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Five posts in one week and then two weeks with nothing. It happens… Life has been crazy around these parts. Planning a move and preparing for a move don’t make regular work/life to-do lists any shorter, but I’m excited about all of it. Right now my plan is to be in Colorado for the month of May to scope out Denver and Boulder, then head up to Canada in June to hang with my man-friend, and then either return to Colorado to settle for a bit or head back to San Diego to settle for a bit… by the beach. Like I said, this is the plan now, but it’s subject to change. I’m also trying to make plans for my Louisville fitness business to continue after I leave. This is a hard thing with a lot of moving parts, but I’m confident I can make it happen and leave all my clients in good hands. I’m also trying to manage my bootcamp and current clients around being out of town so much. I’ve got TRX workshops to teach and conferences to attend (and present at!) all over the place. Coming up is Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Chicago, New York and back to Indy. Soooo not hectic at all.


We’d planned on doing the “look away” but Tang ruined it at the last second…

Besides our impromptu, sunny day selfie shoot, here’s what else has been going on:

Making: Budgets… Trying to live for 2 months without working and pay for a move across the country, with a dog, is going to be interesting.

Drinking: White Russians. Because Winter.

Reading: I’ve been on this biography for a while now. SUPER interesting and motivating, it’s just long as hell.

Wanting: The 55 degree weather we had a few days ago to come back around.

Watching: Dvr’d episodes of Modern Family!

Eating: The squash/corn chowder that I’ve made appx. 20 times this season. Because Winter.

Listening: Kelly Clarkson’s Heartbeat Song.

Smelling: My pine candle. I got a little carried away at Christmas time and bought way too many holiday scent candles. I’m ok with it though.

Wishing: That Alabama same-sex couples are currently planning their now-legal weddings and can have the exact wedding they’ve been dreaming of.

Enjoying: This quiet night at home.

Loving: The fact that I see my man-friend in a little over a week! Can’t wait for 5 days together.

Hoping: To find a Yakima storage box for my car on craigslist. New ones are $500 – $600!

Needing: Another 10 hours of sleep like I got last night. That was glorious.

Feeling: Excited, nervous, excited, ready, not-ready, overwhelmed, and back to excited (about my move).

Wearing: These cotton wunder unders for the millionth time. They’re so soft. And I want my money’s worth.

Bookmarking: This book to read when I finish my current one. My friend Kara told me I would love it.



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Workout Playlist! Throwback Hip Hop


So the best thing has happened to radio here in Louisville, KY and it’s known as Old School 105.1. On Monday morning I saw about 5 Facebook posts about it and each day there have been more and more. With each song that comes on we’ve all been immediately transported back to middle school, spring break, senior prom, etc … Basically, if you’re between the ages of 28 and 40, you’re stoked. So tomorrow’s workout playlist has been inspired by the greatness that is the new 105.1.


So much to choose from, but these made first cut.
I have a feeling this is Version 1 of many…
What would you add to this list?
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