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Canada – California – Canada – Ireland – U.K.

This entire trip may be the least efficient traveling I’ve ever done.

But definitely the most fun…


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9 Steps to Be Genuinely Happy

I’m no Pollyanna, but I try to be as proactive in my own happiness as I can be. Figuring out what I need is a huge component. Here’s how I do that:


These are numbered, but are in no particular order.

{1} Be OK by yourself. 

If you constantly need others around you, if you go from one relationship to the next with no time by yourself in between, if you don’t know what you want, you need some time alone. You have to figure out how to be ok alone. You need to discover what you want. You need to learn how to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. [Read more…]

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Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway!

I’m partnering up with Spartan Race again to give one free race code away!


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Date Night

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My time in Canada comes to a close on Monday of next week so we are trying to get in all the climbing we can for while we still each have our climbing partners handy. My man-friend LOVES multi-pitch climbing and going really high up while I’m more into single-pitch myself. [Read more…]

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This isn’t the drive-thru. REAL food takes time.

I’m having lunch and a beer at this awesome cafe in town for the third time this month. I love this place! They have amazing, quality food, a wide variety of food/drinks to choose from, and stellar atmosphere indoors and out. I just got in line to order my meal and got to stand awkwardly in between 2 customers that were pissed about things taking so long and being very vocal about their inconvenience. I had to bite my tongue to keep from going off on both of them. “This is not McDonald’s! Look at that menu! Your meal is being made NOW, not two hours ago!” I wanted to scream… but I didn’t. I knew it wouldn’t turn into anything good and I didn’t want to cause a scene in front of everybody else enjoying their afternoon.

The first guy was a tourist who’d been waiting “almost 20 minutes” and demanded his money back from the manager (who obliged and also offered a few gift cards, plus his apologies on training new kitchen staff). The second was a woman who made sure everybody knew she had a dog and screaming kids in the car waiting and that this shouldn’t take this long. She was in line about 30 seconds before I was. The whole scene took about 4 minutes. She ordered a muffin and a juice box…

When I got up to place my order I told the manager about this great sign I saw at Cheese Plus in San Francisco a couple months ago. I suggested he make something similar; either the same sign, or alter the wording just a bit (the title of this post).

FullSizeRender 2

It just got me thinking of how much the drive-thru has negatively altered our minds’ views on what REAL food is, how quickly it should be prepared, and how much it should cost. People are so used to the low price and “efficiency” of fast food that they simply don’t think about what they’re actually putting into their body. People are cooking so little these days that I’m not sure if they even realize how much time it takes to prepare a real meal.

Hint: it’s more than 90 seconds.

FastCheapGreat_vennimage via

In the drive-thru it’s fast because it’s already been prepared… a really long time before you got there. #shitaintfresh. It’s cheap because the ingredients are either poor quality, or not not real food to begin with. If you want real food, it’s probably going to take a few minutes. And it’s probably going to cost more than the dollar menu. I’m not saying you have to spend $100 on a meal to make it great. I’m not saying you should wait 2 hours for a quality meal to be prepared. I’m just saying to chill the hell out and don’t be an entitled ass. If you don’t care about quality and you want it RIGHT now, and you’re not worried about putting fake food into your body, then keep going through the drive-thru.

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For the record, my Southwestern Burrito (black bean mix, red peppers, corn, yam, chipotle sauce, aged cheddar, wheat tortilla, organic blue corn chips and salsa) was delish. It cost $10 and took about 11 minutes… and I didn’t implode because I had to wait for it to be made.

Thanks, Communitea… for the awesome service and quality, yummy food.

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These two…

I mean….

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Both boys are into Tango, but my man-friend’s youngest is SUPER into animals.

He’s head over heels for Tango and the feeling is mutual.

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Things and Links That Are My Jam Right Now

Happy Friday!


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Taking Mona Lisa smile selfies at the local cafe and blogging. #shitgirlssay


Making: An effort to finish the 3 blog posts I’ve started this week…

Wanting: to find a hotel room in London with my Marriott points. Not all my points though.  [Read more…]

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Camping Weekend

After doing so much camping during the first part of my trip, it was nice to set up in my manfriend’s place for a little while. I could get my clothes out of the bags, I could do laundry, I could have regular showers! But now that it’s been a week or two here, I was kind of missing my tent. The weather was perfect this past weekend so we packed up and headed out to camp. And we found the best spot. [Read more…]

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Road Trip Questions Answered!

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If you’re new here, my name is Ami and I’m currently on a 2.5 month road trip with my dog, Tango. We left Louisville, KY on April 16 and moved our things into a storage space in San Diego, CA. We’ve been traveling throughout the southwest and Colorado and are now in Canada, for a month, before we head back down the west coast to settle in San Diego. These are the answers to questions I’ve received most about this trip:

1. Why are you doing this? [Read more…]

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