A coincidence?

You think it’s a coincidence that Georgie dumped Elisabetta mere moments after I posted that I was single on my blog? Pshaw.

Did you know he’s from Kentucky too? It’s a bond we share… one of many. Sorry ladies. ; )
George, we can public now.
*bad joke? whatever. i deal with sad situations with humor. don’t judge.

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  1. haha congrats!
    love this!

  2. hahaha I don’t even think this situation is sad. She’s a gorgeous model. He’s a kagillionaire who can have any woman he wants. Oh wait you already knew that and were just being funny…

    I think you should be his next gf!!! imagine how famous you’d become.


  3. LOVE this post! Def not a coincidence! xo

  4. You would look fantastic on Gorgeous George’s arm! It’s FATE that’s what it is! x

  5. hahaha! you are one funny girl! no wonder Georgie got smitten! :p



  6. It’s totally fate…the Kentucky factor PROVES it’s fate! I’m glad you’re on board! I hear he has a house on Lake Como in Italy. I expect planking pics from the both of you. haha:) Deal with your transition however you have to…I admire your strength. Every end is a beginning. Sending good energy your way!!

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