2016 Game Plan: Putting It On Paper. Together.


I love making New Year’s Resos. I don’t feel like I have to overhaul my life or anything, I just like finding little things that I can implement immediately and often that will help me move the progress needle a little further. If I can go to bed each night and ask myself what I did to get a little better this year, I want to be able to answer with something.

My man-friend and I decided to do our 2016 goals together on New Year’s Day morning and so we sat on the couch for a couple hours to knock them out. We each have different priorities and goals but it’s nice to talk things out and help each other decide which things were really important and how we were going to implement them over the weeks and months of this year.


*** After actually writing all this list out, I made several changes before typing it up. Even then, seeing it all typed out made me realize I was out of my damn mind. Too much ish to focus on all at once. It would be setting myself up for a sense of failure if I had too many things on my list that I didn’t do, so some things got deleted. Others got scaled way back. I encourage you to put it all on paper (or a digital device) to see what all you want to do this year. Is most of it feasible? How will you attempt to break it down each month so that it adds up to your goal by this time in 2017?

I have 5 categories and am in the process of defining 3 – 5 things to tackle within each of them.

These of course won’t happen all at once, but I can work on one thing per day.

Here’s what I have so far: The goal, followed by what I’ll do to get there, and how often.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

1. Physical

     *Attend a class taught by another fitness pro once per month.

     * 20 pull-ups. In a row. <— Implement into weekly workouts.

     * Run more than once per week. <— So… twice.

     * Dance class or climbing sesh, twice per month.

     * Nail the handstand. < — 5 Minutes practice, at least 3 days per week.

2. Career

     * Teach my own workshop weekend in Santa Barbara. <— April 2016

     * New website. <— Taylor: Need you big time.

3. Financial

     * Additional $50 per month into IRA & Savings

     * No purchasing any “things” on the odd months. (January, March, May, etc). <— Nice knowing you, Target.

     * Go to the library instead of purchasing the next book.

     * IF buying something: REUSE <— Get something from craigslist/swap meet instead of buying new.


4. Life/Travel

     * Another 3 month road trip w/ Tango. Additional $3,000 budget needed. <— Save $375 per month, ’til August.

* Learn Spanish: Continue Spanish lessons on DuoLingo. <— 30 points per day (Monday-Friday).

* Read the damn books on my shelf before I get any others. <— Re-start the “Read from 9:30 – 10pm” goal.

* Blog post once per week. <— This is the first one of the year. CHECK!

* Sipinski Ski Trip. <— Already scheduled! I’m on fire!

* Girl’s Trip <— needs a date. Lookin’ at you, Amanda & Bonna.


5. Family/Relationship

     * Getting family out to California or Canada once this year. <— call this month to figure out possible dates

     * Continuing the annual check-in convo w/ man-friend.

     * Ballroom dance class w/ man-friend.

     * Go ice-climbing w/ man-friend. <— March?

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

So there it is. “The list.” For everybody to see, including my man-friend.

(I also just put reminders on my calendar to check this post every 3 months to see where I’m at with everything.)

I encourage you to find somebody to discuss your goals with: Your partner one night this week, your coworker this Friday during your lunch break, or a buddy this weekend. Even if it’s over a cup of coffee or on the phone while you’re walking your dog, putting your ish OUT THERE makes it more likely to get done. And having a partner there to support you (and to support in return) makes new goals seems less daunting.

If you want to comment with one of your goals, please do so! I’d love to hear what they are.

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