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quirk: noun – a peculiar behavioral habit

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We all have quirks… I usually don’t realize certain things I do are out of the ordinary until somebody points it out to me. Here are a few that I have, that have been brought to my attention over the years.

1) I eat my food one item at a time. 

People get mad at this one sometimes. I have never really thought much about it. It’s not that I can’t eat a bite of this, then a bite of that, I just like to experience the full flavor of one part of the dish before moving on to something else. If I have a bite of steak, then have a bite of asparagus, when I go back to the steak then the taste is slightly less than it was before because now I have asparagus flavor on my tongue, getting in the way. I prefer for my foods’ tastes to not mask each other.  — This doesn’t apply with Mexican food, where it tastes good because it’s all smooshed together. I’m not sure why it’s different. It just is.

2) I sleep with one sock on. 

I usually get too hot in both socks, but no socks leaves my feet freezing, which wakes me up in the middle of the night. I go to bed with both socks on, then usually take one off at some point in the night (I’m usually asleep when this happens) and put it under my pillow. Having only one sock on regulates my sleeping temperature, but should I happen to get cold, I know exactly where my other sock can be found.

3) I hate the feel of feet. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but people still think it’s weird. I don’t know what it is, but bare feet are just cold and clammy and the feel of them disgusts me. I don’t like someone else’s feet to touch my skin. I don’t like anybody touching my bare feet either. I wish I didn’t feel this way, as I always have to make warnings to other people – yoga teachers, massage therapists, my man-friend, etc.  They all think I’m weird, but I just don’t like it. Most people call it a phobia, but I’m not scared of feet. I’m sure you’re not scared of a Wet Willy, but I’ll bet you still hate the feel of one!

4) I use no less than two feet of dental floss at a time.

I really don’t understand how people can floss their teeth with less than this. I mean, do you just keep re-using the same sections?! Gross. The whole point is to get the junk between your teeth OUT, not shove it back in there. Plus, it’s hard to hold on to so I have to have enough to wrap it around each index finger a few times to keep the grip (which usually cuts off the circulation so I end up with purple fingertips by the end of it). Thank goodness there are 100 feet in each roll and that ish is only a dollar…

5)  I apply Chapstick in a weird way.

My man-friend just pointed this out not long ago… Apparently I hold the Chapstick tube still and move my head around, instead of keeping my head still and moving the Chapstick tube around. I never realized this before and totally thought he was making it up. Then I caught myself applying it like that in the car the other day. I’ll be damned…

Do you have weird quirks that you didn’t realize were weird?

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  1. I do #1 as well. It really does bug people for some reason.

    I have seen you do #5 but never focused in on it until now. By which I mean, when I read that I said (aloud, to an otherwise empty room) “Hey! She DOES do that!” Your man friend is perceptive.

    • Ami says

      OH MY GOSH, Patrick. My mind is blown. I’ve seriously never realized that! I’m glad I’m not alone on how I eat my food… somebody told me that’s how “foodies” prefer to eat so I choose to look at it as a more refined way of consuming my meal. ; )

  2. these just made my day. i think there needs to be video of you applying your chappies!

    • Ami says

      Haha! I think if I thought about it, I’d do it the normal way… just because people were watching!

  3. ha!! i really loved these!!! i can’t eat my food one by one! i get to excited about it all. 🙂

    love that you sleep with socks on, but it always end up with one off, one on! i sleep with socks on too! but i am a weird lotion freak – i always think my hands and FEET are dry so i put lotion on them (feet) and then socks as soon as i get home! ha love our quirks. fun to read :)))

    • Ami says

      Thanks, MRS. Chelsea! Congrats on your gorgeous wedding, it looked FABULOUS! Hope you’re keeping warm and relaxed on your honeymoon! (If you’re still on it). xoxo

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