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Happy Halloween!

So I know you guys all had your Halloween parties this weekend, and you took your kiddos (if you have them) trick-or-treating tonight… yay! But there’s not sense of the holiday here so it’s like I’m missing it all together. Anywho… guess what happened to me a couple days ago?
It all started out on our first day post-work.
A free day to relax and hang at the pool.

Then a little ocean time
like we’d been doing every day since…
then a little pain.
On my back.

Turns out… there were lots of these guys
chillin in the water that day.

Contrary to popular belief,
and to the disappointment of all my buds,
you don’t piss on a jellyfish sting
to make it ease up.
But the sap from these leaves help:

And a little visit from the hotel doc
who puts vinegar solution

So you get stung by a jellyfish,
then you get to smell like salad dressing.
It’s a good day all around.

Luckily though, it wasn’t as much pain as I thought it would be. And it was over in about 45 minutes. I think treating it quickly helped. And the fact that I wasn’t in Australia at the time… I hear their Jellyfish kill you dead if they sting you… That would put a damper on my vacay. Fo sho.

Happy Halloween!

: )

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Flying for 23 hours sucks.

But it’s totally worth it to come to Thailand. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that until I got here. My 14.5 hour flight from NYC wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn’t awesome. I then got to Tokyo and had a 7 hour flight from there to Bangkok. That one was better because I scored a row of 2 seats to myself. Yessss. Then the last flight to Phuket was a quick 1.5 hour jump. No biggie and by then, I was just excited to get here. Here are some photos I took with my phone:
If you follow me on twitter, you saw this post.
My plane had a 2nd floor.
This thing is huge.
And completely too big to stay in the air.
It’s just unnatural.

The view is kind of nice though…

We had 3 meals on this flight!
All pretty yummy.
Yay for free wine.

Good to know that in Tokyo,
you can always get your ish
sprayed off after you use the bathroom.

More to come…
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I’m not dead.

I’m just here.

At the TRX Global Instructors Summit.
In Phuket, Thailand.
On the complete opposite time zone (12 hrs difference here).
As in, it’s already the next day here.
As in, I’m in the future, bitches. ; )
I haven’t had time yet to upload any photos. Today’s schedule has us going from 7am – 10pm (hence the no time). But I have a couple free days on Friday and Saturday and you will be entertained, amazed, and enthralled at the posts coming your way… Or you’ll just have more ish to read in the a.m. when you get to work and are trying to avoid reading emails. Either way…
Get ready.
photo via
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I got a new toy!

So I bought a Kindle last night…
I’m so not a gadget person, but in preparation for my flight to Thailand (happening this weekend) I’m trying to find as many things to keep me occupied as possible… other than alcohol.
Flight #1: NYC to Tokyo – 14.5 hours
Flight #2: Tokyo to Bangkok – 7 hours
I’ve never sat for 14.5 hours straight. I’m not sure what the hell I’m going to do. (Other than pop some Tylenol PM and hope I pass the eff out for most of it.) Since I don’t really need an iPad, I settled for the Kindle. I like to read. It has 2 entire months of battery. I can buy books wirelessly. All good things, right? I should be good to go. I’ve already bought a few… this is going to be just like when I first got iTunes: BAD for my bank account.
Here’s what I have so far:
Pride and Prejudice ~ Jane Austen
Seriously… I’m Kidding ~ Ellen DeGeneres
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ~ Steig Larsson
Presentation Zen ~ Garr Reynolds
What? Shut up, I’m a presenter. I have to work on these things

Any votes for November’s book club book?
Since I’ve pretty much screwed October’s book.
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Pumpkins, Punkin

We had a pumpkin carving party the other night…
Guess which one is mine?
Have any of you carved a pumpkin lately? It had been a really long time for me and I was pretty excited. I even grabbed a kit that had a bunch of different designs and all the tools to help you out.
It was way harder than I remember.
Or my pumpkin kit was just janky.
Either way… after a lot of sweat and frustration, my pumpkin is finished and on my porch. We’ll see how long it takes the neighborhood kids to come steal/smash it… Happy Wednesday!
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Tango Friday

Us at the park
Ran through mud
like he’s OUT of his
damn mind.
He was asleep
right before I took this.
It’s like they know as soon as you grab your camera.
Or phone.
Alright kiddos. I’m headed to Cinci tomorrow morning, NYC tomorrow night, New Canaan, CT Sunday morning, and back to the ‘ville on Monday. Holla.
And Happy Friday!
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Halloween 2011

I’m missing Halloween this year! What a drag. Buuuut I’ll be in Thailand, so I guess it’s not so bad. Still. Dressing up is fun. Especially when you go as a group. This is my costume from 2009 – The Barry’s Bootcamp crew. So much fun!
The first season of Glee.
I was Quinn, back when she was preggo…
Maybe we’ll throw together something in Thailand? We’ll see…
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Flying Squirrels… In Progress

Every Wednesday my friend/colleague Chris and I meet up in the park for a little trainer jam session. We do a workout, tell stories, talk ish, and try to one up each other. It’s a good time. He sent me this video of a “flying squirrel” suggesting we add it to our routine… It looks like this:

Here’s my first attempt:
sidenote – it’s harder when you’re laughing.
I’m almost there.
…should have it by Friday.
Other sidenote – he wouldn’t let me post his video. I’m hoping his wife, Kara will talk him into letting me show it…
Last sidenote (swear) – I don’t have a man-voice in real life… was trying to imitate the first video
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Start ’em young

This video is for ALL you bloggers out there busting out babies like it’s your job.
I have no doubt that your babies will be beautiful.
Here’s some motivation to make them badass coordinated as well… from the start!
Here’s my friend Fraser’s little boy learning to ride a bike.
He was two when they filmed this.
They can do more than you think…
This kind of makes me want to procreate more, just so I can have a kid that will one-up his. ; )
Moral of the story:
Remember not to shelter your kids too much. They will fall down the stairs if they don’t know how to navigate them and control their body. So start ’em young (well at least when they can walk). I once had a 20 month* old that go up and down stairs like whoa, because she had to. Her room was on the 2nd floor. I also knew a 3 year old that still couldn’t do stairs because his mother never allowed him anywhere near them… Their bodies have to learn movement, so make sure they’re exposed to it!
*Oops! Sorry I left out the fact that I had kids in this whole blog experience. PSYCH! I nannied a lot when I was younger. Several families, several kids of all ages. It’s almost like I was a mom in my high-school/college years… weird.
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Friday: Love On Top

Before you do anything, press play on this song:
Cue Dance Party
This song is my JAM right now. I love it. I wish there was music video and dance to watch like the Single Ladies video. I would learn it. And video myself doing it. And post it here. Maybe… This is now my ringtone. I dare you to listen to this and not dance. Can’t be done. This song is what my classes have been doing abs to all week. Aaaand probably will be using for the next couple weeks.
Do you guys have any must-haves right now on your playlists?
In case you didn’t see it.
B-town sang this song at the VMAs
and announced her pregnancy.
Uber cute.
I’ll probably do the same thing whenever I get preggo.
You probably want to listen to it again already… Am I right?
Happy Friday!
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