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You Know You’re A Fitness Instructor When…

This month marks my 10 year anniversary in the fitness industry! Whether you teach yoga, pilates, cycling, strength, cardio, bootcamps, aerial, dance, hiit, or whatever else, your job as a professional instructor is a tad different than others…


You Know You’re A Fitness Instructor When:

1. Between teaching classes and your own workouts, showering should happen quite frequently for you, but doesn’t always…

2. When you separate your laundry piles into “dark fitness clothes,” “bright fitness clothes,” and “towels.” You hardly ever use your dryer. [Read more…]

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Workout Playlist!


Take a break from the to-do list.

Grab your head phones. Get after it.

1) I’m loving the song Electric Love right now.

2) And listening to This Woman’s Work reminds me of all the dance solos I’ve seen choreographed to it over the years…
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Things & Links That Are My Jam Right Now

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My best friend sent me some great gifts this week as reminders of home. I’m loving my new Kentucky shaped bracelet, as well as this scented soy candle. It’s been a hectic week, but I’ve been glad to get to spend so much of it with my Tango. We had a couple great beach walks and the fleas are finally gone (#shoutout The Vet)! My Fit Club has officially sold out this first session and I’ve had to extend my capacity, which is a nice feeling. I’m excited to launch it on Monday. Lastly, I leave in just a little bit to head up to Canada for a weekend with my man-friend and the boys. I haven’t seen the boys since I left there in July so I’m double excited.

 And now for the links:

TRX Master Instructor Shelley Wood is riding across Canada to raise $26k for kids w/cancer. Follow her SNKCR blog.

Why do I get wheezy running uphill? It could be a bigger problem. By Outside Magazine.

The best tweets from the #AppleEvent. By

Reading Rainbow is BACK!!!

The benefits of a bilingual brain. from TED-Ed.

Labor Day is the New New Year’s Day for fitness resolutions. By Kara Mohr for the US News.

Love watching this woman get what she deserved after berating restaurant staff. The whole internet.

10 yr old Louisville, KY philanthropist, Olivia Allen organizes girls’ confidence conference.

The incredible story of the almost-kamizee pilots of 9.11. by The Daily Mail.


Happy Friday, All!

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Spiders & Bugs: 4, Ami: 0

large-3image via

I don’t know what it is about this year but the spiders and bugs are just horrendous. In San Diego they keep blaming the heat and humidity on the fact that it’s an El Nino year… So now they’re blaming the bug infestations on that too. I’m just going to start blaming everything on El Nino from here on out.

Incident #1 – Spider vs. Ami’s hair [Read more…]

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My Five Favorite TRX Core Exercises

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I thought I’d share some of my favorite TRX moves for the core.  [Read more…]

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Video: Ami and Tango – Road trip 2015


At the start of this year, my dog Tango and I decided to move back to San Diego after spending the last 5 years at home in Louisville, KY. We also decided that we would take 3 months to road trip the western United States and Canada. We took tons of footage of our journey. Here’s what I could fit into 4 minutes and 32 seconds. ; )

Music: “Dreams” by The Cranberries

If you would like to check out the rest of our photos, you can search #AmiandTangoRoadtrip2015 on Instagram


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Friday’s Letters + TRX Giveaway Winner!

Friday’s Letters theme by Ashley S.

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Dear Erin Quinlan, YOU WON!! I’ll email you to get your addy to ship your new Suspension Trainer but wanted to make sure you got your own shoutout and announcement here. Congrats, girl! : )

Dear Everybody Who Entered the Giveaway, I’m sorry I don’t have 140 TRXs to give away. That would have been way cooler. If you’re still wanting your own though, you can click here to get the TRX Home Kit for %15 off ($169!), + a free workout download

Dear Tango’s fleas, [Read more…]

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TRX Suspension Trainer Giveaway!

I’ve got two great things to offer today! The first and most exciting (and honestly the reason you clicked on this post in the first place) is to give somebody a free TRX Suspension Trainer! Woot! Enter below by hooking me up with your email address so I can contact you if you win. There are multiple ways of gaining more entries so read carefully!

The second, is to announce my new project, the TRX Fit Club.


TRX Fit Club is a 4 week online training program I’ve been working on! Whether you’re just getting started with your fitness journey, an experienced and active athlete, or a trainer wanting some new ideas, this program allows anybody to train with me, from anywhere at any time, and only costs $49. [Read more…]

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