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Big Events in the Bluegrass…

I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but it’s a pretty wild time in the Bluegrass this time of year… 

First, yesterday was my mother’s birthday. 
To the best woman I know, Happy Birthday! 

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Second, Derby is in the air! 

The big race will take place in 5 weeks and the opening ceremonies will kick off in 3 weeks! I participated in one of the many fashion events that happen this month – Calospa’s Winning Derby Looks event, benefitting Churchill Down’s Backside Learning Center.  Get ready for hat season, ladies…

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and lastly, The UK/UL Game!

The two biggest (and best) college basketball teams in the state, who happen to also be HUGE rivals, University of Louisville and University of Kentucky, are playing tomorrow in the NCAA Final Four. It’s kind of a big deal here.

Approximately half of my known friends/family are heading to NOLA for the games and I’m a little jealous. But only a little, because UK and UL fans are known to rumble a little bit when they’re playing each other. Especially when there’s alcohol involved. Did you guys hear about the two guys that got into a fight while they were each receiving dialysis? Wow. So I’ll be watching safely, from Buffalo, NY.

Happy Friday! 
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I Confess:

“I Confess” theme by Carissa

Today, I confess the following:

1.  Chelsea turned me onto this song yesterday

 and I can’t get it out of my head. 
And I’m not mad about that. 
2. I cried for nearly 5 minutes from a scene in The Hunger Games last night. 
If you’ve read it/seen it, you know the scene. 
3. I need to cook more. I just do. It’s not hard. 
I’m just lazy in the kitchen. 
4. Even though I just got back from vacay in CA, 
I’m sooo ready for my BFF trip to Charleston next week! 
5. I told myself I wouldn’t buy another “fun” book until I finished my “work” book. 
Then I finished The Girl Who Played With Fire
and immediately bought and started 
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest. 
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Tea Revelation…

I like green tea in the mornings… 
So, most mornings, I put water on the stove to boil, 
and nine times out of ten 
I start doing something else and forget about it.
And when I return
there’s hardly any water left,
as it’s been left to boil for about 30 minutes…
So I thought to myself, out loud unfortunately,
“They should really invent something 
that tells you when your tea water is ready…” 
Oh yeah. 
They did.

So now I’m in the market for a tea kettle.
These are cute:

Wha? It’s cute and all, but for $70 
it better pour my tea for me. 
BUT on sale for $49.99
mm hmm
Target: $19.99
that’s what I’m talkin’ about
Is there a need for a $70 tea kettle that I’m unaware of? 
If not, I’m sticking with the $20 one… 
I mean, it just boils water and whistles… right? 
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Playlist: My New Favorite Song!

Watching so many March Madness games and seeing the same commercials over and over again can be annoying… UNLESS they play a new fun song that ends up being your favorite, inspiring a new playlist, and becoming your new ringtone. Look out.

Kudos to the Pandora commercial that features
Neon Trees and “Everybody Talks” 
Here’s a little workout playlist for your weekend! 
As always, it’s an hour long with cool down music at the end. 
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Things I Learned Making Lemon Meringue Pie…

Since I love to bake and hate to do yard work, my roomie and I have an agreement: 
She doesn’t make me mow grass, and I make pies. 
It’s a win-win. And since it’s super warm out and everything’s blooming early, it was finally time for T to cut the grass… and for me to make my first pie of the season. Tamara chose Lemon Meringue, which I’ve never tackled before. NBD. 

*Hot water pastry is the easiest/fastest way to make the crust. 
* When making the pie filling, don’t try to multitask. It makes your pan look like this: 

*When a recipe calls for a double boiler and you don’t have one, 
you stick a bowl over a pan and voila! 
(ghetto, but it works)

*When you can’t find your mixer, you can just make meringue 
by beating egg yolks with a fork really effing fast. 
*Approximately 90 seconds after, when your arm is about to fall off, 
just go search for your mixer. Mine was in the attic. 
*Mixers are the BOMB. Kudos to the mixer inventor. 
*If you feel like you burned your filling(when you tried to multitask earlier), don’t worry. 
It all works out once you add in the rest of the ingredients and cook. 
*Getting a “few” gratings off a lemon rind takes elbow grease…
or a sharper grater.

*When it’s done and you put the pie in the oven to brown,
 only put it in for 3 minutes, instead of 5, so it doesn’t burn. 
*If it’s not as brown as you want it for looks, 
you can use a lighter! 
*Just don’t burn yourself. Obvi. 
I used a long candle lighting lighter…
again… ghetto, but it works. 

*If you’re making the crust from scratch, all in all, this pie took me 2 hours (I think) to finish. 
Glad I had a few hours free. First times take me forever. 
*Lemon Meringue pie is yummy, and not as hard as I thought it would be. 
For my Cherry Pie musings, go here
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Ghetto Skyping

Me, Bonna, and Amanda are trying to finalize the BFF 2012 trip details… 
I Skype, they don’t. 
SO they download Skype so we can have a 3 -way convo. 
Then this happened:
Bonna’s video wouldn’t work. 
Then we discovered you can’t 3-way without paying for it. 
Amanda and I pay for it, Bonna can’t from her iPhone. 
I decide to speakerphone Bonna from a regular call so Amanda can hear her. 
THEN we decide to FaceTime Bonna from my iPhone, 
point her face at my computer, so she can us, we can see her, etc. 
But it worked. 
Amanda’s hubs, Josh laughed at us. 
My arm got tired. 
This is what it looked like: 
See Bonna’s tiny little head on my iPhone screen? 
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What I Did (and didn’t do) on my Vacation

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  • actually tell you I was going on vacation therefor going to be MIA for a week. My bad. But you survived (surprisingly). ; )
  • work out. Not even once. 
  • see my girl, Whitney, for the millionth time in a row. We have cray cray schedules, because we’re so awesome, so we’ll just let it go.
  • didn’t get crazy on St. Patty’s Day. I watched basketball games instead. It was enjoyable and I was over alcohol by that point in the week…
  •  didn’t set foot on a beach (gasp!) but it was chilly and rainy the whole time I was there. 
  • I definitely didn’t have enough time with Ted and Ann. But it’s ok. They’re coming to KY for Derby… right, guys? ; ) 
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  • get an average of 9 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes more…
  • eat mexican food more times than is probably safe… (gastrointestinally speaking)
  • drink margaritas. Several of them.
  • spend an entire day watching basketball games. I couldn’t do this with any other sport, except World Cup soccer or the Olympics.
  • take 30 minute showers. I blame Ted and Ann’s shower. It’s just too wonderful, there was nothing I could do…
  • have an amazing girl’s night.
  • get to be 5th wheel with my two fave SD couples…
  • have fish tacos, which I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t have good fish tacos ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD other than SD. I’ve tried.
  • take a nap nearly every day.
  • go to a gun range to shoot rifles and pistols with Ted (you’d think I was still in KY). 
  • make some kick-ass summer plans with Jenn! More on that later…
  • get jet lag like a mo-fo. which is why i’m posting this past midnight, EST.

~Cheers to vacay~
and margies…

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Naps w/ Peluche

My vacation has consisted of a lot of this: 
it’s been ruff. 
you know you just lol’d
; )
i’m back tomorrow. 
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Road Trip Dance Party

Yay for road trips to Nashville, bachelorette party energy, and good friends like Sarah. 
And YAY for Florence and the Machine: 
The last 30 seconds of video is the best. 
But, please forgive our voices… 
We were squealing at the very end
 because we were getting honked at 
by truck drivers…. Yesssss.
But wait… there’s more! 
The next morning on our way to brunch: 
You’re welcome… 
Off to Miami! 
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Life With Cats…

I’m a dog person. 
Fo Sho. 
That doesn’t mean I hate cats, I just prefer dogs. 
After living with 3 cats for the past 9 months, 
I’m STILL not used to them jumping on the table 
like ninjas,
and scaring the SHIT out of me. 
This is Cash.
He likes to help me work. 
And when I say “helps me work” 
I mean
“sticks his ass in my face and lays (lies?) on my computer keyboard while I’m typing”
 Even as I type this damn post he’s rolling around on the table in front of me. 
We’re gonna have to work on this, buddy…

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend!
 I’m involved in B Party debauchery in Nashville.
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