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Work Break…

Sometimes, you just need a break in the day to lay in the sun…
even if it’s inside sun,
since it’s now cold as balls out.
Me, Tang, and Emmy
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Climbing in Krabi

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I went on a climbing trip while in Thailand and neglected to bring my climbing shoes… ’cause that’s how I roll. (I never remembered my dance costumes for competitions, I brought my cap to my graduation but not my gown, and forgot the video camera for my wedding… just to give you some perspective)

So guess who got to pay 500 Baht
to rent broken down climbing shoes
that a bunch of nasty people
have put their grody feet into.
But it was totally worth it.
The hike up to the Thaiwand Wall
Checking out the sweet climb we’re about to do
… and the kick-ass view
The only photo we took while climbing…
’cause you’re kinda busy with your hands
An insanely amazing trip that I’ll never forget
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Faves on a Monday…

It’s Monday. Here’s a list of my faves. Hence this blog post title…
TV Show: I Love Lucy

I’ve talked about this before, but really, there’s not another show that I could watch whenever I see that it’s on…
Food: Hamburgers
I never make my own burgers, but I seriously love a good one. I like ’em with just lettuce, tomato, and ketchup. The best one I’ve ever eaten came from the Ritz Carlton at LA Live. It was fucking $17, (which I didn’t know until I got the bill) but completely worth it.
Movie: An Affair to Remember
This movie is actually my 2nd fave (behind The Parent Trap) but I’m mentioning it here because you’ve already heard me talk about the other. Besides the infidelity, this movie is the most romantic film I’ve ever seen. Watch it.
Song: Over The Rainbow
It’s the first song I ever danced to. I have a million versions of it on my iTunes. I even have an Over The Rainbow playlist of all those versions… weird, I know.
Flower: Daisy
’cause it’s cute. And happy. And simple. And goes for any occasion. And hell of a lot cheaper and cliche than roses…
Cocktail: Rasberry Vodka (or rum) and Lemonade.
Yeah buddy. Although I usually only order vodka tonics, I LOVE this cocktail. These can be deadly for me since I can slurp them down in about two seconds. This is why I rarely have them. But they’re my fave. Closely edging out the Margarita…
Candy Bar: Snickers
It’s got the chocolate, it’s got the peanuts… you get the sweet and salty taken care of all at one time! And don’t even get me started on the ice cream version…
Book: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
I could read this book a thousand times. I just love it. It makes me laugh and cry every time I read it. I can’t wait to be able to share all my favorite books with my kids one day!
Kind of Travel: Road Trip
I think you’re all well aware of my fear severe distaste of flying. Road tripping is my absolute favorite. You can leave and stop when you want, see cool ish along the way, and fit in as much luggage/snacks/drinks/buddies as you want! And most importantly, if the engine dies, you won’t go plummeting to the earth to die a horribly scary, gruesome death. Road trip playlists are my favorite to create as well! ; )
Color: Yellow
It’s changed many times over the years (pink/purple/blue) but I’ve been set on yellow for quite a few years now. It’s beautiful in nature/decor/clothing, any shade will do, and everything looks good in yellow…
Coffee: Hotel coffee!
I actually don’t really like coffee at all. (Whenever I meet somebody for “coffee” I get a smoothie or hot chocolate) I have to put so much sugar/milk in it to make it drinkable that I don’t really see the point in even drinking it. However, I do enjoy the mini coffee makers that are in my hotel room every weekend. I don’t know what is about them, but it’s SO much fun to get it going when I get up. It tastes terrible so I don’t actually consume it, but it makes the room smell marvelous and that helps wake me up! : )
Board Game: Catchphrase!
I know there’s not an actual board with this game but it’s so much fun to play in a group. Nothing makes me laugh harder than seeing people try to describe something when they have no clue what it really is. I get crazy competitive with this game because my team always wins but it’s all in good fun.
That’s enough for now… you’ll get more later, when you’ve earned it. ; )
’cause who’s gonna buy the cow when you’re giving the milk away for free?
Am I right?
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Happy Birthday, Nathan

Even though you used to hit and torment me all the time…
Even though you tried to ruin Christmas every year by finding and showing me my gifts…
Even though you’re the reason I have false teeth…
Even though you try to steal every bite of dessert I’ve ever had…
Even though you insist on people calling you Nate, when your name is Nathan…
I love you.
Because you’re always there for me…
Because you’ll give me a ride anywhere…
Because we got busted sneaking out on the babysitter to play kickball in the mud… together…
Because you drove 34 hours across country with me and my janky car…
Because we had some of the best food fights in history…
Because we can do crosswords puzzles like it’s nobody’s business…
You’re the best big brother I could ever ask for.
Happy 30th Birthday, Nathan!
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Deep Water Soloing

Our last couple of days in Thailand were spent rock climbing in Krabi. I’ll post photos from the sport climbing later, but first is the good stuff: Deep Water Soloing. No gear, just you, the rocks, and the water. How it works:
You hire a dude with one of these long-tail boats

to drive you out to where the water’s really deep
and the rocks are sah-weet!

It’s pretty exciting.
We are pumped.
Then you climb up.
And jump down.
And here’s one of the videos…
Equal parts scary/fun.
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