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Featured! Today’s Woman Magazine

I couldn’t decide wether to use my Blue Steel or my Magnum…
so I flipped a coin.
Blue Steel it was.
You can check out Today’s Woman magazine here.
And read the article on pg. 44 here.
Thanks so much to Today’s Woman
and photographer Chet White for featuring me and my work.
All of this… and tomorrow is Friday.
It’s a good day.
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Serious Post: Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Last night my personal training client had a heart attack at the end of our session together.
We got him to the hospital quickly
and he was treated and is going to be just fine.
Even though we were able to go through the treatment protocol
at the gym and get him aid, it was still
scary as hell.
For both of us.
As a trainer, I have to get certified in how to do CPR, First Aid, and use an AED. I have to re-certify every two years. Going to that 4 hour training at 8am on a Saturday is always SO annoying but shit am I glad I’ve gone to so many. It allowed me to recognize symptoms and get my client help as quickly as possible.
Do you know the warning signs of a heart attack?

Chest Dicomfort
Most heart attacks start with pain in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or pain that goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain.
Discomfort in other areas of the upper body.
Symptoms can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw, or stomach.
Shortness of breath
With or without chest discomfort.
Breaking out in a cold sweat.


These are listed by the American Heart Association . If you’ve never taken a CPR/First Aid/AED course before, it’s definitely worth it! Check the AHA or your local chapter of the Red Cross for courses in your area. It’s usually a 4 hour course and it’ll cost about $25-$30 depending on where it’s hosted but it’s completely worth it. Getting help as soon as the signs pop up can save a life! We can’t all be as cool as the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, but we can definitely help the process until they can get medical help. Minutes matter in a heart attack or stroke.

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Versatile Blogger Award! And some fun facts…

I have received the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks so much to P!inky over at Pinky Persistence for this award. I now must tell you 7 things you didn’t already know about me:

1) I was named after a song.
Yep, Pure Prairie League’s “Amie” is what I was named after. (Minus the ‘e’ at the end. ’cause it’s cooler that way) My dad knew it from the start. He knew he’d have a girl named Ami so badly that when my brother was born first, he didn’t have a name for 5 days. Never heard the song? It’s your lucky day:
2) Count Chocula is my all-time favorite cereal.
Even though I don’t eat it anymore, Count Chocula is and always will be the ish. Chocolate and marshmallows?! Lucky Charms, eat your heart out.
3) I have false teeth.
Hot, huh? Not all false teeth, but the bottom halves of my two front teeth are fake. My brother and I were wrestling in the driveway one night before going to visit my grandma. He put me in a headlock and then tripped. And I went face-first into my mom’s Buick. Effer.
4) I have never been to Disney World. Or Disney Land.
Our family trips were always to the lake or beach so I have never been to either of these places. Did I miss part of my childhood? Maybe. But I’ll make it there at some point!
5) I hate Pineapple and Coconut.
I don’t mind the flavors of these so much (hello, Pina Colada!) but I can’t handle the textures! Same goes for shrimp. It’s solely a texture thing. Can’t explain it…
6) Classic Rock and Classic Country are my favorite music genres.
I grew up listening to all older music on the radio, thanks to my dad. See #1 for reference. I’d be getting ready for elementary school and singing along to the Rolling Stones, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and Led Zepplin.
7)I hate the feel of feet.
Except for a baby’s foot, everybody’s feel are cold, clammy, and disgusting. If you touch my bare foot on accident, I’ll cringe. If you touch my bare foot on purpose because you think it’s funny, I’ll cut you. Deep. Same goes for if your bare feet touch my skin. Barf. If we have socks on, everybody’s safe.
I will now pass this award on to these awesome ladies:
Maddie Jacks over at Spidatter
Barbara from Dooley Noted
Elyssa, The Wellness Doer
Krissy and Taryn, aka Miss B and Hustle
7 more exciting/random things about me can be read here!
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Warning: F Bomb.

Wanna know what your trainer is going to tell you when you come to them asking for help on how to lose weight, get lean, tone your muscles, get faster, or perform better? Strength Train, Stretch, and CARDIO.

Oh you don’t like to run? You can dance.
Oh you have bad knees? Grab a bike/elliptical.
Oh you don’t have a gym membership? Outside is free.
Oh you don’t like to sweat? GET OVER IT.
For your body to get at its best (or at least better than what it currently is) you’re gonna have to do some work. And by work, I mean SWEAT. Get outta your comfort zone. If you wanna change what you are, you have to change what you’re doing. Or not doing… So please, don’t look up ways to get in shape and look for something that’s easy. Because it’s not easy. It requires getting after it. So when I ask if you got your cardio in this weekend and you tell me you walked your dog Saturday I’m not going to be impressed. Did you breathe hard? Did you feel like you were pushing yourself?
That girl with the awesome ass? She does lunges.
That guy with the amazing abs? He works his whole body and doesn’t eat crap.
The people that have awesome bodies WORK FOR THEM.
And they do cardio.
So when you’re thinking of how to work your body this week, make sure your work it so you’re breathing hard*! Make your heart work while you make your body work. When the whole thing works as one, you’re getting the best workout.
And for the love of all that is holy:
Don’t hire a trainer to get you in shape and ignore everything they tell you.
We don’t appreciate that.
You won’t get better.
And you waste your money.
This post brought to you by somebody who’s really tired of hearing excuses. Make it a good week! : )
*not too hard, obvs. don’t die.
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Freakin’ Weekend…

Is this anybody else this weekend?

I need to catch up on Grey’s, watch a couple eps of Entourage from last season, go to yoga… oh, and prep for the week ahead. New bootcamps starting, new clients, assessments on all the standing clients, South Carolina travel prep, etc. It’s gonna be a pretty big Sunday. Might go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Not sure if I’ll have enough time…
Also, the winner of my Personal Training Giveaway is:
Joann Mattingly!
Thanks to Crystal V. for entering you! : )
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Tango Friday

Tango is working on his shavasana this morning.
Namaste, bitches!
and happy Friday!
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So I learned to Wakeboard this summer…

and then I posted half-nakey photos of myself for all the blogosphere to see. Alas, it’s proof that I stood up! For a little while…

This photo makes me wonder
how many times a day
a make this face:
“OMG I’ve got this ish.”
“think I’ll just surf the wake.
or maybe I’ll fall.”
“no. I can save it.”
“nope. definitely gonna fall.”
Thanks, Shannon, for the awesome photos!
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So I think I’ll deal with my divorce now…

Who’s been to a therapist?
Is it weird?
I’ll bet it’s weird.

It’s been 3 months. I guess it’s time to start dealing with the ish. I’m not really a talker when it comes to really personal stuff. I’m more of an “act now, think later” type*. And that’s probably not the best characteristic to have when you’re trying to figure stuff out. So I’m going to a shrink today. For the first time ever. Because that’s what you do. And because mind health is just as important as body health. At least that’s what I tell my clients… Now I have to follow my own advice. I hate when stuff you say comes back to bite you in the ass.
Do you really lay on a couch?
Do you get sleepy?
I kinda want a therapist like Sheldon
from Private Practice…
*How very Scarlett O’Hara of me: “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”
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Travel Thoughts: Cincinnati

When I travel for TRX, I usually pull/fly into town, get to my hotel, sleep, teach my class the next day and go straight to the airport to come back home. Every now and then though, I get to go to cities where I have friends. This is awesome. This time, I got to meet up with my old college chum, Matty.

Our Background:
We had a class together called
Teaching Individual and Dual Sports: Tennis, Golf, and Badminton.
An entire semester of listening to our professor say the words
shaft, shuttlecock, balls, head, etc.
I’m not lying.
It was amazing.
Fast forward to Friday night and him taking me to a restaurant called “The Senate” because he loves to go to himself knows his friends/visitors will love it when they come to town.
Introducing: “The Senate
where they make abnormally large
gourmet hotdogs
with fun names.
He had the Trailer Park.
I had the Lindsey Lohan.
I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting to like mine because ordinarily, I eat maybe 1 hotdog a year. At a baseball game. With ketchup only. But it was pretty fantastic. I’d go back in a heart beat. And they had an awesome mix of music playing, classic movies on a flatscreen, and amazing warm/modern decor.
Since I didn’t have a ton of time to hang, and because I needed to be in bed by 10, we stopped for one drink at a bar called Japps. It’s been around since the 1800s. Old as ish.
But just so you all know:
Don’t ever order a drink with Rose Water as one of the ingredients.
It sounded whimsical.
It’ll just mean your drink is going to taste like perfume…
but it’ll look pretty.
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Giveaway! Personal Training

I’m where I am today because at various times throughout my life, people have given to me, asking nothing in return. Every so often I like to give away 2 Free Personal Training sessions.
Because that’s what I can offer.
And it’s time again!

Maybe you want a personal trainer but can’t afford one.
Maybe you already workout but you just want some new exercises to add to your routine.
Maybe you have a friend whose b-day is coming up and you’ve haven’t gotten a gift yet.
Maybe you want to start working out and you just need a kick start.
Either way…

How do you enter?
Well I’m glad you asked! : )
1) Live in or around Louisville, KY… or be willing to travel here.
2) Leave a comment below with your email addy.
3) Shoot me an email with your name.
((Don’t worry. I don’t even have an email list so you won’t go on it.)
4) Tweet about it.
5) Facebook about it.
Winner will be drawn Friday, September 23rd.
Then it’ll be Friday,
and you will have won something,
and you’ll be really pumped…
‘Cause winning is awesome.
Good luck!
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