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I keep thinking today is Wednesday.

And other goings on…

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Wrong Day: I hate being wrong on my days. It sucks because I feel like a nut job all day, and getting ready for appointments and classes that aren’t happening or are happening but at different times. It also sucks thinking you’re one day closer to the weekend when you’re not. Today is almost over though. No big deal. I would really like the weekend to get here though…

Weekend: This past weekend I taught the last couple TRX courses for the month. I’ve taught 7 courses in 6 cities in the last 4 weekends so I’m ready for a weekend at home. I don’t have any more courses until September and the last two weekends of the month will be spent totally lounging, I hope.  This weekend I head up to Toronto for a fitness conference, where my man-friend will also be!!  My man-friend is originally from Ontario so I’ll also be meeting his best friend and immediate family for the first time. I’m excited to see him (it’s been nearly a month since our last trip) and really excited to meet the people who, other than his sons, mean the most to him.

Lady Parts: Also ready for this week to be over because apparently with these new cysts that are hanging out on my ovaries these days, some weeks are just shitty. Nausea, headaches, and crazy cramps get in the way of my day to day schedule. That, accompanied with what seems like the symptoms of a light, summer cold, this week is just feeling awesome. #psych. I’m hoping that these symptoms are just some allergies and that they’ll be gone in the next couple days when the weather changes. Fingers crossed! These are those times when having an active job isn’t so much the bomb.

Something in the water: I read 3 pregnancy announcements IN A ROW on my Facebook feed yesterday morning. To go along with the 80,000 real life friends and probably 10,000 blog friends that are preggo already. It’s THIS AGE: Late 20s, early 30s. It seems like nearly every female friend I have is either pregnant, has just been pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant. There are all kinds of emotions I experience around these announcements: Being super happy for my buds. Getting really pumped to be able to buy sweet, tiny baby things for upcoming showers. Being a little bummed that things will change, and the friendships that I have will as well… (because I’m not a mom and most conversations will be better had with other moms who KNOW what life is like with children). And being a little bit jealous. I’m not ready for one of my own, but I guess it’s just feelings of getting left behind in the life cycle. I know I can’t complain because I’m only 29, have plenty of time, and am getting to do more because I’m not a mom, but the feelings are still there, swirling around. Happiness, wistfulness, melancholy.

Things That Are My Jam: Since this post is all “Negative Nancy” so far, let’s look at the positive. The following things are my jam: The pumpkin ginger candle I got at the drug store. I know it’s not fall yet, but that ish was $3 at the store, so home it came. Half my flight to Bali is booked for this fall. YEAH. Getting to work out with my friend, Kara this morning and pledging to have a standing Tuesday morning workout date with her from now on.  Figuring out how to work the DVR and record the Modern Family series, along with So You Think You Can Dance. We’ve just gotten AT&T internet and so it comes with U-verse basic cable (which means like 10 channels) but also includes DVR, which means I can record things I’ll get to watch (when I’m home in two weeks)! The James Taylor and Civil Wars Pandora stations. And my super cute dog, Tango, snuggling up beside me.

All that… and my 30th birthday is next week. Countdown has begun.

Happy almost-Wednesday!

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Things That Are My Jam Right Now

If you’re following me on Instagram you’ll see that this theme is well in line with #100HappyDays. So apologies if you’re seeing some of these things twice. It’s all good stuff, though! : )

From my trip to Chicago last weekend:

1) A glass of wine and some really great blueberries after teaching all day.

photo 2

2) Hanging with my friend, Kelli and watching the first 4 episodes of Dawson’s Creek, because the whole series is now available on Netflix. We would have watched the whole thing if I hadn’t had to teach Education Courses all weekend. And it was just as glorious and cheesy as we remembered. But with some plot lines that we’d forgotten! i.e. Pacey’s affair with his teacher!


3) My awesome fitness buddy Aleah being in Chicago the SAME weekend as me!


From other events, traveling and home:

4) This awesome article about being honest when talking to your kids about their bodies and sex.

5) Having a great friend that lives on the same street. Monday night turned into an impromptu dinner/wine catch up night!


6) This is that friend, Cesar. He has the most amazing grilled corn on the cob recipe.

photo 4

7) Getting to wear my client, Mary’s work jacket while I was training her the other night.

Backstory: I had worked out and rushed to shower right before our session so I was burning up when I left my house. That gym is FREEZING if you’re not working out. About 5 minutes into our session I was c-c-cold! Thanks, Mary for letting me borrow your jacket! : )

photo 1

8) Discovering the bag of Trader Joe’s PB Pretzels lying next to the bag of baking chocolate chips in the cabinet… #holymatchmadeinheavenbatman #limitonehandful

photo 6

9) Getting to be with Tango while he made his modeling debut: lululemon Louisville Showroom’s “Dog Days of Summer” product notification. Forgive my pose. I know it’s not actually downward facing dog. When shooting with an animal, you gotta get into position and be ready when they are. He was ready all the sudden, then I wasn’t. Oh well. He still looks amazing!

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.09.13 PM

What’s your jam right now?!

Happy Friday, blog buds!

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