A Birthday Camp Out in The Gorge!

My friend Abby wanted to celebrate her birthday by playing outside all day and sleeping under the stars. This is why we’re friends…

Four of the Sipinski family members decided to go somewhere at the last minute (which is how we usually roll). We decided on the Red River Gorge, which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Louisville. If you’re a climber, this place is a MECCA. If you’re not a climber, it’s still pretty awesome. Tons of hiking trails, a lake to play in, new zip lines, high ropes courses, and a sky lift that takes you up to see the amazing views of the Gorge from above.

We set up camp at Koomer Ridge,

ate dinner at Miguel’s (order pizza and Ale 8 or you haven’t done it right),

and watched the sun set from Chimney Top Rock.



Brooks was a little sleepy the next morning…

I missed the hiking and stand up paddle-boarding the next day b/c I had to be back in Louisville early for Mother’s Day, but they kept the party going all day Sunday.

Going out for dinner and drinks is one way to celebrate your birthday, but this was way more fun.

Happy Birthday, Abby!

*Photos taken by all 4 of us. Yay for AirDrop! Am I right?

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