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Vulgar and Inappropriate Humor for your Thursday

We’re almost there!
I’m heading out to D.C. for a conference this weekend so I’m giving you this,
because it’s the funniest thing I’ve watched in a while.

Don’t watch this at work. 
Or at least do so with headphones on. 
There are multiple expletives… but it’s REALLY funny. 
Happy Thursday!

*today will likely be the day that somebody of importance will visit my blog for the first time and be appalled.
 i’m almost certain. 
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New Year Resolution, check. Charli Is All Mine!

One of my resolutions this year was to get my car paid off. I’ve been working at this for a little while now, paying double payments to get it done early. I’ve made the last payment and now she’s all mine!

Charli is the first “new” car I’ve ever had. Hers was also the first car payment I’d ever had… and making that payment every month SUCKED. It was basically a plane ticket equivalent. Every month when I made that payment I thought, “I could be taking a weekend trip with this money.” But it’s all good! She’s paid off and I plan on driving her until she doesn’t run anymore. Just like Mona… 

2009, Trading in my old car, Mona
(a ’95 Corolla with 230,000+ miles on her!)
I cried a little… 
And getting my new car, Charli!! 
She’s an ’08 Mazda 3 that only had 10,000 miles at the time. 
Only a few months old, practically new, and $10k cheaper than a brand new one. 

So far, Charli has been all over with me; 
from west coast to east, all the way up north, 
and almost all the way south. 
Between road trips and moves, she’s been through a lot. 
I’ve put 100,000 miles on her in 4 years, 
but I know she’s got a LOT left in her. 

Is anybody else in love with their car?
How good does it feel to send that last payment in? 
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Things That Are My Jam: Oscar Edition!

I LOVE the Academy Awards. 
SO much class. So much history. 
Even though it’s really long, I love EVERY bit of it. 
Sidenote: I also despise the Oscar Haters out there, 
(unless you’re an A-list actor, stylist, or movie critic, 
shut your trap and quit being mean/judgy) 
so this post will be entirely positive.  

Things That Were My Jam About the Oscars!
1) Halle Berry.
She had to have made a deal with the devil.
Girlfriend does NOT age. 
2) Nicole Kidman
you saucy lady, you. 
3) Stacey Keibler
4) Jennifer Garner
love the color, 
love how happy she is. 
6) Knowing that my predictions were correct for: 
Best Song, Best Supporting Actress, 
Best Animated Film, Best Actress,
Best Actor AND Best Movie
(I was wrong on Best Supporting Actor. Damnit.)
7)  Jennifer Lawrence 
She’s SO awesome and genuine. 
Because that’s what happens where you’re from LOUISVILLE! 
Up top, Jen! 
And at least if you’re going to fall on television,
in front of several million viewers, 
you do it while collecting your Best Actress Academy Award. 
And telling everybody else to “suck it”. 
’cause you’re wearing a GIANT dress. 
Love her. 
8) The tribute to musicals
and the cast of Les Mis performing! 
Makes me want to see the movie again… right now. 
& lastly… 
9) Ben Affleck’s Speech
So cute. So real. So perfect. 
(there’s a commercial. sorry)

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  Watch More News Videos at ABC
  Technology News
  Celebrity News

What was your Oscar Jam?

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Fitness Fact

Did you know putting on your workout clothes and shoes 
increases your chances of actually working out by %80?! 
Happy Friday! 
Get after it! 
*’nother fact: having somebody else take your photos makes you look like less of a hack. ; ) 
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Playlist! Beyonce, Bitches

Girlfriend’s got it going on
(and has for like the last ten years or something). 
I LOVED the Super Bowl halftime show this year
and was inspired to do an all Beyonce playlist for class.

from Beyonce’s site

So this week, this is what I rolled out. 
Let the dance party begin: 
The hard part about this playlist 
was trying to narrow it down! 
Only an hour?! 
I know I left out some good ones, 
but these are my faves. 
Get rollin’, bitches! : ) 
*All of my playlists are an hour long with the last couple songs for cool-down and stretching! 
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Lulu Love

I have a fun new lululemon/travel post coming soon, 
but for now, check my cute new 
I picked up from my home Showroom
I hate being cold so this keeps me warmer in the cooler mornings, 
until I get hot (temperature-wise, not sexy-wise) ; ) 
The  longer sleeves (which are great for these long gorilla arms of mine) 
and thumbholes keep the sleeves down past my wrist where I like ’em!
Plus, the sleek black color has become my latest JAM 
when it comes to travel outfits… Dressed up or dressed down, it’s cozy, comfy, and cute. 
Triple whammy! …much like this last lulu outfit jam. 
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Me, Kelli, Keith Urban and some drunk bitches…

So here’s a funny story: 
A few years back, when I was living in San Diego,
my friend Kelli was (and still is) my country music buddy.
 We went to see Keith Urban at the Staples Center one evening, and were STOKED. 

Until we got inside and found out our seats were the VERY last row at the VERY highest tier.

 Lady Antebellum was the opening band and we could barely make them out. 

We noticed a bunch of empty seats in a section to the right of the stage so we decided to see if we could go down, sneak past the ushers and score closer seats… After grabbing a couple drinks, we headed off into one of the entrances to give it a whirl. The usher was looking right at us, so I turned, mumbled something about wanting a hot dog and we bounced to try another entrance. The next entry over, the usher was in deep conversation with another usher and in we went! Unnoticed! We hightailed straight down the stairs and found 4 empty seats at the edge of the 3rd row! If people came and we were in their seats, we’d move, but we thought we’d stick it out as long as possible. It’d be worth it!

And it was! 
We got to see our text come up on the jumbo tron! 
As did Laura and Gary, though we don’t know them… 

MUCH better view! And he came out into the audience so he was much closer. 
What an awesome night it turned out to be… 

Until these two bitches next to us got a little too crazy on their night away from their husbands and kids… One minute they were next to us, livin’ it up with their strawberry daiquiris, the next they were gone. Flash forward several songs and about 30 minutes later, when one of them came back to ask us if we’d seen her friend lately… Uh. No. We’re watching Keith Urban sing to us.


Then, right at that moment, two security guards come walking up the aisle, each holding the arm of the missing friend, who by then had lost her shoes… As they come up to us, her eyes bug out of her head and she PUKES ALL OVER US!  It gets all over Kelli’s jeans (she was right in front of her when it happened) and all over my feet.

We were beyond mortified, as were all the people around us, including the two Rambo-sized security guards. We all just kind of stood there for a moment wondering if that had actually just happened and what the HELL we were gonna do next… Luckily, those two guards escorted the drunk bitch and her friend out of the aisle and another one came to take me and Kelly to the backstage area bathrooms to clean off. We did as much as we could and decided it was best to just head home… And even though we were backstage and thought about hanging around to maybe catch a glimpse of Keith or Nicole Kidman (who was in attendance that evening) the thought of actually meeting them smelling like strawberry puke dissuaded us…

So we left. 
Now that she lives in Chicago, 
we’re looking forward to more summer country concerts… 
and we’ll be steering clear of any drunk bitches. 
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love, 
Ami, Tango, 
& my TRX Bootcampers
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I have a website!

A website and a retirement account, all in the same month… I feel like such a grown-up. 
Check out the new site  (still under construction, but whatev) 
I LOVE it. 

Thanks, Malissa Koebel for this clean/fresh look. 
It’s exactly what I wanted! 
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Things That Were My Jam Last Week…

This new blue coat that’s incredibly warm:

Skiing for the first time in a year,

with some of my favorite peeps
This fireplace, which was the first thing I turned on 
when I arrived in my room every day. 
Getting to hang in NYC with my TRX buds
and a dancer bud (Annie)
This piece of chocolate cake: 
This book (which caused me to cry in Toys R Us)
If you’ve never read it, you should. Just maybe not in public…

My friend, Mariah
who is still TRX Bootcampin’ it at 34 weeks. 
This cool way to check the weather on the hotel
hallway mirror before heading outside
And this Super Bowl ad: 
Yep… that about sums it up. 
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