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Pity, Party of One, Your Table Is Now Ready.

UGH. I’ve had a sprained ankle all of 6 days and I’m being really dramatic whiny and pissy. 
It’s really frustrating to have an active job/lifestyle and not be able to move at full capacity. I keep telling myself to grow up and quit whining. It’s only a sprained ankle. It could be plenty worse and I could have WAY more recovery time than just a few weeks, but I’m still pissy. I was told to stay off my feet for 6 weeks by the doc. Six weeks?! That’s just not possible in my line of work… so I was given this boot. It’ll keep my ankle as still as possible when I am on my feet. The boot really is amazing. It makes a world of difference and I’m completely grateful for it… but it’s still annoying having to wear it. 
Even though I’ve got really great clients/bootcampers who are able to still take class without me being able to show them everything, I still want to punch something because I can’t fully demonstrate the exercises I want them to do. “I just want to be able to show somebody this sandbell lunge combo!!”
Look out. 
Even though I’ve got this boot that makes getting around SO much easier, I still want to break something because it’s my right foot that’s hurt. Which means I’ve got to take off the boot to drive, then put it back on to get out of the car. Is that hard? No. Does it take more than 45 seconds? No. Is it really just a small price to pay for mobility? Yes. Why am I so whiny?!
I’m so glad that I’ve got a vast network of active friends and colleagues on Facebook. I love getting to see what they’re up to all the time… except when I can’t partake. Then I get envious and want to CUT somebody. “I really don’t care about your awesome workout today. Or your stupid PR on your race this weekend. Or your beautiful scenery photos from your hike this afternoon. You can all go eat a d***.” 
Not really. 
Really, Ami?
Let’s keep acting like a 5 year old.
That’ll be productive.
And attractive.
*deep breath*
Sorry… needed a little venting action.
Back with a more intriguing/entertaining post later. 
*’nother deep breath*
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Being Hurt… And the Glad Game

I’m a big proponent of the Glad Game (full story here) and finding something to be glad about most of the time. It helps keep my mind in the right space and keeps me from being a B when things don’t go my way… There’s nothing worse than Debbie Downers so I try to steer clear of that attitude as much as possible. Unfortunately this was NOT the case the other day when I sprained my ankle and was pissed. I apologize if any of you read my expletive-filled tweet/instagram about it. Can’t be glad all the time…

But then I straightened up and got my ish together. There’s no sense in being pissy for the next few weeks while this mutha heals. Soooo on to find some ish to be glad about. Here’s what I’ve come up with: 
Being glad my cueing skills are pretty good. 
I was able to host my TRX bootcamp class from a chair, successfully. 

Since I couldn’t walk to take out the dogs, my friend/bootcamper Shannon
and her kiddos came over to take them out for me! SO sweet.
And glad I ended up getting to meet my biggest fan, Amelia! 
She thinks I’m famous because of my Kelly Combo TRX video on youtube. I’m ok with it. 
Glad there’s a good reason to lay on the couch, drink wine, and watch movies.
My ankle hurts to point/flex so there’s’ no driving for this chick… 
And the BEST reason of all to be glad?! 
Getting to drive the electric cart around the grocery store!! 
It was the most fun I’d ever had shopping for food. I swear 
probably 8 people asked me if I needed help. I think they were just jealous
that they weren’t driving the cart, but they were all really nice to me. 
Those electric carts are slow, but they have surprisingly good maneuvering capabilities.
AND they beep when you go in reverse… which I did a few times… just because I could. 
I’m thinking of just wrapping my ankle up in the future just so I have an excuse to ride one again. 
; ) 
And definitely glad it’s Friday!! 
What are you glad about today?
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Today was the BEST weather day of this summer. 
It was gorgeous outside this morning and only about 68 degrees! 
Tango and I got to cruise the park after my morning clients.

He got to hang out of the window (since it wasn’t 91,000 damn degrees out 
and I didn’t have to run the a/c on power ranger). 

And his ear flew up in the wind like Batman. That’s my favorite.

It was awesome being able to take my lunchtime bootcampers outside to play in the sunshine without suffocating in the humidity and the 110 heat index. We played a fun warm-up game in the grass. I call it “Secret Handshake” where we have partners and come up with ridiculous stuff like high fives, low fives, belly bumps, booty bumps, hopping in circles, etc. It ends up being a super funny secret handshake (like the kind you did when you were a kid) and it’s a more entertaining way to warm up than running or jumping jacks. Everybody was laughing, joking and then we ended it all with a booty bump with our partners. But as I bootybumped one of the bootcampers I landed on some uneven ground and my ankle went all the way to the right. And then all the way to the left. And I hit the deck as soon as my body would let me to get all the weight off it. And I knew I’d sprained the shit out of it. 

So my awesome bootcampers ran and got me ice and I continued to teach the entire class from a picnic table. Then they packed up all my gear and gave me a ride home since I couldn’t dorsiflex or plantar flex my foot enough to drive. They were awesome and really sweet to me. I spent the rest of the afternoon RICEing my ankle (RICE=Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) until I had to get up and get ready for my evening bootcamp class. I couldn’t put ANY weight onto this foot without wanting to cut a bitch so I had to put a Facebook call out for anybody that could let me borrow crutches. Luckily, thanks to the power of the almighty Facebook, I had a pair about 30 minutes later. 
Then one of my bootcampers gave me a ride to and from class. 
Then my BFF came over to take me to Urgent Care to get my ish XRay’ed. I knew they were just going to tell me that it was sprained and to RICE it, but I wanted to have them wrap it up for me. AND I had about 5 fitness friends send me horror stories about them thinking it was sprained, not going to the doctor, and then finding out that they’d broken bones in their foot/ankle afterward. WTH?! So to the doc we went. No broken bones! And they wrapped my ankle! Feeling better. 
And to those I owe a TON of thanks for today, 
You guys have no idea how these things helped me out today. 
(And I think you know I’d really do this for you… if I could stand on both feet…)
So thank you to Duane, Nikki, Kathy, Chris, and Silas
 for having my back and helping through the lunchtime class. 
Thank you to Susie who brought me crutches. They were a life saver! 
Thank you to Carrie for picking my janky ass up and taking me home for the evening class. 
And thank you to my BFF, Amanda for taking me to urgent care at 8pm,  keeping me company while at the doc’s office, and helping me with 85 things around the house afterwards. 
You’re the bomb. Swear.
How was your day? I hope less eventful than mine…
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Italia: Part 2

After our long day at the Vatican, we headed here: 
{Il Colosseo}

We were beyond excited to visit The Coliseum on this trip, especially my man-friend.
He was going to make me watch Gladiator since I’d never seen it (I know, I know).
It was incredible! The sheer size of it (insert “that’s what she said” joke here),
the gravity of what went on there, how it could still be standing after all these centuries…
all of it was incredible. 

 perhaps a different leg angle would have been more appropriate…

And the Arch of Constantine
just across the way… 

We could have spent hours here, but it was closing and we were starving… 
So we took a long walk then headed to dinner. 
The FOOD post next!
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Five Unsolved Mysteries (of being a chick).

1. Why is it that no matter how thorough you are while shaving your legs, there’s always that patch of space on the back of your thigh that never seems to get shaved?

2. Why is it that you always seem to run out of the most expensive self-care items that you need (razor blades, moisturizer, makeup) all at the same time… even though they all seem to be used in different quantities? And guys wonder why we spend so much money at Target…

3. Why is it that when you unexpectedly get “Lady Time” it’s never while you’re wearing dark colored underwear? It’s almost certain that you’re wearing really cute/sexy, light colored ones that will then be ruined.
*It’s also these ruined garments that your dog completely ignores when he decides to chew on a pair…

4. Why is that installation of anything electronic never works the first time (TV, DVD player, Kindle, internet modem, etc), no matter how completely you’ve read the instructions? Then a guy looks at it and makes it work in about 3.5 seconds…

5. Why is it that when you’re in a hurry, all the traffic lights seem to be red, but when you need a red light to have use of both hands (to put your hair back, apply mascara, find something in your purse) it’s nothing but green lights and smooth sailing?

Are there others that you would add to the list?
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Friday’s Letters

“Friday’s Letters” theme by Ashley

Dear Jet Lag, I’m glad you haven’t been that bad this go-around. You’re making me go to be at 8pm and wake up rested at 6am… getting tons of ish done. #productivity

Dear Grass In Our Yard, slow your roll! Your growth process is outta control. Slowing just a little would be great. I really don’t enjoy mowing you e’ery week. KThanksBye.

Dear John Berardi, thanks for your Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook. It’s my new jam and slowly getting me back to cooking on a regular basis. High Five.

Dear Italy, I miss you already. Your large meals, your language, your wine, your people, your desserts were all my jam for the past week and I’d kinda like to see you again already…

Dear To-Do List, you suck today. But get ready to get your ass handed to you. Because I have the whole day to conquer you and I’m feelin’ good (see first letter above). Look out.

Dear Ballet, I miss you. We’re getting reacquainted at 10am this morning and it’s probably going to be really difficult. I’m looking forward to the foot cramps though… let’s do this!

Happy Friday! 
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Italia: Part 1

{The Vatican}
So we could accomplish as much in our 48 hours of Rome as possible, 
we snagged spots in a local tour group 
so we could bypass the longest line I’ve ever seen in my life. 
The museum was beautiful! 

So many beautiful painted ceilings

This one’s for you, Tango! 

Fun with statues…
We were all sporting sah-weet mini speakers so we could hear our tour guide over the 800 other tour guides talking simultaneously. 

These look like sculpted ceilings, but they’re painted

Oh hey there… 

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Suggestions for Roma?

It’s way more fun to say “Italia” and “Roma”
so that’s how I’ll be referring to them from here out. 
We know we really want to see the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps, and Vatican City. 
We’ve been told to go to the Coliseum and the Spanish Steps at night
(for fewer tourists, better lighting, etc)
and then we’ll probably hit up Vatican City on our 2nd day. 
We only have a couple days here in Roma so we’re open to any 
“off the beaten path” sights/scenes. 
Who’s been? Got any recommendations for us? 
(High five to those of you who suggested places via twitter!)
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Soooo I’m going to Italy today. NBD.

For all of you thinking I’ve got the best job in the world, one that sends me all over the world, think again. Mine is great, but just sends me on domestic trips. My man-friend has the one that sends him out internationally. He’s getting sent to Italy, all expenses paid. I’m just tagging along, thankfully on our airline miles and my credit card points! It’s a quick 5 day trip, but that doesn’t mean I’m not excited beyond belief. Italy has been on my travel wish list for quite a few years now and I’m finally getting to go! And I’m most-likely going to pay for it in jet-lag currency for about the next two weeks. I was traveling all last weekend for work and only had Monday and Tuesday home before leaving this morning. This meant squeezing in clients, classes, and housework into 48 hours… which left me very little time to actually prep for my trip. All this (except for the nails) happened at about 11pm last night… 
Prep for Italy included the following: 
{Step 1}
Getting my nails done. 
I tried to pick the most “Italy” color I could find.

{Step 2}
Making a Pandora station of Dean Martin’s Mambo Italiano
so I could jam all night (and this morning) to cheesy  Italian  Italian-American songs… 

{Step 3}
Start the packing with the most vital item. 
{Step 4}
Trying on the important pieces of the wardrobe, 
i.e., the fancy dinner dresses. 
Thanks for this amazing dress, Amanda! 
{Step 5} 
Late night accessorizing.:

{Step 6}
 Refrain from opening the bottle Chianti…
 it was nearly midnight.

I’ll be back in a few days but am hoping to blog from there at least once! 
Follow on Instagram @fitwithflash if you want. ; ) 
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