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Winning and Losing the Travel Lottery…

If you’ve read my blog for more than a week, you see that I travel (for work and for pleasure) a LOT. A bunch of my colleagues and I always talk about the things that we encounter every week and refer to them as “winning” or “losing” in the travel lottery. Between flying, renting cars, booking hotels, and sometimes having to be in multiple cities all in one weekend, there’s a lot of ish we go through… 

Things That Go In The “Losing” Category
  • Having to fly in general. I hate flying. I feel like I’m skirting death each time. Still…. 
  • Having that person in front of you in security that doesn’t take their belt off, tries to get an entire full size bottle of shampoo through security, and throws a fit because they have to take their shoes off. THERE ARE SIGNS EVERYWHERE. Read them. Get with the program. 
  • Getting the window seat next to the extremely overweight person who takes up half your seat. (if they don’t have to pay for two seats, I should only be charged for half of mine… since that’s all I got. 
  • Getting to the airport just in time for them to tell you you’re too late to check in for your flight… even though the plane is still there and will be for the next 45 minutes… #effers
  • Traffic, traffic, traffic on the way to catch your flight, make your appt, etc. I’m talking to you, LA. 
  • Having a layover that’s more than an hour and a half. 
  • Having your first flight be delayed so much that you miss your connection and are forced to spend the night in some random city and not get home until halfway through the next day. 
  • Going to any city where there’s a MAJOR event going on. i.e. Indy during the Super Bowl. Yeeeeeah traffic. And things doubling in price (flights, hotels, etc). 
  • Getting a hotel room that’s in the middle of nowhere, with no good places to eat within a 20 mile radius. 
  • Getting a great hotel room in a great city, but having to pay $25/day for internet. Or $20 for a 2 egg breakfast, with a $4 room service fee, $2 “convenience fee”, and automatic %20 gratuity added in. Sorry, room service person. Tip? Eff off. 
Things That Go In the “Winning” Category
let’s end on a positive note, huh? : ) 
  • Finding out you have to go work in a city where you have friends/family that you can stay with or hang with while you’re there. #multitasking
  • Getting to the airport for a random afternoon flight to find that you’re the ONLY person in the security line. YES. 
  • Getting an entire row to yourself on a flight. Holla! 
  • Getting that row to yourself on the LONG portion of your trip. Double holla!
  • Finding that the trip that Google maps told you would take 2 hours, really only takes 1.5 hours. 
  • Arriving early to ANY destination. 
  • Scoring a quiet corner in the airport that includes an outlet for your phone and computer. #primerealestate
  • Getting a shit-ton of work done on your layover that you won’t have to do when you get home! #crossthatishoffyourlist
  • Frequent flier miles/ hotel points/ rental car points 
  • Getting that email that tells you you’ve moved up to the next tier of status for any of those points
  • Finding out that your hotel has a jacuzzi, and you’ve remembered your bikini, AND nobody else is in it! 
  • Getting free travel vouchers after you’ve gotten hosed by your airline/hotel. 
  • Ordering a cocktail on your flight that the flight attendant forgets to charge you for. #score
  • Getting to a city really late at night and the only cars they have left at the rental agency are better and you get the upgrade for free. This doesn’t happen often, but happened to me a couple months ago in Boston… “All we have left is a a convertible”. Sigh… “ok.” 
  • Getting to see more of your country/the world because of your job. And loving that job more than any other you’ve ever had. #winning
writing this from Dallas/Fort Worth airport, 
on my 3 hour layover, 
that’s now been delayed another hour. 
At least I’ve had time to blog… Glad Game : ) 
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Happy 4th and San Diego!!!

Happy Independence day everybody!
… or at least you Americans out there…
I’m hoping to spot some fireworks from my airplane window as I cruise 
across the country this evening. 
The annual IDEA World Conference is happening 
in my old city of SD this weekend 
I get to catch up with my SD buds, 
see all my fitness buds, 
teach a little TRX, 
and learn from some of the best minds in the fitness industry. 
Back on Monday. 
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Quote of the Day…

My friend, Joey Gonzalez posted this on Facebook this morning and I had to share it with you all. 
It’s resonating so much with me right now… 
“It’s impossible,” said Pride. 
“It’s risky,” said Experience. 
“It’s pointless,” said Reason. 
“Give it a try,” whispered the Heart
Happy Tuesday, everybody! 
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Hand Hug

So my roomie got this from one of her ballet students, 
who got it from her boyfriend, 
who got it from his little brother, who’s 10. 
Got that? 
Anyway, I think this is hilarious
and it’s my new favorite way to greet my buds. 
The Hand Hug
ha! the lady in the chair behind us has no idea what we’re doing, but she looks highly intrigued… 
Easy and sweet. 
Step 1. Put hands together. 
Step 2. Wrap your thumb around their hand*. 
Here’s a closer look:
So grab your roomie, 
your buddy, 
your significant other, 
or anybody else with a hand 
(that sounds weird) 
and hug it out… 
without having too much full contact. 
I’m lol’ing over here. 
*don’t stay there too long… that could be awko taco
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