A and A Wedding Photobooth

So photo booths, sans booths, are my new favorite thing at weddings. 
We took advantage of the no-limit photo taking… 
The Happy Couple, 
Adam and Andrea
the bride’s AWESOME uncle
crashing the kissing photo
dancer girls, 
me and Jenn
fun times, 
and the new guy in my life, 
Dance Partner Extraordinaire, Jos

so many more, but these are my faves…
thanks for the images, Framester.com! 
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  1. so fun! looks like such a fun time.. and yay for new men 😉

  2. We had one at a friends moms bday and you printed the photo, stuck it in a book, and hten wrote a note to the hosts -super cool

  3. I just found your blog, and I like it! I am your newest follower 😉


  4. Your new man looks a little short for you 😛

  5. ok these pics were HI-larious!! and I LOVED LOVED LOVED your dress!

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