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It’s a big news week: Post #2 – A Blate To Remember

A Blate to Remember…   
(and linking it to my 2nd Fave movie: An Affair to Remember*) 

Ahnika and I have been blog buds for a couple years now. (She’s not blogging at the moment. And  even though a bunch of us have peer pressured asked her nicely to come back, she’s just not feelin’ it at the moment.) But from the time I read her blog I knew she and I would be serious friends. We post, we banter through witty comments, we share a few emails and texts here and there. We just click.

There was a weekend a while back that she was visiting Bridget in Boston at the same time I was going to work in Boston. It was fate! So we made plans to meet up. It was going to be so exciting! Not quite as dramatic as the Empire State building on Valentine’s day or anything (we’re both taken, BTW) but drinks in town would be just as great!

But then she had a last minute family thing and couldn’t go… We were bummed. But at least it wasn’t because she was hit by a car and paralyzed or anything. #gladgame
So fast forward to a couple weeks ago… and me having to go to San Fran for work. And her now living outside of San Fran because of her husband’s work. We were brought back together! So we made lunch/drink plans. 
And this time, there were no hiccups!
Although it was no Empire State Bldg reunion,
we had a grand time at lunch at Sauce in the Financial District.
And I got Ahn to drink bourbon
 : )

Svea and Ahnika

Not my best.
I learned quickly that Svea puts anybody else in the frame to shame.
And I didn’t even mean to make that rhyme.

See? We were MFEO.

Switched movies there on ya with that last one.
BUT it still pertains to the above.
: )

And we’ve made the move to Facebook friends.
So it’s for real now.

*If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it before you think I’m a creepy stalker. 
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It’s a big news week: Post #1

So last week was busy. Sorry to leave you hanging. But lots of great stuff happened!

Exhibit A:
My BFF had her baby! 

And bonus points for going into labor on the one day 
that I was in town
and had no evening clients. 
This is why we work.

She would punch me in the face if I posted 
photos of her during contractions. 
(And I’m too good of a friend to do that to her. But trust me, she looked fab as usual.)
So you get behind the scenes photos instead.
The day: 
Playing cards in the waiting room with the other BFFs
(those are our bridesmaid’s necklaces from her wedding)
Bonna, Me, Crystal

Beyond excited!
Even though we kept getting kicked out of the room by the staff…
stupid rules.

Welcome to the world, 
Henry Charles.

You’ve got some serious people who have your back, you know? 

Such an amazing day.
Congrats Amanda and Josh!
We love you. 

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Outfit Post… seriously.

Need another reason to like Lululemon ish? 
(I need another reason like a need a hole in my head). 

This running top (that I just bought) 
Plus these yoga/workout/running pants (that I’ve had for a while) 
equals this cute-ass outfit that I’m wearing to travel to Philly in today.
Cute. Comfy. Bam.

*Churchill’s not impressed, but I think I look good. 

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Friday Confessions…

“I Confess” theme by Carissa
  • I confess that I’d really like to film workouts/exercises to give to you guys but every time I think about filming myself outside at the park or something I immediate feel like Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite (filming himself throwing the football) and talk myself out of it. #Douche I promise to get over it soon and give you guys some cool workout content. 
  • I confess that twice this week I’ve gotten into bed at 8pm and not felt bad about it. 
  • I confess that sweets are my vice. Especially chocolate. And trying not to eat sweets is really hard. But I’m doing good… #photoshootnextweeklitafireundermyass
  • I confess that I’ve flown into Philadelphia three times now for work outside of the city and STILL have never been into downtown. I plan to remedy that this week. Any good restaurant/site recommendations? 
  • I confess that it took me over a year to read all three books in the Millenium Series (aka Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books), but I’m finally done. As of last night. You’d have thought I was reading War and Peace. Alas… #victoryismine 
  • I confess that I went into Lululemon yesterday, even though I put myself on a spending freeze, and bought this top. Damnit. 
What do you confess this week? 
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Get a Workout Buddy… It Helps

There’s a ton of research out there showing how much you benefit from having a workout buddy. So find somebody that you enjoy (important) and has a similar goal, then break out your day-planners to get a schedule in the works! 
Benefits of having a Workout Bud: 
#1: You’re more likely to stick with a set schedule!
      (consistency is the BEST way to see results quickly)

#2: You will push yourself more if there’s somebody else there that also needs pushing! 

       Motivation is key!

#3: If you both have similar goals, you’ll reach them faster than if you were alone!
      Stick together with your plan and you’ll be successful. 
      *Throwback to the years where you and your BFF each had a piece of the broken heart necklace.
      SAME thing! Kind of…     

#4: If you’re at a similar level, neither will feel discouraged!
      You can progress together, without feeling embarrassed. 

#5: It’s built-in social time with your buddy! 
      (Be careful, this one can backfire – > too much chatting, not enough working)
      (Talkin’ to you, Chris)

Workout Buddy: Crystal
We do hot yoga together and have Kinect Dance Parties

thank goodness for instagram and b&w photos that make you look decent post-hot yoga

Workout Buddy: Tango
We run together. He chases squirrels. I chase him. 
Good times had by all. 
This photo was post-run. On a Friday. When I have a beer. 

Workout Buddies: Kara and Chris
Fellow fitness industry peeps. 
We try to get together for park/gym workouts once a week.
It’s sporadic because of our travel schedules, but still awesome. 
photo stolen from facebook
EXCEPT when they go to Thailand for 2 weeks and leave me hangin’…
Thanks, guys. Thanks. 
Don’t worry. I’ve got other buds. I’m ok 
; )
Moral of the Story: Get a buddy and get after it! 
You’ll be so pumped you can both go run around in the meadow and bask in the glow of your success. Like this: 
Do you have a workout buddy?  
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This Week…

It’s been a busy week. 
Here’s what’s been goin’ on: 
Lauren’s Wedding
(more photos to come)
Fall slowly making an appearance here

My new fingerless gloves
(that I’ve been living in)  that come in 
“Fit With Flash” yellow 
; ) 

A 30 minute break before clients + large floor sunspot 
= me and pets posting up
So I had to instagram that ish…

Sorry,  Willie and Cash. Emmy is my favorite cat. 
She knows how to snuggle. 

Happy Friday! 
Heading up to Columbus, OH this weekend. 
Back Monday : ) 
Stay tuned for a workout. 
(it’ll prob post next week… maybe)
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Greece: Part 5!

OK, final chapter of the Greece saga…
We had to fly back to Athens in the afternoon(there’s only 1 flight out of Kalymnos a day, so we didn’t really have a choice). And we got there just in time to run over to the Acropolis! This trip, the gates were closing as we got there and I was literally the last person in. Shew! We had only 15 minutes to see and take photos, so these are those:
Side note:
I was in Athens in 2004 and it was a doozy of a trip.
Let’s just say a lot went wrong.
The one day I decided to be a tourist, I trekked all over
to get to the Acropolis and it closed 10 minutes before I got there.
 To say I was upset would be an understatement.
And that was Greece.
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
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Greece: Part 4 Climbing!

After the 3-day Summit, we were a little exhausted
but getting a little more onto Greece time
(maybe not digestive schedule-ly, but sleep schedule-ly).
Work time, check. Play time, commence.
It was time for the climbing portion of the trip
and on to the island of Kalymnos!!
Figure out our bearings… and GO!
The Grand Grotta
an OK view,  I guess… ; )
chillin’ with a local…
and hoping he doesn’t raid the backpacks for lunch
while I’m belaying
He tried, but I blocked.
Sunset at the end of the first day at Poets Wall
Please disregard the dirt, sweat, and chalk on my entire face. Thanks.
Finding the perfect area at Afternoon Wall.
A welcome shady spot for the afternoon sun and heat!
I was saying, “ooh”.
NOT giving a kiss/duck face.
Parts 1, 2, 3
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A Quote, a Poem, and a Birthday.

“Know you what it is to be a child? It is to be something very different from the man of today. It is to have a spirit yet streaming from the waters of baptism; it is to believe in love, to believe in loveliness, to believe in belief; it is to be so little that the elves can reach to whisper in your ear; it is to turn pumpkins into coaches, and mice into horses, lowness into loftiness, and nothing into everything, for each child has its fairy godmother in its own soul; it is to live in a nutshell and to count yourself the king of infinite space; it is

To see a world in a grain of sand, 
And a heaven in a wild flower, 
Hold infinity in the palm of you hand, 
And eternity in an hour.”
~  Francis Thompson,  (1913) quoting the poem
 “Auguries of Innocence” by William Blake
Happy 6th Birthday 
to my nephew, Jaxson
Who took the BIGGEST breath to blow out his candle, 
and then spit on it instead. 
Ah, kids… 
; ) 
We could learn a thing or two from them.
Happy Friday!
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Greece: Pt. 3!

Because the creator of the TRX was a Navy S.E.A.L, and his experiences there led him to create the Suspension Trainer, day 2 of the Summit involved a Navy S.E.A.L “Experience”… (which basically had us all scared shitless)
We had no idea how Randy was going to try to kill us… Swim to the buoys and back with our hand tied behind our backs?! Tread water for an hour with no hands and weights on our waists?! Endure sub-zero water temps for a long ass time?!  We’ve heard the stories. We know (or think we know) what shit goes down in S.E.A.L training. We’re dead, for SURE. But it wasn’t bad at all!  More team building/problem solving stuff, just in a physically active setting. It ended up being REALLY fun.
Except for when people couldn’t count… and we had to do
a shit ton of pushups and leg kicks:
Running, diving in the water, rolling in the sand = good times, great fun!
The team run up the hill carrying small boulders was hard, but not impossible.
And heading up that same hill with at least two feet off the ground at all times wasn’t
as bad either… but probably because I got carried half the time.
; )
But we all did it!
We completed the challenges with our teams. And had a damn fine view at the top of the hill as our reward.
All photos by Frank Addelia
And here’s a quick video Frankie put together that gives you a peek of how we rolled:
(because it’s a Facebook video and impossible to resize, it’s really wide, so make your screen as big as possible if you can’t see the whole thing!)
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