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Talk Derby To Me…

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but here in Louisville, KY, on the first Saturday in May, we hold this little event/party called THE KENTUCKY DERBY. And it’s here again. This weekend. It’s kind of a big deal. And I’m home (meaning I’m living in KY, not CA, like the past 4 years).

The Derby Festival lasts for 3 weeks. It starts with Thunder Over Louisville, a HUGE fireworks show, and includes events like the Pegasus Parade, the Great Steamboat Race, and the ever-famous Chow Wagon. That’s right, people. That’s right.
And it’s going to be fantastic. F’ing fantastic. If y’all want to come down and hang, you let me know. I’ll be here. I’ll even make you a Mint Julip. ; )
I’ve been prepping all week because the entire city shuts down for it and nobody works tomorrow (Oaks Day) soooo I’ve had to get a lot of stuff done in three and half days, which is why you haven’t heard from me all week. Sorry ’bout that. Images 1, 2, 3, and 4. Cinco de Mayo today, Oaks Day tomorrow, Derby on Saturday… Go Baby Go!
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Travel Thoughts: Baaahston

  • “I’m shippin’ off to Boston, whooooooooah. Shippin’ off to Boston, to find my way!”
  • It’s like I’m in The Departed…
  • I really wish I could do a Boston accent.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate toll booths?
  • Rental car peeps usually offer me toll pass thingys when I’m in a place with lots of toll booths, but I didn’t get offered one, so I’m guessing no tolls.
  • 30 seconds out of the airport: Toll Booth, $3.50. I have $4.00. Whew.
  • Pumped my buddy, Don that I worked with in San Diego is in Boston for work too! Dinner and drinks!
  • F. ‘nother toll booth. $1.25. We have no cash. I wrestle up the change from the bottom of my purse. 2 minutes, $1.25 in nickles and dimes. The peeps behind me are loving me now.
  • “can I get a receipt?” Damn straight I’m expensing this. These bitches add up.
  • Me to Don: “should we act like Bostonians tonight, accents and all?”
  • Don to me: “well since your KY accent is now thicker than ever… I’m gonna say no.”
  • Why are there no lane lines in this city?! are there two lanes? three? wtf?!
  • No big. we’re good. made it. fun night. back to the work part.
  • I really like teaching these TRX courses. My job rules.
  • Super fun group of trainers today, only one with a true Boston accent. Dang.
  • Trainer at the end of the day: “you’re the best!”
  • My reply: “no, you ahh!” hehehe
  • Trainers: certified. My job is done here.
  • Balls. I gotta re-fill the gas tank! (I parked a little too close to the curb).
  • I hate that you never know which side of the car your gas tank is on until you’ve already parked and gotten out.
  • F! While trying to squeeze my arse into the itty bitty space I left myself, I hit the left side of my head on the car door trying to get in.
  • Which caused me to pull away fast, subsequently hitting the right side of my head on the car itself. Ahhhsome.
  • Totally thought I’d be fine flying without my Xanax. Wrong. Mental note to call the doc on Monday for a re-fill.
  • Windy, scary flights: not ahhhsome.
  • Until next time, Beantown. You were wicked ahhsome.
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