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Workout Playlist : Dance Party

Happy Monday!


 This playlist is a little over an hour long.

Warm up, get after it, cool down, stretch.

Dance. Bitches. ; )


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Blog Comment Issues



Since switching from Blogger to WordPress, I’m still trying to figure out this new operating system. There are so many little things that are different and I’m still trying to navigate it all. I’ve realized all my old playlist widgets are no longer showing up, nor are any of my videos (and having to re-do them one by one is super fun). I’m trying to figure all these things out and I’m learning a ton each week, but since my blog isn’t my full time gig, it’s a slow process.

If you a blog, or participate on social media of any kind, I think it’s safe to say you LOVE getting comments. I do too. When I launched my new site though, I asked my site designer, Taylor to add the Comment plugin, Disqus. I’d seen it used on a ton of other blogs before and thought it would be a cool addition. I liked the way it looked, how you could have a conversation thread, and you could “whitelist” people so their comments would automatically be added if you knew they were cool (and not psychos or spam monsters). I’ve since decided to get rid of it.

The first time I’d seen Disqus on another blog, I was put off by it asking for tons of information, including my password. It kept me for commenting for a long time, until I saw that it was being used more frequently. And I only saw that because I read lots of blogs. I feel like maybe a new reader may be less likely to comment if they have to jump through hoops to make it happen. It also made ALL my other comments from Blogger disappear, which was was initially heartbreaking. I unsuccessfully tried to bring all those comments over to Disqus and subsequently had all of them disappear. (This wasn’t Disqus’s fault, this was my own computer operator ignorance.) Thankfully, my site designer was able to remove Disqus for me, bring back all my old Blogger comments, PLUS still be able to view all the comments that have come since the new WordPress site launch. Taylor’s a genius. And I love her. This is not to knock Disqus – I’m sure it has a ton of options to control all of these things, and settings to put to my liking, it was just a bit much for me to comprehend, given my lack skill in the area.

I’m now making things simpler and just using the comment thread that already comes with this WordPress page. Do you guys have similar thoughts with trying to find different, unique, but user-friendly comment options for your blog pages? And if you’re not a blogger, do the more complicated comment plugins deter you from commenting on the blogs you like to read? Are there any downsides to just using the WordPress option?

These are things we bloggers have to worry about. Well… we don’t have to, but we do. If you have anything to ask/add to this, please let me know! I’m always looking for ways to make this space better. : )

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Today’s Travel

Headin’ up north today to spend the weekend w/ this man-friend and those mountains.







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Unsolved Mysteries (of being a chick)… Part II

There are just some mysteries in life that we’ll never understand. I’ll admit I’m being a bit dramatic and these aren’t complete mysteries, but in chick world, they’re still hard to understand. My latest additions (Part I featured here)  to this list are as follows:

1. How is it possible that you can discover an exciting new outfit combo in your wardrobe one day that looks awesome, and then you try it again two weeks later and all the sudden it doesn’t work? Why do I look frumpy now? Is it my hair? Am I bloated? Why the HELL did this work two weeks ago and now it doesn’t?! Same clothes. Same accessories. Same body. Different look. No sense.


2. Why is nearly impossible to find women’s shorts in an appropriate length? It’s like they either come in “Mail Lady Long” or “Skank Hoe Short”. Can we not produce a pair of shorts that hits a third of the way down your thigh?! I’m sorry. I’m not 16 anymore. Nor am I shooting an ad for Abercrombie. It’s Kentucky. It’s going to be a hot summer. I want to dress for the weather without looking ridiculous.


3. How is it possible that you can take the greatest care putting your necklace in your jewelry box so that it doesn’t tangle, you don’t touch or move it, and you go to pick it up and it’s tangled as shit? Same goes with headphones…

photo 2

4. Why is that when you finally find that perfect shade of summer lip color or nail polish, when you finally find the perfect sports bra, when you finally discover the most perfect fitting pair of jeans, the company decides to discontinue producing it… with no warning at all? I swear, if you’re going to discontinue something, put a sign up at the store. If I know it’s never coming back, I’ll likely stock up and spend more money. RIP Express low-rise, long fit, bootcut jeans. I’ll miss you.


Do you have any to add to this list?

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Playlist! Dedicated to the racers…


I make new workout playlists every couple weeks and usually my main goal is to find music to make people want to move. This playlist is no different than the others, but I also wanted to dedicate it to my many clients and bootcampers that are starting or finishing their racing season. Some are veteran runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Some are just getting started with their first 5k. Either way, they’ve dedicated a lot of time and energy to these races… and I couldn’t be more proud of what they’re accomplishing.

So to Shannon F, Crystal V, Kara G, Mark C, Rhonda C, Ashley H, Mick M, Tom B, Julie J, Alexis C –

You guys are my jam and this playlist is for you:  [Read more…]

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TRX in May: New classes, additions, and locations!

I’ve been a little absent here on the blog lately, but only because I’ve got a few things in development. Here’s what’s happening now and next month:

970643_10151654161164893_282133476_n [Read more…]

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Feelin’ Good This Friday

photo 3

I think we’re all feeling a little bit better this week. The weather finally seems to be warming up and staying a little more consistent. I won’t put away my down jacket just yet though… I feel like that’s completely jinxing everything – just begging for another snow storm to swoop through. So I’ll leave it in my closet and hope to hell that I don’t need it until the winter… or until I go to Canada next (spring is coming there too, but it’s a little later than here). With everybody thawing out and arising from hibernation, I think we’re all a little happier. Here’s why I’m feelin’ so good this Friday:

>It’s been a really great week. I was able to launch my new TRX Barre class, which sold out. I’m proud of the format I created, I get to see ladies I love, and it’s a way different vibe than my 6m TRX Bootcamps. I haven’t taught mid-morning classes since I lived in San Diego (where I taught 6 classes per day all over the city) and I seriously miss that time slot (and those classes/gyms/participants). My body is actually awake at that time, I have time to run a comb through my hair and drink some tea, and I’m just an all-around better person by that point in the day. I’m looking forward to doing more around that time.

photo 1

>With the warmer weather I’m a way better dog mother. Tango and I are able to stay outside way longer and I’m soaking up all the sun and pretty, blooming flowers. I have a billion photos in my phone of flower buds these days. It’s like they might be stolen from us at any moment and I want to document each one to remember their beauty. I realize that’s a bit dramatic, but I feel like this winter has just messed with my soul. They’re so pretty though.

>I do most of my traveling for TRX during the later part of the week and the weekends. Sometimes, when I’ve got a heavy schedule, I can end up dreading it. This weekend however, I’ll be traveling only an hour and half east to Lexington to teach. NBD. Aaaaand I get to meet up with one of my favorite people in the world, Julie! We went to college together and haven’t gotten to hang in at least a year. Work trips that turn into personal trips are the best kind. And I’ll be back home at decent time too. #triplewhammy

>Here’s a random, but fabulous photo of my family, from when I was 3 years old. Yesterday on social media everybody was all “Happy Siblings Day!” I’ve never heard of this holiday, but it seemed like a good idea to post old photos of me and my bro so I participated. This photo I keep in my wallet and is my absolute favorite. I look a little bit like my mother. ; )


photo 4

This weekend is Thunder Over Louisville – an all-day gigantic airshow over the entire city with the Blue Angles and tons of other planes. It’s so exciting. Almost like a big “Welcome Spring!” for the city. This air show leads to an even bigger fireworks display, choreographed to music. It’s a 30 minute long show that gets bigger and better every year. Thunder is the official kickoff to the Kentucky Derby Festival – the 3 weeks that lead to the Derby Races, and the MOST EXCITING time ever to be in Louisville. Derby is like our Mardi Gras and the entire city comes to life. I highly recommend that if you ever decide to visit Kentucky, you do it during the last week of April that leads into the first Saturday in May. You won’t be disappointed.

photo 2

Hope you’ve had an excellent week as well. Happy Friday!

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Workout Playlist!


Here’s my latest workout playlist if you’re lookin’ for some tunes to get you going!  [Read more…]

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Things That Are Our Jam Right Now



Running in the grass.


Colored plastic sunglasses.








What’s your jam right now?

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