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11 Links That Are My Jam Right Now

Here are a few links that I’ve liked, retweeted, and pinned lately. I hope you enjoy!

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1) These pets interrupting their owners’ yoga practices.

2) This refreshing, loving, supportive blog post from a Christian pastor on what he’d do if his children happened to be homosexual. #loveislove

3) These 8 Exercises Every Woman Should Be Doing.

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Workout Playlist! “Boy” Music


Working out with my man-friend is great, but we don’t always agree on what we listen to while we train. My playlists are more “dance party ” while his tend to be more “let’s destroy things.” And while I’m pretty open to all types of music, there’s usually always some Beyonce, Lady Gaga, or  Pink in my mixes that I’m sure that he, and the guys in my bootcamp, would be happy to hear less of… So here’s my go at a male-friendly playlist for the fellas! We’ll see if it gets my man-friend’s stamp of approval in our next session.

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Healthy Living Blog Tour of Cleveland: Part 2

If you want to get caught up on this story, check out Part 1 of our Tour here. The short story: Positively Cleveland brought me up to the city to cruise around with fellow healthy blogger, Alicia, from Poise in Parma, to check out all the healthy things you can do as a tourist (or resident) in Cleveland. Since fitness, travel, and blogging are all 3 of my main jams, this seemed like the perfect weekend getaway!


On Saturday morning, day 2 of our Cleveland tour, Alicia and I met up for brunch in Ohio City, at Town Hall. From the moment I stepped out of my Uber car, I knew this was going to be a great spot to eat. Even though it was raining a little, the huge garage door style walls were up and open to let in the fresh air. TownHall, named Cleveland’s Best New Restaurant and Best Place for Brunch sports a really incredible menu, designed with something for everybody. They’ve got gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, as well as a juice bar, espresso bar, and regular bar. Their food is also organically driven, sustainable, and locally sourced. Top that, every other brunch place around! I ordered the Green Thumb juice (kale, celery, lemon, ginger, and apple) and my usual eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Everything we had was delicious and I was thinking it’s a good I don’t live here or I’d be spending every morning (and dollar) at this place. With wifi, electrical outlets all over, and a dog-friendly patio, this restaurant was definitely my jam. (I’m definitely coming back the next time I’m in town.)


We were supposed to grab our rental bikes and cruise out immediately afterwards, but the weather was hampering our plans, so we delayed them a bit and walked around the corner to the famous West Side Market. As you step inside this building, built specifically for this marketplace in 1912, you’re presented with row upon row of fresh food, waiting to be purchased and turned into a delicious meal. You’ve got the meat section, the fish section, the pastry section, the produce section and it’s absolutely slammed with customers ready to purchase any and everything. This market has been rockin’ since the 1840s and it doesn’t look like it’s slowed since.


And not only was this booth sporting locally raised meat, but also supported Equality and the Human Rights Campaign! #doublewhammy #equality


I could have sat up in the balcony area and people watched all morning long, but the weather was clearing so we were on our way to bike around Cuyahoga National Park! Thank goodness for car chargers because we were out of juice from all our photo-taking and social media-ing.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

We had rented bikes from Cleveland Bike Tours and had planned on biking the Tow Path that Alicia frequents, but the rain made the dirt path too muddy for us, so we had to make due with the paved walkway.



Positively Cleveland had us team up with Cinecraft Productions to film parts of our bike ride, so were donned with GoPros, put on our best “just-riding-normally-while-being-filmed-by-a-camera-crew” faces and had a blast cruising around. #nothingtoseehere



Post-ride we had to hurry home for quick showers so we could get to our evening plans: Dinner and Baseball!We met up at the raved-about Greenhouse Tavern, Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s flagship store (he has 4 other restaurants around his native city.) It’s quite close to the ballpark and on bustling E. 4th Street you can catch a table outside, where no cars are allowed. Because it was completely packed though, we dined inside. With a huge collection of old, all Ohio-made, vintage bikes on the walls and VHS tapes lining the shelves, you can tell the owner appreciates art and entertainment.

Our very passionate waiter, who wouldn’t allow me to order two of the drinks/entrees I wanted and instead made other recommendations, was my second favorite part. I was initially surprised by his show of force, but he was amazing. I can definitely appreciate the thought behind his suggestions, as they turned out to be spot on. My Crunchy Kale salad was wonderful, very lemon-y, and I was kind of kicking myself for not also ordering the Red Basket Farm Tomato that Alicia ordered. Thankfully, she let me have a bite of hers. Y’all. Those tomatoes! And my strip steak was so good I wanted to order another… but since we’d stuffed ourselves silly of all the amazing, locally sourced veggies and meat, we couldn’t fit another thing in our bellies. (There are absolutely no photos of mine from this part of the evening because I was busy devouring everything they put in front of me. Nothing beats fresh food prepared by an amazing chef, and perfect wine.)

IMG_0822Guess which is healthier: 8,000 calorie nachos or Stadium Peanuts?  ; )

We sauntered over to Progressive Field and up to our seats we’d managed to score in the team’s Social Suite. The view was amazing, the weather cool, but enjoyable, and a foul ball actually flew up into our box! Thank goodness the guy in front of us caught it, because my baseball nightmare has always been getting knocked out cold by a stray foul ball… High five, buddy.


The night couldn’t have been any better, (well, if my numerous attempts at getting on the jumbo tron’s “Dance Cam” had been successful, it would have been perfect) AND the Tribe won!

As Alicia drove me back to my hotel for the night, we talked about what an amazing weekend we had, how grateful we were that we had so much in common and got along so well, and how we couldn’t wait to meet back up again. Since my work takes me to northern Ohio quite often, I’ll be looking quite forward to my next trip to Cleveland, and to hang with my new bud. Thanks so much to Positively Cleveland for the amazing weekend, and to my host, Alicia for showing me all the wonderfully healthy activities and restaurants the city has to offer. It’s great to be able to travel without having to sacrifice your healthy living habits.


And a last shout-out to all the places we visited on our whirlwind, two-day Healthy Living Tour: Evo Yoga, Paladar, Lululemon, TownHall, Westside Market, Cleveland Bike ToursThe Greenhouse Tavern, The Cleveland Indians (Go Tribe!).

This trip and both posts were sponsored by Positively Cleveland. All thoughts/opinions are my own. You can read Alicia’s posts 1 & 2 here and here.

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When all your friends are parents… and you’re not.


It just happens when you hit your 30s – most of your friends start becoming parents. And if you’re not a parent yourself, it can be hard. I had a few friends get married right out of college who have been parents for a few years now, but it seems now nearly ALL of my close friends are either trying to get pregnant, are currently pregnant, or have just had babies. There was a day on Facebook that I read 3 pregnancy announcement statues IN A ROW. It seems to be on overload at the moment. We’ve officially crossed that line into a new phase of adulthood… Here’s how my week went last week:

Monday Night: head over to my BFF’s house to meet her new little one, (her second) Ava Mae.


Tuesday Night: headed over to my friend Kara’s for a little wine and catch-up (after her two girls went to bed).


Wednesday morning: My good friend, Stacey just moved back to Louisville and we wanted to catch up so we went for a walk in the park with her 5-month-old, Leroy. His smile… #imeeeeean



Thursday Night: I hadn’t seen my friend Lauren in forever so I went to her house to go for a walk. She and her husband had news…


Friday: I had to decline an invite to a baby shower for my friend, Kaitlyn. It’s happening on a weekend I will be out of town. This is the 4th one I will miss in just the past couple months. Sorry, Lindsay, Amanda, and Andrea! And don’t even get me started on blog peeps… of the ones I read on a regular basis, Bridget, Emily, Elizabeth, Megan, Taza, (and a ton of others) have recently announced their new little ones will be arriving soon. You may notice a trend…

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about all of it on blogs, it’s just hard not to know what they’re going through for yourself. (Did you ever have a bunch of friends turn 21 before you? It’s like you’re glad they can purchase the booze now for house parties, but house parties are a thing of the past once they can get into bars and clubs… sooo you’re still left out.)  I love hearing all my friends’ stories and being there to go through it with them, it just makes me kind of sad because I know I’ll be seeing these friends a little less than I already do. I realize that life gets a lot more hectic when kids enter the picture and I’m totally willing to be the one to work around my friends’ schedules, because that’s the easier solution, but eventually, you just kind of get phased out. People with kids tend to hang around more with other friends who have kids. It’s easier for parents to hang with other parents so your kids can have playdates. Parents see other parents more when they’re picking kids up from school or daycare or gymnastics. If you’re not a parent, it’s like you’re in a completely different universe.

I guess it was easier to deal with when I was younger and I had fewer friends with kids than ones without. And when you’re 25 years old and living by the beach in San Diego, you’re not super worried about all your friends having kids because you’re happy for them, you’re doing your thing. Now the tables have definitely turned. Those of us without kids are the minority. And the thought of “I’ve got plenty of time to have them…later” creeps up on you. Because now you’re 30. And before you know it, you’re 35. And then shit starts getting heavy because it can be harder to conceive and harder to keep, since miscarriages are so much more common as you age. Then you’re pushing 40 and wondering if you even want to bring a kid into the world that will be graduating high school when you’re nearing 60! Gah! I’m completely aware that this sounds crazy, but it’s where my mind goes at times… Anybody else thinking of that ish these days?

It’s crazy because some days I feel like I’m 25 still. And although I know I’ve still got plenty of time, it just kind of makes you start thinking, “When will I have time to have a baby?” I like running my business, I like traveling all over the world, I don’t have that 50 grand in my bank account that I feel would be a safe buffer amount to have, and there’s that tiny little caveat of needing another person to have a child (still living in a different country than my man-friend kind of affects that).

Then other days I hardly think about it at all and I’m glad that I can go through my day just focusing on myself and what I need to accomplish…

My close friends do a really great job of keeping me included. And I have absolutely no qualms about them not returning a call, or being late, or just wanting to stay home and chill (which I’m all for these days myself). I guess the hardest part is feeling a little like you’re left out of the “Parent Club,” and as a female, the “Mom Club.” As with most situations, you simply can’t understand what a certain lifestyle is like until you’ve experienced it yourself. I went to a girl’s night out a few months ago where I was literally the only one there with no kids. I still had a great time, I just didn’t have a birth story to share, or a a blowout story, or a sleepless night story, etc. Even though I was a nanny for years and even though my man-friend has two little boys who I love and adore, my non-mom opinions/stories just don’t really count. I get it. I accept it. It’s just a bummer sometimes.

I guess this feeling is very similar to those of my friends who had kids earlier, and they were the minority among their friends. They were the ones who felt left out when everybody else is planning group trips to the beach or late nights out, or last-minute get-togethers that they just couldn’t participate in because they had kids. It swings both ways…

So how do we non-moms or non-parents cope? Usually when there’s something I want to be involved in, I don’t whine about being left out. I take action and make it happen for myself. Since that’s not really an option in this case, I kind of just cruise through it and try not to let it get me down. I try to stay as involved as possible with my parent friends, contribute what I can and empathize, and make it a point to be there as a friend as much as possible. I know these feelings are temporary, but they’re there nonetheless.

Any body else out these having these same thoughts/feelings? I know I’m not alone. Megan wrote a similar post a few months ago. Elizabeth wrote one as well, about the relationships of moms and non-moms, though I can’t seem to find it…


*And if you’re a friend of mine reading this that has kids (currently or on-the-way) please don’t feel like I’m inconvenienced by your parent status. I want you to continue sharing every aspect of your life (including blowouts, tantrums, and potty-training), just like I’ll share mine with you (one day). We are friends for a reason. We’re just in two different boats right now and I’m trying to navigate my way through…


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Workout Playlist!

largephoto via

My playlists are always an hour long, including warm-up and cool-down music.

Here’s what I’m working out (and dancing) to this week:

Follow me and the rest of my playlists on Spotify!

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10 Links that are my jam right now…

photo 6

There are all kinds of good things floating around the interwebs these days. These ones are my jam right now:

1. This guy who’s traveling the world, and doing naked handstands in each country. #creativetravelphotos

2. How the new Apple Watch is going to revolutionize fitness.

3. 17 Things You Should Know Before Dating an Athletic Girl.

4. Stop Exercising. Start Training. — > Get out of the gym. Get a goal. Train for it.

5. Creating independent & responsible kids. “Why I Let My Kids Walk to the Corner Store. And Why You Should Too”

6. Precision Nutrition’s Blog post on the Pros & Cons of the Paleo Diet. {GREAT Read!}

7. 19 Powerful tweets on domestic violence victims. #WhyIStayed

8.‘s Best Books of the Month and New Releases lists. Looking for a book? Go there!

9. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day was my favorite book when I was kid. Now there’s a movie.

10. The awesome chick who made fun of Anthropolie’s Furniture Catalog.

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It’s snowing in Canada this week… seriously.

photo 5

Thank goodness for the Weather Channel app and its 10 day forecast, without which I might never have known that I would be going from sweating (in shorts, flip flops, and tank) on Monday afternoon, to bundled up (in my down jacket, scarf, and snow boots) by Monday night. #shitthathappenswhenyouvisityourCanadianmanfriend. At least that 10 day forecast prepared me to pack all my winter-weather essentials, and scour the basement for my snow boots, before I left for the airport.

It was a little bit of a bummer to arrive here in the snow, as we were looking forward to climbing, trail running, and mountain biking this week, buuuut it is really pretty to look at and play in. Here we were yesterday morning… all bundled up, taking T & R to school. Building snowmen and having snowball fights with a bunch of kids and parents is my new, preferred way to start a school day in a bunch of unexpected snow.

photo 4

photo 3


And I’ll never turn down an office with a fireplace, a blanket, my morning tea and warm clothes. Hasthag cozy! The nice thing about being here this week is that it’s giving me a chance to catch up on a ton on computer work I’ve been needing to do… expenses, upcoming programming, travel booking, etc.

Thankfully, this snow isn’t normal for September around here. It happens occasionally, but it’s nice and warm more often than not. I was visiting this same week last year and we were canoeing the river… in shorts. This place is keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. #OhCanada


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Healthy Living Blog Tour of Cleveland: Day 1

Fitness + Travel… this is essentially my life.

IMG_2274It took me about 12 attempts to get this hotel window selfie… I hope you appreciate it.

I travel frequently all over the country for work, and probably go to Ohio every other month. I’d only been to Cleveland once before, but hadn’t really experienced much of the city. I was really excited when Positively Cleveland, the city’s visitor bureau, invited me up for a Healthy Living Tour, hosted by Cleveland health blogger, Alicia H., of Poise in Parma. It’s awesome that Positively Cleveland has a website that not only lists museums, restaurants, and the usual city guide info, but also lists its upcoming running and cycling race schedule, trail maps and national park information. They’re not just trying to “entertain” you while you’re in town. They’re trying to introduce you to all the ways the city can keep you active and outdoors, two things that are truly my jam.

Traveling all over has it’s obvious advantages, but one of the hardest things about being on the road frequently is keeping up healthy habits. When you’re out of town and off your normal routine, workouts tend to get pushed to the back burner and finding restaurants that offer healthy options can be hard to come by if you aren’t familiar with the area. There’s so much listed, it actually seemed like a daunting task to narrow it down. I’m so grateful Alicia put together such a kickass weekend for the two of us. Here’s what went down:

When I pulled into town last Friday night, I checked into my room at Aloft Cleveland Downtown. I’ve spent my fair share of nights in hotels all over the world and the things I love most, simplicity, comfort, and productive design, were all included in this stay. I had an awesome bed, a great view while working at the desk (complete with all the outlets I needed for my various electronics), and a great group fitness schedule in the hotel’s gym. While my schedule was too packed to take advantage of any classes there, I love any hotel that provides their visitors with several options to keep consistent with their workouts! Taking advantage of group classes is a great way to get your workout in without having to think about what you’re going to do, wonder if you’re doing it correctly, or being tempted to stop too early.



After freshening up in my room, I headed about 15 minutes southeast of downtown to meet up with Alicia and take her Friday evening Vinyasa yoga class at Evolution Yoga. After the 5 hour drive, my body was ready to loosen up and it felt great to keep things mellow in mood, but challenging, physically. Alicia taught a great flow and the hour flew by. We even got to rock out some fun inversions. I suck at inversions, but I’m trying to hold a handstand for more than .5 seconds so any practice helps…


Next on the schedule was dinner, as we were both ravenous by this point in the evening. The restaurant was located in Eton Chagrin, a boutique shopping center not far away that includes Apple, The North Face, Anthropologie, and Lululemon. Danger! I was able to keep myself out of Anthro, but we did make a quick pit stop at lululemon, because some things just can’t be helped…


Alicia raved about the gloriousness that was Paladar Latin Kitchen and Rum Bar, and so that was our destination for the evening. After having a delicious guacamole appetizer with chips of tortilla, yucca, plantain, and malanga, I ordered the Blackened Fish Tacos with a cilantro adobo sauce that made me completely thankful for my sense of taste. Overall it was a fabulous meal to share with a new friend. It was wonderful to share such an amazing meal and chat up another blogger, dog-lover, and fitness instructor. We could have sat there for far longer, but had a busy day lined up for Saturday… so we clinked our margarita and mojito glasses in toast to a great weekend kickoff and called it a night.



IMG_0748Me, taking a photo of Alicia (and our drinks), taking a photo of me and our drinks. #shitbloggersdo

If you’d like to check out any other part of our tour, search the hashtag #ThisIsCLE and you’ll see our other posts from the weekend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… if you didn’t already see us blowing up your feeds. Day 2 is coming soon!


{This post was sponsored by Positively Cleveland. All thoughts/opinions are my own!}

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Get debt-free by 30. Check.


As I wrote a couple weeks ago, one of the things I wanted to do by age 30 was get out of debt.

This is incredibly embarrassing to type out, but last year, a few months before my 29th birthday, I was realizing that I was nowhere near where I’d hoped to be financially. For some reason I thought, by that point in my life, I’d have 10, maybe 20 grand in the bank and be well on my way to a financially secure future. In reality, there was my car loan, two small credit card balances, a couple dental/health bills, my student loans, etc. They were all small amounts when you looked at the bills separately, but when I actually added up my total debt, I was disgusted with the number… and myself. $12,000! I owed 12K and had just a few hundred bucks in savings… What had I been doing the past few years?! Not focusing on finances… obviously.

Initially, my debt didn’t seem to stand out to me. Most of my friends my age have a car payment, student loans, and some sort of credit card they’re paying off. Online I’d read tons of stories of folks owing tens of thousands of dollar in just credit card debt alone. I thought I was way better off than those people. But when sat down and looked at the amount of money I could save each month by not paying on debt, it rocked me. I was spending about $1000 each month on debt bills. That ish was completely unnecessary. Saving $1,000 per month sounded way better than shelling it out.

I had been under the impression (from myself) that  I was doing good financially: I made more money than I had to pay each month and I could pay my bills and still have some left over. Great. But all the “leftover” got spent each month. I’d been out of college for 7 years and had nothing to show for it. (I won’t say I didn’t have anything to show for it… not in terms of “stuff.” I took plenty of trips, saw 6 countries, and made great friendships from a lot of those trips. But still…) It was time to reel it in.

At this realization, I was kicking myself for not making larger payments all this time. Especially when I was married and living in a two-income household, with a husband that saved everything. Going from that kind of household back down to a single income household was more costly. I realized that since my divorce in 2011, I just stopped focusing on my financial goals. I could still support myself, but there definitely wasn’t as much “extra money” and I wasn’t making any goals of my own. However, I couldn’t sit around moping about what I didn’t do for the last 3 years. It was time to get after it and tackle my debt.

Step 1. Take advantage of 0% interest rates.

I needed to make sure the debt I had wouldn’t accumulate any extra interest. I had an empty credit card that had $9600 of credit available and it was offering a 0% interest rate for any balance transfers for 1 year, so I put as much as I could onto that card. That only left a few thousand dollars to get rid of as quickly as possible and gave me a year to pay down what I’d just transferred. This bought me some time and saved me some dollars on interest.

Step 2. Pay down the smallest balances first.

If you’ve got more than one balance (like a credit card, car payment, student loan, etc), focus and start on the smallest one. Make minimum payments on everything else and put everything you can toward the smallest balance until it’s gone. As soon as that one’s paid off, you do the same with the next highest one. You’ll knock out payments and have a bigger amount to spend on the next thing every month. It snowballs each month and gives you a small sense of accomplishment, which helps!

I had $800 that I owed on my computer so I started with that first. Since I didn’t have crazy interest building on my other credit card after the transfer, I was able to get rid of that balance in just 2 months. Then I moved on to finish paying the $1100 I owed for my dental work. Each time I paid something off, it left more money to pay off the other things faster. This was great for me psychologically too. Every time I crossed something off my spreadsheet, I got more motivated.

Since I’m self-employed, how good/not-so-good business was that month was the deciding factor on how much I was able to pay off. Some months were better than others and so I’d put as much toward my debt as possible. Once those little things were all done, I just had the big sum to start chipping away at.

I did this before I’d heard Dave Ramsey talk about the debt snowball, so I felt validated after the fact.

Step 3. Cut back on monthly spending.

Looking back, I could have paid off my car in under two years if it had actually occurred to me to do so. But instead I spent any extra money I had. However, if you’re in any kind of debt (other than your mortgage), there is no such as thing as “extra money.” I used to think I had leftover money each month after I paid my bills, but that wasn’t a great way to look at my account. There’s no reason to be buying things, going on vacations, getting a new tv/car if you owe money to other companies/people. I had to re-wire my thought process on my spending.

Since it’s easy to drop anywhere from $30 – $60 on a single night out, I cut back on dinners/drinks. This wasn’t incredibly hard. I wake up at 5am most days of the week so usually want to get to sleep by 10pm. This doesn’t leave a lot of time at night. Also, since I travel for work most weekends I’m really only in town a few days per week.

I also started cutting my monthly expenses. I got rid of my storage unit ($60/month), found new car insurance (saving me $40/month) and even changed my phone plan (saving me another $40/month). The extra $140 per month went to the debt.

My next move was to stop buying “stuff.” I don’t shop a lot, but every now and then I’d go with a friend to the mall and walk out having spent $100. For NO REASON. And we all know about the $30 cover charge just for walking through the doors of Target. I had all the clothes I need. I’m stocked up on shoes/accessories. I don’t need any “things.” My new plan: if it was an item, I didn’t need it. (Reading about minimalism lately has really gotten me pumped on not having a lot of stuff. This will also be helpful the next time I move…) Now, I didn’t get crazy and just stay at home in the dark eating Ramen noodles. I just looked at my bank statement and added up everything that I didn’t need to spend money on. It was a lot. I knew I could do better… and so I did. All the money I stopped spending went to paying down my debt balance. And it was getting lower, faster.

Step 4. Make more money.

I took on a lot more work this year than I had the years before. This meant a lot more travel and time away from home, but it had to be done. I was thinking if I could pay off this debt by the time I hit 30, then I could cut back on some hours, but until then, it was time to crank it out. The extra work paychecks that I made went directly to my debt. ALL OF IT. This is definitely disheartening, seeing your account balance go up and then right back down in the same day, but it was necessary. If that money had been in my account, I would have found something to spend it on. The good thing about working more is having less time to spend. Since I was gone more weekends, I spent less on groceries, entertainment, gas, etc. I was making more, spending less, and knocking out my payments.

Step 5. Saving at the same time.

Since the other part of my goal was to increase my savings, I had to actually act on that. Unfortunately being self-employed doesn’t mean I get a company matched 401-k. I was gonna have to get started myself and I didn’t want to wait until my debt was paid off (who knew how long that would take). I started small: I opened an IRA and a Money Market account and just set them up to automatically withdraw $100 per month each. This was an embarrassing amount to set up, (because the guy I talked to suggested $1,000 per month…. riiiight) but it was better than nothing. I just wanted some forward movement. Any forward movement! The majority of my money needed to go to my debt. Once that was paid off, I would increase the monthly contributions.

The good news is, those contributions add up quickly. Since they were automatic, I completely forgot about them at times. When I looked at them last month, there was a total of $3300! That’s $3300 in savings that I didn’t have before! That balance doesn’t allow me to retire soon or anything, but it’s definitely more than I had. Now that my debt is actually gone. I can make those amounts bigger.

Step 6. SAVE: The $1,000 Buffer and 6 months of expenses.

$1,000 Buffer: For the past 6 years or so, I’ve kept a minimum of $1,000 in my checking account. This makes me feel taken care of should anything unexpected pop up; needing new tires, an unexpected medical bill, a car break-down, etc. I’ve dipped below it a couple time when things came up, but I always replaced it. If my checking account read $1700, my mind only saw $700. This helps. It’s a great way from having to dip into savings or use a credit card in times of need.

6 Months of Expenses: They always say that you should have 6 months of expenses in a liquid account in case you lose your job, but I hear more and more, you’re probably ok with 3 months worth if you don’t have a family yet. I’m in the process of that right now, but I’m nearly halfway there, so that feels good.

Now: I’m 30 and debt free!

Five days before my birthday, I made my last payment on my last bill. I’m officially out of debt, I have a few thousand in savings/retirement and I’m on my way to feeling more financially secure. I know I’ve still got a ways to go; getting my 3 months of expenses saved up, having a chunk of money that can actually be invested, etc, but I’m in a way better place now than my last birthday and that feels wonderful.

So tonight, I’m congratulating myself by drinking a bit of sparkling wine that a client of mine gifted me.

Good night!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Do you have any financial goals you’ve recently made for yourself or accomplished? How did you do it? Any tips for investing and becoming ridiculously rich? Pass ’em on!



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