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Things I Learned Making Ina’s Winter Minestrone Soup


I’ve read about this soup from several different blogs and finally decided to give it a whirl.  This soup is yummy, but a big undertaking. I love finding new great recipes, but I dread making it that first time. Everything seems like it happens so quickly, I feel all spastic. Everything turned out great, and now this is my go-to recipe for having people over, but here are some good tips if you’re making it for the first time:

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Bitching, Comparing & Hating. Overcoming the need to be negative toward other females.

When I see hateful stuff online, I just try to ignore it. There’s no sense in getting all worked up about it and having it ruin my day. So that’s what I’ve been doing, but I feel like it’s getting out of control, and I am getting worked up about it.  [Read more…]

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Some things you never learn…


Do you ever have those things you NEVER seem to learn from? Mistakes you make over and over again? I’m talking the little ones, not the big ones. (I don’t think many people make huge mistakes more than once or twice.) There are some mistakes I seem to always repeat… I realize it, but I still do it. So this list is an attempt to put them out there, pay more attention, and not repeat them. Here goes:  [Read more…]

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TRX Barre!

Ami (1 of 1)-4

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be launching a new class on my schedule: TRX Barre. It’s a great combination of my two favorite ways to move. As a classically trained ballet dancer and Master Instructor for TRX, I developed content for this years ago, but just never got it rolling… until now. Using the TRX Suspension Trainer as an adjustable barre, we’ll use it for assistance and resistance through a wide variety of ballet-based strength exercises. If you’re in the Louisville area, visit my fitness website for all the details! If you’re nowhere near Louisville, come visit! ; )

Ami (1 of 1)-2

untitled (85 of 170)

A huge thanks to Missy B. and Taylor M. for their brilliance in my photos and marketing materials! Y’all are my jam!


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March Madness, The Man-Friend, & “THE BET”

bracketologyimage via

It’s March Madness and I’m pumped! I love this time of year in sports. Football is over! Spring is coming! And basketball is awesome. Last year, my man-friend and I made a wager on the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament… [Read more…]

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I Confess…

1) I confess that I’ve never been able to curl my hair. EVER.

I’ve never known how, it’s too thin and fine, and it won’t hold a curl for more than 15 minutes before it falls flat. I’ve get insanely frustrated every time I try… I just usually end up straightening it back out just so I can leave the house. Even professional hair stylists haven’t been able to get it to hold a curl. UNTIL my BFF, Amanda curled mine with this Sedu wand and it actually worked! And held! *angels singing*

2) I confess that I just spent $100 on this Sedu clipless wand. (ridiculous)

3) I confess that it’s Tuesday afternoon. I have no need to be fancy. But I curled my hair anyway. BECAUSE I CAN!!!

4) I confess I took way too many selfies because of this ish. #curlyhairdontcare

fact: black & white filters make everything more attractive.

photo 1

The wand and the product I used: photo 2

The before and after editions:photo 3

The finished product: VICTORY!photo 4

Curly hair is glorious. I may do this every day. Don’t judge.

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Why Your Fitness Instructor Isn’t Doing The Workout…


{TRX Rip Trainer photo via ACE}

If you’re taking a pre-choreographed class or some sort of all cardio-based class, like cycling, step, Zumba, Turbokick, cardio dance, etc. your fitness instructor is most likely right there doing the whole workout with you. But have you ever taken a fitness class where the instructor wasn’t doing the workout with you? Ever wondered why? It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s not because they don’t want to sweat… wait for it…  [Read more…]

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Starting a Career in Fitness: What You Need To Know

I get emails monthly from people wanting information on how to switch careers to, or begin their career as Fitness Professional. They want to be full-time personal trainers or group fitness instructors, or they want to open a gym. They want to change lives! This is awesome and it makes me happy that so many are inspired to be leading healthy lives and wanting to help others. The only downside is that most people don’t feel it’s necessary to do the work needed to be a GOOD trainer. You gotta earn it! There’s a lot to do before you ever begin working as a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. Go grab a cup of tea and settle in. I’m gonna lay it all out for you here…
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Miami: Pt. 2

A few more photos,  just so I can relive the sun and warmth.

This was a very short, 3 day trip. Totally worth it.

I’m now in Chicago, where I don’t even want to set foot outside…






Hasta luego…

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Bienvenida A Miami!

photo 5

This week I’m in Miami, FL. Obviously…    [Read more…]

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