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Like a Kid on Christmas Eve…

Y’all don’t even know how excited I am tonight… 
1. My man-friend comes to visit tomorrow
This will be his first visit to Kentucky and
will be meeting everyone
2. It’s snowing right now. 
3. Thanksgiving is this week!
3b. That means I can start listening to Christmas 
music on Thursday night!! 
3c. And we’ll start decorating this weekend!!!
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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

Loving this ish: 
This Cinnamon Broom from Trader Joe’s
Wafts through the whole house and only costs $2.99
These Cinnamon Rolls that Tamara brought home
the other day… that we annihilated. It was needed. 
Hot drinks to warm me up. 
I’m going to be cold from now until March…
get used to that topic for the next few months. ; ) 

This view. All this traveling leaves me plenty of time 
to appreciate everything I see around me. 
This cocktail
All the flying also gives me rewards miles/status, 
which gives me first class upgrades, 
which allows me to enjoy free Bloody Mary’s occasionally. 

And this puppy… 

for obvious reasons. 

What’s your jam right now?

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Travel Thoughts: Frequent Traveling.

I travel quite frequently.
As implied by the title of this post. 
I travel partly for the love of seeing new places

 and partly because my job requires it.
 I travel to a lot of different places for work. A lot
Sometimes I get to go to NYC, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles… 
 where my office is poolside.
Sometimes I go to Duluth, Allentown, or Beckley. 
Where my office is the airplane
’cause I am in and OUT. 
Some trips are filled with awesome restaurants, visits with old college friends, 
and fun events with my colleagues.
Some trips, the most exciting part is room service
 at the airport hotel (if I’m lucky). 
Some trips are a few days long, with a little work  
and a little play.
Some trips all I see is the inside of the airport, the cab, the hotel room, the gym, 
and all of that in reverse… over a 24 hr period. 
and annoying people like this that stand and take up the WHOLE moving sidewalk.
Stressful, long days.
Back home at midnight and awake 5 hours later to get back in the action. 
No matter what…
There are all kinds of trips that I’ve taken. 
From small towns, in the middle of nowhere,
to islands that you can only get to by way of small (scary) planes.
Some trips are short, some long. 
Some where everything goes wrong, and 
some that have changed my life for the better. 
I’m sure my colleagues and other frequent travelers would
agree that some travel moments can certainly fulfill your soul.
Aaaand some moments (missed flights, ruined travel plans, etc) can completely drain you.
And/or make you want to turn violent.

For all of it, I’m eternally grateful. 

To be able to see the world, working or not, is of utmost importance to me. 

And I’m glad I get to cover a lot of ground. 
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Book Buzz: Breaking My Own (Reading) Rules…

I’ve never liked the idea of reading more than one book at a time. It always kinda stresses me out. One book feels like something I’m leisurely spending my time with. Any more than that feels like, “I  need to finish these soon!” As is if they’re another task on my to-do list… This isn’t how I want reading to feel for me. I read for entertainment! For fun! I read for education! Occasionally.  I don’t want my fun reading to turn into an obligation, so I read one book at a time. And that makes me feel good.

Until this month. Holy cow. 
There are so many good books out right now.
  I bought 3 and instantly began to read all of them.
This is what’s on my Kindle right now 
and I’m fluttering back and forth between them  
(and trying not to flip out). 
Let me know if you guys have read any of these and how you like them! 

I’m LOVING this book, though I think it’s possibly a million pages long. 
You can never tell how a big a book actually is when you purchase on an e-reader, 
but I feel like I’ve been reading forever and it’s showing I’m only %15 of the way in… Wha?
It’s all very interesting though, so no complaints. : ) 
Began this one the other night but had to force myself to put it down
as it was getting late and I had to be up at 5am… I can tell it’s going to be a
good one though. Fascinating, for sure! 
via NPR
I started this but then freaked out reeled it in. 
Really excited about it though!
Do you read more than one book at a time? 
What are you guys reading now?
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