, check out Hayley!
A photo of our whole crew this weekend. We are enjoying the new TRX Headquarters… especially the rooftop workout area.
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TRX… ’cause I’m flying today.

If you’re new to my blog… welcome! And you’ll be seeing a lot of stuff about the TRX, like yesterday’s post. I got a couple questions about it, so here’s a quick video of what it is! I also like to show this video because I’m in it. Along with Drew Brees. Me and Drew. It’s like I’m a huge deal. It’s like we’re buds… kind of. Actually not really at all.. but we both use the TRX Suspension Trainer and we’re both in the video.

Check it out here.
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Don’t hate me for not posting…

’cause I’m in San Francisco at TRX headquarters… training and becoming smarter every second. Everybody will benefit from my being here. Serious business.
Here’s a photo from this morning’s rooftop workout. Me and a few other awesome trainers:

I’ll be back in the K.Y. (state, not jelly) on Monday night… have a great weekend!

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Ish Happens…

You can go on mini-shopping sprees, buy new clothes, have people tell you that you you look nice… and then the next day, you get shat on by a bird while you’re training somebody in the park under a tree. Damn.

I will now add this to the list of things that suck (only sometimes) about being a trainer*… along with people farting near you while doing sit ups, and the occasional ball sighting when dudes don’t wear anything under their shorts while on the leg press machine.
Another funny, humbling story here. If you want another laugh.
* Otherwise, being a trainer is awesome.
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I only needed jeans…

Wednesday I had my last couple clients of the day reschedule due to allergy/breathing issues… (it’s been crazy weather here lately) so I decided to finally go to the mall and start the search for new jeans. My last 3 really good pairs all bit the dust this winter (holes) and I haven’t had the time to really look for the perfect pair. This was a good time…

I found some jeans! But I got a little carried away shopping…

But I did have something new to wear to the New 2 Lou social that night…

Had to take a photo of my adorable chicken pot pie and mini salad from Ghyslain on Market. And my $15 top and $15 shorts (that now look too short) from Charlotte Russe.

Moral of the story: Don’t go to the mall when you haven’t shopped in ages, have money, and have several free hours. Or do…
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Oaks, Derby Eve, Derby

These are the only 9 photos I took all Derby weekend. Sorry there aren’t more, but we were too busy betting, winning, laughing, and drinking bourbon. Wait… gambling?! Drinking?! It’s a good thing I’m setting such a good example on this blog, huh? All we’re missing is a little devil worship… ; )
psst… It’s almost Friday!
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Do It All: Bootcamp

You want a fit, rockin’ bod that can do anything? Then Do It All. Try everything. Go to yoga, run, jump, skip, lift weights, swing kettlebells, suspend your feet in a TRX, take bootcamp.

Bootcamp! If there’s ever a time to push yourself, it’s during a bootcamp class. Your body can handle way more than you think you can so find a local bootcamp class and sign up. Even if you can’t do the whole bootcamp session (most are 4-8 weeks long) call and see what a drop-in price is and go take a class. Trust me! Bootcamps can be super intimidating so here are some tips to help you get the most out of it… and not die. You’re welcome.
1. Find the right bootcamp for you and recruit a friend!
All bootcamps are different so try a few if you don’t like the first one. Some people prefer to be screamed at like in the military (think An Officer and a Gentleman) but some people don’t. I like to be pushed, definitely, but if you scream in my face, I’ll likely punch you. Or just not come back. Make sure you know what you want and like the motivational level of your instructor. Talking a friend into doing it with you will help too. It’ll keep you both accountable and will serve as built-in hang out time with your buddy. Two birds with one stone!
2. Pick a time of day that you’ll actually attend.
Most bootcamps happen in the morning, before work… and before 6:30am. If you aren’t a morning person, find an after-work bootcamp. If you hate getting up early to go sit at a desk, do you really think you’ll get up earlier to go run around and do pushups? Maybe. Maybe not. So find one you’ll stick to. If you pay for it and miss half your sessions, you’ll be more bummed than you were before. Can’t make it happen during the work week? Find a weekend camp.
3. Go early.
I know I just said to go later if you’re not a morning person. That’s true. BUT if you can suck it up enough to attend the early morning sessions, you’ll be better off. It’ll get it out of the way, you’ll be more energized throughout your day, and you’ll still be burning calories while you work! Multi-tasking is the ish.
4. Recruit help.
Can’t go because you have to take kids to school? Whatev. Get the hubs to take them, find a carpool, ask a family member to help you out. It’s only a couple days a week so bribe them if you have to, but try to find a way to make it work! Remember you have to make yourself a priority too! Don’t let your other responsibilities take ALL your time. If you want to get in better shape, talk to your loved ones and make a plan that will work for everybody.
5. Get competitive.
Keep in mind I didn’t say comparative. There will be all different levels of peeps in your class, but try to pit yourself against others in there! I’m not sayin’ throw down and start talking smack or anything, but push yourself to do as many or more reps, or complete a set faster than the people around you. It’ll make you better and you’ll feel really good about it later when you’re thinkin’ “I’m a beast too, suckas!” But only in your head… not out loud. Don’t be that person at bootcamp.
6. Stay hydrated.
Drink plenty of water the day before and bring water with you. Remember: take your body weight, divide it by 2. That’s the number of ounces of water you should be drinking a day. If you’re cramping up a lot in bootcamp, most likely you’re dehydrated. Don’t sabotage your body!
7. Know your energy levels and what you need!
To eat or not to eat… Some people can’t eat early before bootcamp, but I don’t last 15 minutes in class on an empty stomach so I have to have something. Your car doesn’t run without gasoline, your body won’t run without fuel. Eat a banana or half of a protein bar right when you wake up. Passing out in bootcamp is not the ish. If you can’t eat before a morning workout, make sure your dinner was a good one, the night before. Protein! If you’re class is after work, eat a snack an hour or two beforehand. Don’t stop at Starbucks or Mickey D’s on the way to your class. Puking in bootcamp is also not the ish.
8. Don’t stop. (get it, get it.)
You may be fatigued, you may think you can’t go on. But you can. Promise. If something is too hard, slow down, do 1 arm/leg at a time, or reduce your weight/resistance, but KEEP GOING! Stopping before you’re done with a set is a horrible habit to get into. If you don’t push yourself to get two more reps in, or run a little farther, you won’t get better (think if you never did anything harder in math than basic addition, you’d never get smarter). If you don’t know how to keep going, ask. Your instructor will help you out.
9. Listen to your body.
Like my hot-yoga post, if you feel faint, it’s because your body is forcing you to stop because it can’t handle what you’re doing. If you keep going when you feel bad, your body will make the decision to stop for you. The same goes for feeling nauseated. Know the difference between stopping because you’re muscularly fatigued, or stopping because you may pass out. The 2nd one is serious. The first one means you’re being a wuss. ; ) Kidding! Kind of. But seriously, folks: Drink water, eat a snack (banana, almonds) and chill for a moment if you feel bad. You can always start back up after a few minutes. Your instructors really don’t want to perform CPR if they don’t have to.
10. Have FUN!
Yes it’s bootcamp, yes it’ll be hard, but you should like your instructor, like the workouts, and like yourself afterward. Be on time and do what you’re told, but have fun with it! It’s not the military, so don’t get too crazy. Just do it for you. Do it for your body. Do it for your significant other so they’ll want to jump on you even more when you get home with your sexy self. ; )
Questions? Ask away:
Info on my TRX Bootcamp here

image via Barry’sBootcamp

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Bellies and Babies! (Theirs, not mine)

Now that Derby is over (sad face) I can get back to posting normally. And catching up. Last week we cruised back to my college town to visit old friends, see babies, and feel on baby bellies. At least I did. Here’s the gang… and the offspring.
So long, Keelings, Hoods, Burtons, and Duncans. Can’t wait until the next dance party…
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