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Travel Essentials:Trip It App

If you’ve followed my blog for at least a month or so, you know I travel. A lot. I present all over the country for the fitness company, TRX and when I’m not doing that, I like to take trips any time I can. Soooo I’m usually gone most weekends of the month.
That means lots of flights,
lots of hotels,
lots of rental cars,
and LOTS of confirmation numbers to keep track of…
One of the things that’s kept me organized is the Trip It app.
It’s my jam.

It keeps all my trips in one place, then breaks them down so you can see your plans and confirmation numbers for flights, hotels, rental cars. It even gives you maps from each place, weather wherever you are, and suggestions for things to do while you’re there. As soon as I get my confirmation email when I’ve booked a flight or hotel room, I just forward it to and it goes right into my phone. If I add a car or stop along the way, it automatically updates.
I pay a little more for the PRO version (’cause I’m such a travel pro) and it will send me reminders to check in for my flight, let me know if my flight is delayed or cancelled, and offers me details on other flights to take if that occurs. (This is the bomb because I’ve had a cancelled flight before and it just pops up a screen with all your other options and the phone number to call and switch your flight. It took about a minute and half to have a new flight. ) And, if that weren’t enough, it also keeps track of all my frequent flier miles and hotel points. Boom.
Trip It is like my travel personal assistant.
…makes me feel somewhat fancy and important.
This is what my Trip It home page looks like right now:
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yes, Duluth… in January… I know.
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Churchill is currently in puppy obedience school…
which, turns out, is VERY entertaining.
Tuck is my new favorite puppy from class:
I’m off to Chicago and then Duluth.
Let’s pray I don’t freeze to death…
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2012: Hitting The Ground Running

Or not, because I feel like ish…
So many holiday parties, so many germs,
so much snot.
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Neti Pot because it’s attractive? NO
Neti Pot because I want to feel like I’m drowning? NO
Neti Pot because I want the water to go in my nose, then down my throat? NO
Neti Pot because it’s amazing and makes you able to breathe? YES
…even if it’s only good for 30 minutes…
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My plan of making 2012 my bitch isn’t starting out as strongly as I’d hoped…
p.s. I’m sorry if this is your first visit to my blog.
I swear I’m better than this.
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