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Beach Plank

I spent most of my weekend in the Bahamas just layin’ around…
Happy Sunday.
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Put Your Back Into It

One of the biggest workout mistakes people make is only working their ‘mirror’ muscles. These are the muscles you see when you look in the mirror; chest, abs, biceps, etc. Most peeps forget about the backside. Here’s why that’s bad:
When you work one side of the body and neglect the other, you get muscular strength imbalances. For example, if you do a ton of push ups and chest work, but don’t work your shoulders and upper back, you’ll get really a strong but tight chest, and really weak shoulders. The result is shoulders that hunch forward or rotate inward and a back that’s rounded or hunched because of stronger muscles pulling the bones one direction and the weaker ones not being able to reciprocate. This isn’t healthy (or attractive).
What can you do about this, you ask?
Stretch the muscles you tend to work more,
then strengthen the muscles you neglect!
Do you work at a desk? Chances are you’re leaning forward all day and don’t have the best posture. You need to stretch out your chest, biceps, abs, and hip flexors. Then you need to work your rhomboids, rear deltoids, erectors (heehee), and glutes. Try a few exercises for the front of your body, then try a few with back side… see which is stronger.
Moral of the story?! Put your back into it.
You’ll be stronger.
And sexier.
’cause what’s better than a sexy back?
Cue Justin Timberlake…
*The thing I’m holding in the photo is a TRX Rip Trainer. See the sport cord attached to the bar on the left side? That makes it hard, because that resistance is pulling me to the left, so I’m resisting it with my core and using the right side of my body to keep me facing forward. It works your core like a mother. Just sayin’
**Photo taken of me by Adrian Li
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Blates are the ish…

Blate: Blogger Date
Last weekend I had to go to work in the ATL where my buddy Ashley, from Run With Me, lives. YAY. We planned on going to dinner. Guess who was ALSO there?!
and Chelsea from Choose to be Happy
4 Bloggers
4 Brunettes
4 cinnamon whiskey shots (but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)
it was a great evening!
Ashley was way cooler than me and posted about this evening in a POEM.
Some people are just better… check it.
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TRX: Kelly Combo!

Anybody that’s ever taken a fitness class from me knows that Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” is my favorite workout song. I choreographed this TRX core combo to it a while back and was finally able to film it. If you have your own TRX Suspension Trainer, try it out and let me know what you think.


Special thanks to my buddy, Fraser for doing the hard part:
cutting the video,

cueing music,
adding in movement cues,
and ish like that.
Goodness knows it would have taken me forever…
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My Jam(s)

Things that are my jam right now:

Getting hooked up with 11 Dance Classes at Louisville Ballet School for $49. Holla.
Listening to Christmas music 24/7
Going to bed early with a glass of wine last night.
Having just been to Thailand and the Bahamas in the past month.
Seeing Ashley in the ATL this weekend.
The prospect that there could be snow some time soon in the ‘ville…
The new show, Revenge. (not the best show out there, but certainly entertaining).
Random, spur of the moment trip to the shoe outlet with Sarah this morning.
Scoring 2 pairs of boots from said outlet for $98.
Things that are so not my jam right now:

The below freezing temperature (that I wasn’t prepped for).
Frost on my car this morning.
Not knowing where the H my scraper was.
Being late (not really) because of scraper incident.
Not being with certain friends/loved ones around the holidays.
So glad the top section is longer than this bottom one. : )
Glad game. Boom.
photo 1 via, 2 via
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