2nd Annual Sipinski Memorial Day Weekend

Sorry I’ve been MIA… 
I’m not sorry. 
I had a DAMN great weekend and 
I don’t think anybody suffered too badly 
from me not posting for a few days. 
Remember this trip last year? 
Well it’s Mariah and Eric’s one year anniversary. 
So we all went back to celebrate. 
With them. 
’cause that’s the kind of friends we are. 
We stayed here: 

I did a lot of sleeping/reading here:

Drank/ate a lot of this:
Bourbon Slush

And did a lot of this:

Back and fully re-charged,
I’m ready for crazy work week.
Bring it. 

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  1. I would love to be swinging in that hammock right now with a book and some bourbon slush.

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