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Playist! Country Sunday

Somebody* thinks I need more country in my playlists… so, here ya go:

Happy Sunday, guys!
Hope you’re on a boat on the lake,
on a towel on the beach,
or on a raft in a pool…
or listen here.
A little fun to start , a little slow at the end. Holla.
*sorry the playlist isn’t playing at the moment… investigation is underway!*
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Workout/Weeknd Playlist!

I realized I haven’t been posting my workout playlists lately soooo here’s one for you! It’s a few weeks old, but no worries, the songs are still awesome. Whether you’re working out or having some pre-game dance party at home, you’ll get a little pep in your step. Or, as we like to say here, a little hitch in your giddy-up. : )

Happy Weekend!
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Hot Mess

For those of you that work in offices and have to get dressed up every day, you probably LOVE getting to lounge around in sweats, yoga pants, and other comfy clothes. I am the opposite. I wear workout clothes every day, all day long. I go from being sweaty, running around outside with my bootcamp, to drying off while training a client, to sweaty again an hour later with another bootcamp. Sure it’s nice to be able to roll out of bed and be ready in 10 minutes in the mornings, but the downfall is that I look a HOT MESS. All. Day. Long.

Exhibit A:
Hair a mess.
Outfit: tank, sports bra, and workout pants.
Make up from the day before, gone.
Tango’s the cutest part of this photo.
So when I finally do get to go out, even for the tiniest occasion, I jump at the chance to wear cute clothes, put some make-up on, and throw on some heels. This was last week’s NKOTBSB concert. I might have been the fanciest chick there. DID NOT CARE.
Exhibit B:
Make up.
Cute clothes.
Hair still in ponytail, but minus the sweat.
Fancy earrings/heels.
Eyebrows raised, get some.
At least I thought I looked good. Apparently some old guy thought I was a hooker. While I was walking back to my car at the end of the night, he circled the block 3 times to holler at me and asked me to go with him. Sigh…
Earrings and heels: Forever 21
Shirt: Gift from BFF
Shorts: Express
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It’s a scorching 96 degrees here in the ‘ville.
Something else that’s smokin’ hot? My boyfriend, Matthew.
I mean, we were cruising in his truck the other day and it was almost unbearable…

We got in the water to cool off, but there were so many paparazzi around we just decided to go.

He’s got such a great attitude about it all though.
Just laughed it off…

He’s so silly.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
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I confess…

So I’m stealing the “I confess” theme from Ashley… who stole it from Carissa. Now that that’s cleared up…
I confess:
1. That my new favorite show is Love in the Wild. Think The Bachelorette meets Survivor. It’s equal parts horrible, embarrassing, and amazing. I love it. My guy friend that DVRs it for me does not.

2. I bought Toaster Strudles at the grocery last week. I was rounding a corner and there they were. It’s like they were calling out to me. It’s been a while, so I caved and bought them. Strawberry, of course. And they were COMPLETELY delicious. Everything I hoped for and more… I even gave two of them to my roomie. Lucky girl.

3. I have NOT been bringing my A-game lately when it comes to my own workouts. #Lazy. So I’m going for a run after I finish this post. Promise.
4. When a client cancels an appt. with me I should be disappointed, but really I’m just thinking, “Sweet, now I can go to the pool.” *Which is what happened yesterday. Which is why my legs/ass are sunburned today.

5. I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant, then had a baby boy. I was kinda really happy. Not gonna happen anytime soon, obvs, but it was nice. I blame Bridget, Ahn, Elizabeth, and Kristen for all their preggo talk. : )

What do you confess this week? Anything good?!
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
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Animal House

I’m off to Chicago this weekend (cheers!) so I’m going to leave you with adorable animal faces to ogle at while I’m gone… I adopted Tango a couple years ago and just moved in with my friend, Tamara. She has a dog as well. And 3 cats. It’s a good time here.

With that said, I present you with “Animals of the Heezy”
and you all know Tango : )
Have a great weekend! See you Monday!
There’s a Tango and Cash joke here somewhere… just don’t know where.
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“Step by step, oh baby. Gonna get to you giiiiiiiiiirl.” This has been in my head since I woke up at 5am. I’ve been singing it to my TRX Bootcamp attendees, and now it’s in my roomie, Tamara’s head too. Go ahead, sing it to yourself. You’re welcome. : )

Last night was the NKOTBSB concert here in the ‘ville. One of my clients gave me tickets so I went. And it was everything I hoped it would be. And more. “Backstreet’s back, alright!!!!”
There were cheesy lyrics, cheesy faces, longing looks out into the audience, longing looks out into outer space. There were shirts being ripped off, there were crotches being grabbed, and MANY a pelvic thrust. “Please don’t go giiiiiiiiirl.”
That poster says ‘once in a lifetime’ and people, believe me, it was. “Oh oh oh, she’s my Cover giiiiiiiiirl, oh oh oh. Oh oh.”
I hope these are all in your head now too. So we can all enjoy the day the same way. The NKOTB Pandora station is a good one… just sayin’. I’ve already heard them, Bon Jovi, and Boyz II Men. Holla!
*the only photo i took… me and heather

photo via
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Living with dogs…

Tango loves when I stretch. I’m down on his level and he always wants to be right in my grill. Now we live with another dog, Churchill (9 months old) and he’s pretty pumped about me stretching as well.
Note his face IN MY STOMACH.
Never a dull moment in this household…
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Get some, USA.

Yeah for the USA Women’s soccer team making it to the final’s in the World Cup! They train with the TRX Suspension Trainer… just sayin’.
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One of those days…

Today’s one of those days where I just feel “blah”.
I’ll still train people and be peppy.
I’ll go for a run later and play with the dogs.
I’ll meet up with friends later tonight and have some laughs.
But I still feel “blah”.
Somebody tell me a joke… who’s got something funny? : )
photo by Derek Freeman
p.s. don’t worry, i’ll be back to normal tomorrow.
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