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Saturday Morning Funny…

So it’s freezing outside. 
It’s about 70 degrees inside
A lot of condensation formed on the door…
… and the door handle. 
When I went to leave the house
my hand slipped off the handle before it turned all the way
and my forward momentum got the best of me. 
That’s my arm print as I walked straight into the door.
Happy Saturday! 
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Lately… in Instagram

Setting a box on the table = instant cat trap.

You need multiple boxes for multiple cats though…

Some much needed motivation to do a workout I didn’t feel like doing. 

Bean and Kale Soup

 My bootcampers kicking ass. 

My new TRX gear for my Bootcamp. 

Bernheim Forest hike w/ Tango.

Ben Sollee concert. 

And from yesterday:  #TBT
 First day of school. 
If you’re on Instagram, let me know! 
Let’s be buds. 
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A teeny bridge… and Movie Quote Trivia!

Found these photos on my phone and had to share them…because it’s a slow news day. 

And I’m wondering if anybody out there knows as much useless trivia knowledge as I do. 
Namely movie quote trivia…
My roomie and I were walking the dogs about a month ago and decided to cruise to a different section of the ‘hood. I saw this TINY bridge that somebody had in their yard – so that you could effectively get from one side of the drainage ditch to the other, without falling in. I thought it was hilarious because somebody actually purchased this (or built it) to place there. Specifically. The other funny thing: there was a HUGE ditch one block over that actually needed a bridge. This little one, not so much. Then it reminded me of one of my favorite movies as a kid and a memorable quote: 

“This ain’t exactly the Mississippi. I’m on one side. I’m on the other side.”

“I’m on the east bank. I’m on the west bank.” 

“It’s not that critical.” 
Haha. Comment if you know it!
(without googling it)
If you need some help, 
“We don’t pay no tolls, then we don’t eat no rolls.” 
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Cultural Differences… Kentucky vs. Canada

If you are new here, I am from Kentucky. My man-friend is from Canada. Other than the accents and the weather, I didn’t think there was that much different between the two countries… The more I visit though, the more I see.
I will highlight a few:
In the South: Krispy Kreme
In the North (east): Dunkin Donuts
In Canada: Tim Hortons
Kentucky: ATVs (4 wheelers)
Canada: Snow mobiles
USA: Dollar
Canada: Loonie
It’s still a dollar, but they call it a Loonie because of the Loon featured on one side.
It’s really weird the first time you hear somebody say they need a loonie or two…

Car Heating
Kentucky: You start your car 5 minutes before you leave.
Canada: You plug your ish in when you park it.

These posts are all over the place. They heat up the engine block as I understand it.
I just thought there were a ton of electric cars in Canada…

Snow Days 
Kentucky: 1-3 Inches of snow needed to call a snow day.
(and all the bread/milk disappears from the grocery shelves)
Canada: They don’t have snow days.


Metric System
USA: Pounds, Inches, Miles, Fahrenheit
Canada (and the rest of the world): Kilograms, Centimeters, Kilometers, Celsius

I’m getting better at conversions…

USA: price per gallon
Canada: I still don’t know what this means
…or how much I’m going to pay for a tank of gas:


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Giveaway Today! 2 Personal Training Sessions

Sometimes you just need a little boost to help you get going…
so I’m giving away 2 Free Personal Training Sessions today! 
Complete the following 2 steps to enter: 
1) Like my Fitness Facebook Page
2) Leave a comment on this blog 
telling me why you’d like to receive the sessions. 
Winner will be chosen at 10 PM tonight! 
Please remember to include your name/email so I can contact you should you win!
Your entry is complete only when you’ve completed both steps above.
Personal training sessions have to be scheduled within 90 days. 
You may email your comment:
*Your comment will post once it’s been approved by me, so don’t worry if you can’t see it right away!
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Recipe: Bean and Kale Soup

I’m a huge fan of soups, stews, or anything else where most of the work is chopping ish and throwing it in a pot. This soup is no exception. It’s very easy to make, super yummy, and a great healthy option that’s cheap! I think all the ingredients cost me about $15. My roomie and I will be eating on this for at least a couple days. All those things make this soup my jam. : ) No need to type out the whole recipe, so go here.
A couple things I did differently the 2nd time I made this:
*I used a combo of red/purple potatoes, just because Trader Joes sells them in that little combo bundle. And I like the color purple.

*Since the cream was optional, I opted out. One less thing to manage.

*Used 4 carrots and 4 stalks of celery, just to even up the broth to veggie ratio. It was a little skewed to the broth side the first time I made it.
*I left the broth/water/potatoes boil for a while longer before I added the veggies to it. The first time it took forever for the potatoes to cook through because I jacked it up.
*I also put the onions in the pan to cook alone for a few minutes before I added the other veggies, just to make sure they were nice and soft. This is just something I needed… I can’t stand onions so I needed them DONE before anything else. : )
My roomie snapped this photo as she walked in, wondering why the hell I was sporting shades on a cold, cloudy day.  I always wear eyewear when chopping/cooking onions. That ish hurts. (Ski goggles work really well if you have them!) She also wanted to know about the ear warmers, but I just hadn’t taken them off when I walked in the door earlier. They were keeping me warm and cozy. ; )
Happy Weekend, Guys!
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Book Buzz: David and Goliath

If you can read, you should read this book. It doesn’t matter what type of books you’re into. This one contains the most interesting content. There were so many sections that piqued my interest, so many sections I wanted to highlight (yet I still can’t figure out how to do that on my Kindle) and remember for later. I’d always heard of Malcolm Gladwell, but had never read any of his books until now. Now I want to gobble up all his others. 
If you’ve ever felt like the “little guy”, as we all have at some point, this book is for you. It tells the tale of so many important and influential people (and so many you’ve never heard of) in history that overcame adversity in order to succeed. Success is defined differently by us all, but YOUR success is just as important to you as anybody else’s is to them. Finding out how to make your disadvantages your advantages is key. 
This book is a quick read that readers of any genre will enjoy. I highly recommend it! 
What are you guys reading right now? 
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Things That Are My Jam Right Now


He’s my jam. And I miss him when I travel. The only bad thing about having a mid-size or big dog is that you can’t fly with them. (At least not under your seat and I don’t have the heart to “check” him.) If I could, I’d take him with me on every trip. Being gone a week is hard enough. Having to stay away an extra couple days was harder. I’m glad to be back home with my dog!

The Tang



My dog. 
My buddy. 
My partner. 
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My Big, Fat Canadian Holiday

My man-friend is a Canuck and lives in Alberta, Canada. (That’s the province north of Montana for all those that had no clue where Alberta was and that it was actually a province. I’ll admit that I didn’t really pay much attention to Canadian geography until we started dating… It’s sad, but true.) I’ve been up to visit a few times now, but this particular trip was the most “Canadian” of them all. Here’s what we did:

Monday: Skate Skiing

OK, so cross-country skiing is very linear. Skate skiing is very ridiculous. When you see people do it, it looks really easy. Rhythmic. Fluid. It’s kind of like ice skating (gliding side to side with your feet) while pushing yourself with poles in your hands. Skate skiing on a level area is one thing. Skate skiing uphill is impossible… for beginners anyway. We did this for a while, then I was ready to be done. Skate skiing will be way more fun when I can actually do it and travel forward, not just flail around trying to remain upright.

Me coming back downhill… thankfully.

Tuesday: Cruising Banff and Climbing – things I’m considerably better at…

OK, the climbing is not so Canadian, but this climbing gym with 5.14 routes
speaks to the level of climbers and athletes in this area. #damngina
*somebody that can climb 5.14 is somebody that basically climb the wall in the room you’re sitting in. it’s no joke.

Wednesday: Skiing and Hockey

I watched. They played.

Thursday: Ice Skating Lesson

Note the hockey pants I’m sporting…
So HUGE, but so padded. They were glorious.

Friday: More ice skating

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Saturday: More skiing.

Words like “toque” and “balaclava” are normal… and necessary.
Sunday: Back to the airport. In this weather:
That’s really effing cold -22 degrees Fahrenheit.

Any Canadians reading this blog?
You impress me.

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Workout Playlist! 2014 #1

My TRX Bootcamp was supposed to start this morning, but this winter weather had other plans. So here I sit, in a Toronto hotel, with cancelled flights, but a LOT of work getting done. And trying to play the Glad Game as best I can… it’s not working so well. This is my fake smile: 
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