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Today, I’m Across The Pond

Hey Buddies! 
Today, I’m Across the Pond, on Meg’s blog.
I’m not posting or anything, don’t get excited.
She’s just posting about me.
’cause I’m awesome.
Or because I’m a sponsor… either way.

She’s awesome and if you’re not already following her, do it.

Things Megan and I do not have in common: 
*I like to work out, while she doesn’t.
*I like men with accents while she actually HAS a man with an accent.
*I could barely pass Chemistry 101 in college, she has a Masters Degree in neuroscience

Jacked from her blog


Things Megan and I have in common: 
*We are brunette. 
*We like men with accents. 
*We both used to model:



though I only did for a hot second… since this is usually me: 
moving on… 
*We both used to be married. 
*We both used to live in SoCal. 
*We’re both witty
 and people like to be around us (or so I choose to believe)
 and we both

So see? The “not in common” list 
is way shorter than the “in common” one
which means
we’re totes alike 
and I love her…
in a non creepy way.


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Giant Naked Man sighting…

Sooooo we’ve got a new addition to Main St. 
He’s tall, handsome, 
has a sculpted physique, 
and is ALWAYS stark naked. 
Hello, David. 
Welcome to KY.
There’s a KY jelly joke in here somewhere… just not sure where.

If you happen to be living in, traveling through Louisville any time soon, do yourself a favor and head down to Main and 7th. This giant fella is just a couple blocks down from our giant baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum. Too bad we don’t have the world’s largest ball of twine… you’d be set. 

Me and Dave
Tamara and Dave (‘s parts!) 
Good times…
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He’s Not Impressed…

Whenever music is playing, I’m usually dancing. 
I like to dance for Tango… 
you know, give him a little entertainment. 

He’s not impressed though. 

So now I do it just to see if he reacts or not… 

It’s usually not. 

Tonight, Tamara snapped these photos of me in action 
and his reactions (or lack thereof) are hilarious. 
Probably just to me…
He loves me anyway. 
I just know it. 
*And in case you were wondering what I was dancing to… it’s the Marry You song by Bruno Mars. The one from the wedding proposal video. The one that I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. 
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