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Hooty Hoo! It’s Friday! Has this seemed like a week that was entirely too long? Good. Agreed.
Cue Jazz Hands:

I’m headed to Cincinnati today to pass a new stage of certification and teach an entirely new kind of TRX course than I’m used to teaching. Which means that in order to pass, I’ll be teaching it UNDER OBSERVATION. Which means I’ll be presenting for 8 hours, and my colleague will be sitting nearby, scrutinizing my every word/move. Then writing it down on her score sheets. No pressure. NBD. But I’ve been studying my ace off so hopefully it will go smoothly and I’ll be moving on up the TRX Course Instructor Bad-ass ladder.
To ease the nerves though, I’ll be meeting up with one of my college buds, Matty, tonight. He’s apparantly taking me to a “gourmet hotdog” restaurant. I had no idea such a restaurant existed. Apparently the have a hotdog named, “the Jesse Spano.” (I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… so… scaaaared. Anyone?) Thoughts? Anywho, he’s a hot mess so it’s sure to a fun night.
Hope you guys have an amazing weekend ahead of you! Woot woot!
Aaaaand scene.
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Goal: TRX Suspended Press

I have a dream! Well, that’s being a bit dramatic… it’s really just a goal. I want to be able to do 10 FULL TRX Suspended Presses. With my head nearly to the ground. I’m giving myself a month. Here’s what I can do now:

Not full range of motion, but I’m workin’ on it.
You gotta start somewhere… don’t hate!

I swear I’ll be able to move more than 3 inches later!

What’s your goal?
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Instagram makes everything look cooler

I swear, I almost wish that I hadn’t dropped those few hundred bucks on my camara because I hardly ever use it anymore.Yay for the iPhone app, Instagram. I’m sure we’ll all be over it in a few months, but until then…

Me and Sarah (friend/boss)

Flowers she got me for my birthday

Cash curled up with my legs in bed, passed the F out

My bedside table/trunk

And the ever-handsome Tango

Good ones, huh? And I think that app’s $.99? Maybe it’s $1.99. Money well spent if you ask me. These are taken with the Lord Kelvin filter. Happy Tuesday, guys! Hope you’re being productive with your time today and not playing with your phones… ; )

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I confess…

Today, September 12, I confess:
That I haven’t cooked dinner in a week… been eating at restaurants ever since. Good-bye, money. I didn’t need you anyway.

That when I finally went to the grocery this morning I bought a lot of produce. And then I bought a package of 3 candy apples. One for me, one for the roomie, and one more for me. ‘Tis the season, eh?
That I’m way behind on Bachelor Pad and kind of upset about it. I hate not knowing what people mean when they tweet about the previous night’s episode.

That several times this past weekend, when I attempted to work on a big presentation I have to give Friday, I stopped to check Facebook, read the 2nd Hunger Games book, or just stare off into space. #attentionspanofafiveyearold
That instead of being thankful for what I’ve done, the people in my life, and the things I have at this moment in time I’m really just sad today. Today would have been my 2nd anniversary.
Didn’t see that one coming, huh? Sorry to be a downer.
Moving on…
Cheers, friends. To making this a good, productive week.
Deep breath.
Photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
“I confess” theme from Carissa.
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Salutation Nation!

I’m completely and utterly excited that a Lululemon is going to be opening in the Ville soon! Yesssss. Not only do they have amazingly flattering fitness clothing, but they do a ton in the community as well. The company hosts a variety of complimentary classes throughout the year, but they also do Salutation Nation, a once yearly, country-wide yoga class that happens on Saturday, at 9am. So people are gettin’ their down dogs on all over the place, simultaneously. I don’t mean that in the dirty way it sounded… or maybe I do…

This was us at 9am today!
Namaste, bitches!
Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m off to a wedding tonight so I’ll be gettin’ my dance on. All night. Yeah.
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Chilly Weather…

Goodbye Summer and hello Fall and chillier temps. On Saturday I was wakeboarding on the lake. In 100 degree weather. This week, it’s 50 degree weather and I’m teaching bootcamp outside in pants, a jacket, and ear warmers… dumb.
Oh well, it’s a good thing I have my boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds.
He helps keep me warm
when he wraps me up in his abs.

… I mean arms.

It’s a good thing my boyfriend is so hot.
I can take photos of him and show them to you.
Helps to keep you warm too, right?
Yup. You’re welcome. ; )
photo 1, 2
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Hike and Bike… and a Hot Mess

This Labor Day held the annual Mayor’s Hike, Bike, and Paddle, a family-friendly active event in Louisville. You can come out and ride 15 miles through downtown on your bike, hike 3-4 miles through Waterfront Park, or paddle 2.6 miles on the Ohio River. This was the first time I’ve participated with my buds and we had a good time.

However, the night before
I did laundry and forgot to dry my workout clothes.
Which meant air drying my bike shorts
on the way to the event…
Hot Mess
Exhibit A:
And wearing them over
the rest of my clothes…
Hot Mess
Exhibit B:
Short iPhone video
taken before we got started
Tamara and Scott:
And a short video
taken after the race.
Tamara was standing still.
And upright.
And then she wasn’t.
Hot Mess
Exhibit C:

I hate hearing my voice.

Hope you guys had an awesome Labor Day Weekend!
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Blogger Book Club

Anyone up for joining my Blogger Book Club? I’ve been wanting to join one for ages, but I never can make the schedule. And we can all make the schedule here, right? I mean, I’m sure we’re all reading the same things anyway; The Help, Twilight, The Hunger Games, etc…
Besides, I need something new to read while I lay on my dock,
on that pond in my backyard,
in my black dress and red shoes,
lookin’ all fancy and hot and whimsical and stuff. ; )

I’m talking a FUN Book Club. Where we read light/funny/romantic/sarastic/inspirational chick books. No deep/depressing/dark/I was abandoned by my family/ I was kidnapped/I was kept in a dungeon and raped repeatedly-type books. (I swear, I’m so pissed that people raved about the Kite Runner. I hated that book. Different day, different post for that one… )

So what do you guys think? We pick a book, once a month (maybe on the 1st?) and then we discuss it on the last day? And when I say “discuss” I mean, I’ll post a photo of the book cover and we can all write our comments of love/adoration/disgust? (And if y’all are as into Google+ Hangouts like I am, we can have a group video chat about it?! You can have up to 10 peeps in one “Hangout”)
I’ll start. First Book of the Blogger Book Club:
The Hunger Games (Book 1)

(because I’m already reading it and I think everybody else has too)
It’ll be a good first book in this trial run.
And we’ll have it read by the time the movie comes out!
Thanks, Bridget for reminding us about the movie!
Who’s In?!
photo 1 via
photo 2 via
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