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Mellow Christmas Tunes

I’ve only heard one song from this album before this year but I don’t know how I missed this thing.
I am in love with this entire album.

Favorite Song:
Winter Song by Sarah McLachlan/Sarah McLachlan on Grooveshark
Second Favorite Song:
Song For A Winters Night by Sarah Mc Lachlan on Grooveshark
They make me want to cry.
They’re so beautiful.
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A Little Stretchy Stretch

on the beachy beach…
it was a rough weekend in the Bahamas.
; )
TRX isn’t only for strength training. It’s a great flexibility/mobility tool. It can assist you while you work through your own limits with range of motion. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into the splits. Partly because I don’t use them anymore (what, you don’t bust out the splits daily?), partly because I just stopped stretching as much. Putting one foot in the foot cradles, that leg in the air, then slowly making my way backwards allowed me to work at my own pace and stay supported at the same time. After about a month… nailed it.
P.S. last day to get %25 off and FREE shipping on one of these bad boys… SHOP
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Island Christmas Tunes

Since I’m officially allowed to listen to Christmas music now, I’ve been burning through my Xmas playlist like it’s nobody’s business. A new addition to this year’s playlist includes this album, perfect for our weekend getaway in the Bahamas:

With artists like Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, and G Love, you’re bound to have a mellow music listening experience. And if you happen to be laying on a beach somewhere in the world (like I am) you’ll appreciate it even more…
Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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Too much turkey…

The tryptophan proved to be too much for the Tang… : )
*note the amazing T-day bandana he got from the groomer this week
from last year to help you
stay out of the same boat as Tango.
Happy eating!
Tango and I hope you all have the best holiday weekend
and hope you get to spend it with ones you love!
(If you happen to be in the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving)
I’m off to the Bahamas tonight
to hang with some friends
after I celebrate the holiday with my fam.
See you guys Sunday!
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Tips from a Figure Competitor

Shana Martin is a fellow TRX Master Trainer and also a nationally ranked fitness competitor. (She’s ALSO a 5 time Lumberjack Sports champion – how effing cool is that?)
She’s also my bud… here’s proof:
Here she is talking about 3 TRX moves you can do to improve your strength. A common misconception that women have when wanting to “tone up” is that they want to drop fat around their muscles, not build muscle so they don’t get big/bulky. Well, you actually need to build muscle first. You don’t have big muscles to start with, so building them is what makes them show. Also, building muscle burns fat in a serious way. So if you’re spending all your time on the treadmill or walking, instead of lifting your own bodyweight, don’t expect to “tone up”. You need to build some strength! Just sayin’
Girlfriend, Shana here has some serious strength,
is super lean,
but doesn’t look creepy or bulky.
Case in point.
Watch this:
So that’s Shana. And those are a couple tips. Go do some work!
She also does a lot of work for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.
You can donate here if you’re feeling awesome and giving today.
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Time to get RIPPED!

I’ve already have one, but I got 2 more in the mail today! Woo hoo!
Such a great, useful piece of equipment for your toolbox…
Wanna see it in action?
Want one for yourself?
Click it:
TRX RIP Trainer
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My Workout JAM(s) of the week:

This song:
These shoes:
Because they’re attractive? No
Because they’re the most comfortable shoes ever? Yes

And because this happened:
(Thanks, Churchill)
What’s your workout goal for the week?
Mine is to work HARD the next few days
because I’ve got a lot of eating to do Thursday,
and then 3 days of Bahamas after that…
Get after it!
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Darien, CT

So the day that I got my times mixed up in CT turned out to be OK. I got to cruise around the town and was told by some locals to go check out the scenic shoreline. So I drove around, got a little lost, but ended up finding it. They were right… GORGEOUS.

Getting lost usually turns out ok,
if you know how to go with the flow
and have the inclination to go exploring…
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Look who I ran into:

I’ve run into people I’ve known in NYC before… why not Chicago? J/K. We didn’t run into each other. But it would have been way cooler if we did. I tweeted, she emailed, I emailed back. She called. We planned it. Even though it was a last minute thing, it was still great to meet another blogger! I’m sure you know Ashley Nicole Catherine, but if you don’t, you want to. Trust.

It was so much fun to have a #blate, I think I’ll have another one.
In two weeks.
With another Ashley.
In the ATL.
#blate – blogger date. thx , Meg. Even though we missed you, I’ll still use your hashtags
*photo via Ashley’s camera and a random lady at Argo Tea
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TRX Travel – Connecticut/NYC

Right before I went to Thailand I had a TRX course to teach in Connecticut. Whenever I have to go anywhere even close NYC I fly into JFK and stay with my friend, Annie. Since Connecticut is such as easy drive from New York, I can easily make it a weekend with my old college dance chum. It was great to see her, go to wine tasting, and have a dinner party with my dance buds.

My TRX certifications usually run from 9-5 and I show up at 8 to set up. Since I was driving from NY, i needed to wake up at 6:30, drive an hour to the Equinox in CT and get ready for the day. Funny story: I get there, and the course DOESN’T START UNTIL NOON. Somebody didn’t see that part of the prep email. So, with several hours to kill and no point in driving all the way back to NY, I stop and have breakfast, drive around Darien, and take photos of myself by the lake in a the park. Because that’s what you do when you have a blog. Right?
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