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My Weekend Home

Lay in Bed, 
catch up on Grey’s
…with a beer…
or two. 
Lay in bed, 
while tons of people ran the Derby 1/2 and Full marathon. 
Meet Sarah for breakfast. 
Make this video because we’re excited about upcoming bootcamps
and hanging out more:
Had rehearsal with Tamara.

Went to Churchill Downs

for Opening night. 
Got hailed on. 
Lost money. 
Went to Cherokee Triangle Art Fair
Got super inspired by this 11 year old (I’m guessing)
playing the mandolin, 
all alone, 
for tips. 
He’s a badass. 
Showed dance piece… with a janky shoulder… looked janky.

Dinner night with the fam!

What a great weekend home.
I could get used to this.
Probably not. 

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Weekend off with Tango…

So looking back at my planner from the year so far, 
I’ve only spent two entire weekends home. 
And those were both in January
It’s nearly May. 
Let’s take a look at where I’ve been so far in 2012 (other than home): 
Superior, WI/ Duluth, MN
San Francisco, CA
Indianapolis, IN
Chicago, IL
Washington DC
Chicago, IL
Denver/Granby, CO
Nashville, TN
Miami, FL
San Diego, CA
Shelton, CT
Buffalo, NY
Niagara ON, Canada
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL
Guess where I’m going this weekend?
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
 I have the entire weekend off.
To be home. 
To hang with Tang,
and my fam,
and other buds… 
Peace out, homies
and Happy Friday! 
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I’m Big in Russia…

Not sure if you’re aware, 
but I’m kind of a big deal
if you’re at a fitness conference in Moscow
…standing at the Life Fitness booth
…paying attention to the banners
These are some photos we did for Life Fitness and their partnership with TRX. 
Two new great products: SYNRGY 360 and LifeCycle GX. 
My friend, Dan McDonough is presenting at that conference this week and sent me these. 
Always funny to see your mug somewhere… 

see the video I was in with Shana Martin, Jeff Huling, Steve Katai, 
Lisa Witzlib, and Marc Coronel here.
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Sunspots are my JAM

Sometimes you just need a quiet place to think… 
A warm, quiet place. 
Like the sunspot in your entryway, perhaps? 
T took this photo today…  
Anybody else like the sunspots in the floor? 
 Tang and I do!
This is from San Diego, a couple years ago… 
Sunspots are our JAM. 
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Tango Friday (with Churchill too!)

Tamara took the boys to the Wilderness Loop yesterday
and took these sweet photos while they 
through the creek. 
It’s almost unbearable how cute these guys are. 

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend ahead of you. 
I’m headed to Chicago to teach TRX
For all you L’villians, have a blast at Thunder
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A and A Wedding Photobooth

So photo booths, sans booths, are my new favorite thing at weddings. 
We took advantage of the no-limit photo taking… 
The Happy Couple, 
Adam and Andrea
the bride’s AWESOME uncle
crashing the kissing photo
dancer girls, 
me and Jenn
fun times, 
and the new guy in my life, 
Dance Partner Extraordinaire, Jos

so many more, but these are my faves…
thanks for the images,! 
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A and A Wedding Flash Mob

My awesome friends, Adam and Andrea, got married last night. 
Our groups of friends got together and I choreographed a surprise Flash Mob for the reception. 
Photos will come later, but here’s one of the videos. 
Note the following: 
* our skills, 
* my dress that comes very close to providing new meaning for the term, “flash” mob, 
* and the adorable kiddos that are damn near showing us up. 
It was a great night though!

Congrats to A and A!

Happy Sunday and I hope none of your are doing your taxes at the last minute
… like I am. 
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BFF Trip 2012: Charleston

Picking up from where we left off… 
Remember Bonna being bored in the car and crafting? 
These are the products of that boredom: 
That’s effing right, bitches. 
You remember making them, right?
 And strutting them. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Chillin’ at Folly Beach…
with my Katniss braid. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
On our way to Sullivan’s Island beach. 
’cause pretty much all we did in Charleston, 
besides eat, 
was lay around and nap. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Bonna shaking the sand from her towel
in the most attractive way imaginable. 
Good use of wind, Bonna. 
Well done. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Leaving Charleston…
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
for Savannah. 
Those photos coming next! 

HUGE thanks to my girls,  Ashley and Danielle, for all their C-town recommendations!
LOVED them! 

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BFF Trip 2012: Day 1

Road trip travel is super exciting…
Pit stops for snacks, 
and cold Ale 8. 
*it’s a KY soft drink, not beer. don’t get cray. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Road construction that makes us cranky, 
because we’re losing valuable time. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Finally making it to a stopping point, 
and having to wake up early. 
We need more sleep. 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
BUT there’s a Cracker Barrel next to our hotel. 
Which means only one thing: 
I start the day out with a victory, 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Hour 8 of driving, 
Bonna’s resorted to crafting in the car: 
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
more coming tomorrow… 
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BFF Trip 2012 is now commencing!

This photo is from 2006, at a Kentucky Derby celebrity party.
 It has nothing to do with our BFF trip this weekend, 
BUT we look great,
AND feel just as excited today 
as we did on this night all those years ago… 
Note the cheesy smiles.
And me as a blonde. 

We’re headed out today for 5 glorious days of BFF time: Girl talk, no fellas, lounging by the pool (hopefully the weather’s warm enough for a tan), drinking wine, sightseeing, shopping, etc with NO interruptions. Yessssss.

We finally decided on Charleston, SC, 
because you guys voted on it. 
And because it’s really close to Savannah, GA 
so we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. 
And I love being efficient. 
Austin, TX, you’re up for next year’s trip. Sorry. 
Back on Tuesday, 
I’ll post photos! 
Have a great weekend everybody! 
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