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Evening Walks…

A post on Saturday night? It’s because my man-friend is out of town for work… Aaaaaaall byyyyyy myseeeeeeelf…

Moving on: Tango and I have been trying out new paths and trails each day and evening for our walks. We’re trying to figure out our way around town (the trails, not the streets… you can find your way around the streets in about 20 minutes) and taking a new one each day has been fun and also relaxing. It’s SO pretty here. You can’t go wrong.

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A month with my Man-friend!

The second half of this trip will be spent up in Canada for an entire month with my Man-friend!! He’s currently away on a work trip, but we had a week together before he left and will have another 4 weeks together when he gets back. THEN we’re going to Europe for a couple weeks. {Reality is going to be a cold, hard b**** when this is all over and I have to go back to work in July…} In the meantime, I’m going to soak it all up.


The boys are loving having Tango here. [Read more…]

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Road Trip Q&A!


I’ve been on the road for about 6 weeks now and over that time have gotten a few questions about my trip.  I thought I’d do one big post to answer them all so please leave a comment if you have a question you’d like answered tomorrow!

Ones that are already on the table: [Read more…]

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Road Trip: Tango’s Car Sleeping Positions…

Tango was a little anxious when we left Kentucky 6 weeks ago. I’d been packing for a couple weeks, all our things had been shipped away, and then I was loading up the car. I’ve always packed his kennel and blanket for long trips so he can be as comfortable as possible, but he wasn’t having it. He sat up like this for the first two hours of our trip… and wouldn’t eat.


A little while later he started to chill out a bit…  [Read more…]

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I Confess… Road Trip Edition

“I Confess” theme by Carissa

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMoab, UT

I confess that every time I stop to get gas and clean my windshield, I seriously consider taking the squeegee to the entire exterior of my car. #somuchdirt

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Things That Are/Are Not My Jam: Road Trip Edition

It’s a hotel night! Yay for wifi!


I’ve been traveling for just over 3 weeks now and we are having a blast. There are numerous things that are my jam. However, even though my instagram feed might look like everything is perfect, there have definitely been some things that are not my jam. So that we can end on a good note, we’ll start with the latter:   [Read more…]

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Road Trip Part Two: California to Colorado!

The weather forecast in Colorado keeps showing cold and rain and so we decided to take a little more time to get there. I had to teach a couple TRX courses in Missouri last weekend and returned to San Diego on Monday. Tango and I wanted just one more day at the San Elijo campground to enjoy the amazing ocean sunsets and then we’d be hitting the road again!

First Stop: Joshua Tree National Park

From my first trip with Jenn and Jason in 2006, I’ve been in LOVE with this place. The entire park and surrounding areas look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book and it just has this funky energy around it. I’ve always come here to go climbing and bouldering, but with no room for a crash pad and Tango not quite knowing how to belay/spot me, this was a camping only trip. I scoured the campground for potential climbing buddies, but it was mostly couples and families. Being the third wheel was likely out of the question and the families weren’t climbing so Tango and I took a nice evening run to watch the sunset and catch some great photos in the amazing light.



We are certainly not making any speed records with the amount of drag created by my rocketbox and mountain bike on the top of my car. Aerodynamic we are not…


Second Stop: Lake Mead, Nevada

My man-friend recommended the Railroad Tunnel Trail to me earlier in the day so we decided to cruise there first for an out-of-the-ordinary trail run. We were stoked about it. You get to run the old train tunnels that were originally built back in the 30s for the sole purpose of delivering supplies to the Hoover Dam construction. The tracks have all been removed and you can run or hike through them all. When Fraser was first telling me about the tunnels I was imagining long, dark, creepy, abandoned tunnels that murderers would be hanging out in, ready to get us. He assured me they were not that scary so I trusted him and off we went. There are several of them, all pretty short, so no need to worry. You do, however, hear the squeaking of a few bats hanging above… this turned our trail run into tunnel sprints. ; )

IMG_4201 3

The temp had reached 87 degrees by the time we got there but the breeze was amazing.


All finished!


Next up: Utah!!  

We are thinking of heading to eastern/southern Utah next. Moab? Canyonlands? Bryce Canyon? There are so many amazing places to see in Utah. We’re not sure where we’ll head to next, but no doubt it will be amazing. Hoping to be in Denver by Sunday so see you whenever I get wifi again! You can keep up with us on Instagram by clicking here or searching the incredibly long hashtag, AmiandTangoRoadtrip2015. ; )

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Friday’s Letters

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley S.

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Dear San Diego, I was only going to hang for a few days, but now I’m thinking a few more days are in order. #imeeeean


Dear TRX Family, y’all are my jam. Enough said.


Dear United Airlines, I’m super grateful for my first class upgrade, but I was bummed when we had to switch planes because of mechanical issues. My bummed-ness was forgotten though as soon as the club guy got me on another flight WITH the same upgrade. High five, guys. Day made.

Dear Missouri, I wasn’t planning on being back so soon, but I’ll be teaching two brand new TRX courses this weekend and I couldn’t be more proud of the company I represent and the content they produce. Get ready!

Dear Kentucky, I know it’s preposterous to be gone during Derby, but it could not be avoided this year. Know you’re in my mind and heart forever.

Dear Denver, your thunderstorm forecast is KILLING my plans for next week. I’ll still be headed your way, but might pit stop in some sunnier places first… #campingbuzzkill

Dear Santa Barbara, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks – Vegas, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks, who wants me and Tango to visit them first? You’re the contenders for Place We Go Next.


Happy Oaks and Derby to everybody in Kentucky!! Happy Friday to everybody else!

I’m off to Missouri. See you soon!

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